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Diddy Makes Naomi Catwalk the Plank!

5/23/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Glamazon Naomi Campbell celebrated her 38th b-day Wednesday by getting into some ridiculous drama!

So when Naomi -- who had been partying on her boat with convicted felon and known con man Christopher Rocancourt (who has admitted to bilking investors out of millions of dollars) -- showed to party on Diddy's yacht in Cannes, the s**t hit the fan!

Sources say the poster child for anger management got into a mayjah confrontation with Diddy -- and he threw a sobbing Naomi off the boat. Happy birthday to you!


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I don't see Diddy making her do anything.
Where's the proof?

2346 days ago


What comes around goes around is right go diddy its about time someone put her in her place!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha,can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!

2346 days ago


Maybe he's making her walk to Brookyln for some cheesecake.

2346 days ago


I don't even like Diddy anymore; he's arrongant and disrespectful. BUT I am SOOOOO happy he gave it to that beyotch. I can't stand her even more than Diddy with her ugly refugee looking azz. YUCK. The pictures of her running off crying are CLASSIC. Now she knows she ain't s***T and people are not afraid of her. I always said if she ran across the right one she would catch a beat down. She's luck it was a dude who wouldn't hit her. Girls around my way would've beat her unrecognizable with that crap she pulls.

2346 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I don't like Diddy but,


GO DIDDYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2346 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Not only is naomi campbell a psycho bitch, but she's also weak minded. Only a mentally incompetent moron would hang out with a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars. AND, to top it off, this dumbass stupidly thought she could crash the party of someone who can't stand her; no wonder she got her fugly ass tossed off his yacht. What a delusional, stupid, psycho bitch...

2346 days ago

Green Is Good    

One day soon, somebody is going to hit her back. HARD. And I hope there are photos.

2346 days ago

spread the love    

wow. I finally am siding with Beatlejuice on this one. This whore needs to be booted from Cannes. Why is she there?? What does she have to do with the movie industry other than her time on the casting couch?


2346 days ago


Hell yeah !!!!! Diddy is the man !!! It's about time someone put this skank bitch with major attitude problems in her place. That's hilarious. And he did it in front of hundreds of big-time people which makes it even more of a low blow to that skank.

2346 days ago

who cares    


2346 days ago

No Fooling    

I was never keen on PDiddy before, but now he is a GOD!!!!!! Way to go there Seany baby - toss her out like the trash that she is.
That`s one Birthday she won`t forget in a hurry!!

2346 days ago

name withheld    

Diddy's a badass*

2346 days ago


That is what gaye guys do. They throw women from yachts and exhibit other adverse behavior; the more beautiful the woman, the greater their tierny. Mr. Combs could have 50 children, I still believe he is either a closet homosexual or a latent homosexual. I don't even believe him to be bi-sexual. He's trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He wants what Naomi has, but not in the way one might think, if one could recognize the OBVIOUS.

Anger Management is not a group you attend(ed) at some point in your life; or a court met obligation of x-amounts of Anger Management "classes" Anger Management is a way of life-every day, (sometimes 1 minute at a time). Similar to AA, GA or NA because rage is a sickness. There aren't different types of Rage, (i.e. road rage, video rage, airport rage) there is only Rage which is a sickness that is a permanent part of oneself, but with proper treatment, (like any other sickness) the sufferer (yes sufferer, does it look like Naomi is enjoying herself during those episodes? I know she is not, although initially, there may be the initial relief of having expressed the rage (usually a violent or destructive illegal act). This is all fine while the Rage is going on because the Rage consumes one, resulting in the shutting down of all senses of resoning and communication ), but once the Rage attack has passed, the Rager must pay for their actions; Rage is humiliating because you were not in control, the Rage was in control of you. Until Rage is given the proper recognision and attention it requires, there will continue to be tens of thousands of people affected by it everyday. (i.e. I believe when Kramer made his racist tirade, it was more Rage, less racist (I am black), I believe that had the hecklers been fat, it would have been fats, Asians, bunnies whatever. When I look at the video I see a man raging (look at him, the pacing back and forth; the labored breathing, the wild "consumed" look in his eyes, the change of voice) Kramer retired from showbusiness (what I am told) because of that incident (not a move a racist would make, rather they would appeal to their racists audiance like Imis did).

In Anger Management one of the key things one must realize is what the sourse of the anger is; I can't say, but I don't recall Naomi ever hitting anyone prior her designer friend being murdered in Florida., but I understand she was horrible to Tyra Banks "back in the day".

Example: Naomi slaps, spits, kicks or beats someone about the head, again. Only this time, someone who also has Rage; and they clcck her ass back. What happens then. Anger Management! Learn it and apply it, before it is too late; and stop tring to hang out with those sissy boys, with their "Puffy" lipped selves

2345 days ago


Karma's a real bitch, ain't it Naomi? HAhahaha!

2345 days ago



2345 days ago
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