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Nick to Hulk: Call the Judge, STAT!

5/24/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan asks his dad to pull a Paris Hilton -- pleading with him to "call the judge" to ask if Nick can be sprung from the joint and placed under house arrest.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch!
In a taped conversation between Nick and Hulk Hogan, the lil' inmate is freaking out because he's in the maximum security area and isolated from other people. He then asks his dad, "If you can call the judge or something, please ask him to put me on house arrest, just so I can get out of here." Hulk responds, "Ok, bubba, I'm trying."

Pretty amazing.


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VAN HALEN 5150    

did i hear right nick said he was a celebrity,just ride on the coattail you littel coward...

2311 days ago


People that are defending him because they live a lifestyle which could result in the same thing. Losers protect losers and enable horrid actions such as Nicks entire life. THe parents are to blame for not being parents and partying with their children instead of teaching them right from wrong. Which that roid raging Hulk would never know and his wife is inbred hillbilly trash. Total waste of human flesh.

2311 days ago


I hope the civil suit is held in my jurisdiction, I will volunteer for jury duty.

2311 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Re: #19 - Throwing nick in jail won't bring their son back. they're just making it a bigger tragedy than it needs to be. This should have been settled monetarily.

Posted at 11:26AM on May 24th 2008 by Kitten

By your rationale nobody that maims or kills anyone should ever have to be in jail - it won't bring the victim back and just makes it a bigger tragedy than it needs to be. Just for your information, settling it monetarily won't bring anyone back either. You're a f***ing idiot.

2311 days ago


I think it's a RIOT that Nick's mom was trying to push buttons to get him moved!!! So they throw his whiney butt in MAX security unit with NO window even on his door!!! Guard says.... Oh we'll move him alright!!!

2311 days ago

Amanda Bentley    

I'm torn as well. The passanger was not forced into the car, both young men were at fault.. If you are going to get in the car with someone who is drunk to drag race.. well, that only spells out tragedy. It could has easily been the other way around.. but I do believe the Hogan's hold more fault considering Hulk supplied the booze. Where I am not torn is by these tapes.. the first on in peticular. They may as well let Nick out, he's obviously learning nothing. It's just a big inconveniance in his "celeb" reality. Now, he takes no responsability, has no remorse and puts the sole blame on the other young man who is now basically the living dead. Even more disturbing, they are going to try and make money off of this with a new reality show.. about Nick getting his life back.. that other young man will never get his life back. Like I said, I think both young man deserve some fault and made poor desicions but I think Nick should definitely feel some remorse and Hulk needs to be in a cell of his own considering he bought the booze-- Without that, this may have never happened.. hmm. Trying to profit and blame the other kid is just so wrong.. the other kid isn't innocent but the Hogan's have just showed the world what they are really about... and they should be paying for this kid's medical care for the rest of his life.

2311 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Anyone who thinks this dirtbag will even do the 8 full months is fooling themselves! This spoiled little beotch is now crying to his mommy and daddy because he doesn't like what being a criminal got him! I SPIT on this entire family! And lest anyone forgets the victim here, THESE ARE THE PHOTOS OF WHAT JOHN GRAZIANO LOOKS LIKE NOW:

2311 days ago


This is ridiculous!!
Anyone serving a sentence must walk thru what he is walking thru.
He needs to get some reading material and quit calling Mommy and Daddy, and act like a man. His parents are encouraging his behavior by not putting him in his place. He committed illegal acts, ruined another man's life, and now he must pay for it. It's called "LIFE"!!

2311 days ago


Telephone calls from a jail phone are recorded and are a matter of public record. You are told when incarcerated that you have no expectation of privacy and a voice reminds you that your conversation is being recorded. Your mail inbound and outbound is subject to review. When your lawyer visits you are afforded privacy to speak with them, and if a doctor visits for health care reasons the same privacy applies, all other visits are subject to review and recording and may be public record. TMZ has every right to request any public record information and publish it.

Once you are incarcerated the judge may modify the sentence and so can the supervisor of the facility for health or safety reasons. Usually there is a formal process to facilitate this modification.

Anyone who does not like the way jails are operated remember, you voted for the people who set the rules. The criteria for incarcerateing someone is in the hands of the judge and most of the time there are rules to insure that one person is not punished more than another within broad guidelines, the most important thing is that all incarcerated persons are treated equally.

2311 days ago

jason mclean    

Poor spoiled little brat!! He ended someone's life, and now he has to serve a tiny portion of HIS life in jail!! Gimme a freakin break!! I used to like "The Hulkster" when I was a kid.... don't really know what I was thinking!!!! The whole family is a joke!! I just feel very sorry for his "friend" and I use that term VERY loosely!! He is the one that is really suffering!!

2311 days ago

CA Mom    

His sentence would not have been this hard if he hadn't had a professional racing license. Kids do stupid shi! in cars...that's a fact.
I feel for both families. I feel for the war hero who will never car for himself again, and Nick will have to live with this for the rest of his life.

If you think CA judges and courts are a joke, they are here too! I have a home in So. Fl and in Southern CA and here, in FL if he wasn't Nick Hogan, he wouldn't be doing this time.

2311 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Well, that backfired, didn't it Nicky? He didn't like the cell he was in WITH a window he could wave out at people. So they threw is fat little *ss down the hall. Now it's dark. Gee, I bet it's dark all the time for John in the state he's in and he can't beg anyone to change it for him.

2311 days ago


This little douchebag must think he's special. Don't he realize he for all intense purposes killed someone. How is living at home in the lap of luxury going to be punishment, little dumbass. He is just a spoiled little p*ssy b*tch who needs become Bubba's little play thing. Daddy's not going to be able to get you out of this one. He might as well suck it up and deal with it for the next eight months.

2311 days ago


at last a voice of reason FIBIKER!!!!!
THIS KID HAD PRIOR tickets,it was nooo accident or mistake,he broke the fricken law,it wasn't the first time,linda and brooke are in a dvd racing well before this happened and our streets are not filled with teenagers racing as some people are saying,not all or even most teenagers speed.he broke the law and he is in jail.yes it was unfortunate but not for nick,he walked away,he is lucky all he got was 8 months and he is still

2311 days ago

Grow up!    

Oh no! It's dark in there? How horrible for you, you poor thing!! Grow the eff up. You are in JAIL. It's not SUPPOSED to be a vacation. You are exactly where you deserve to be, only not for nearly long enough. Grow a pair and do your time. You left your "best friend" a vegetable. You deserve to rot in there you whiney little piece of crap.

2311 days ago
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