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Kate and Lance: Gentleman, Start Your Engine!

5/25/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Hudson doesn't waste any time -- she's moved on from her ex Owen Wilson, to her next -- one of his best pals, Lance Armstrong.

Rumors of a romance have been swirling for some time, but this is the first shot of them together -- leaving their hotel to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco. It's safe to say this new couple has already left pit row.


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jane doe    

TMZ, what's wrong with dating?

2286 days ago

Susie Q    

Isn't he a total homophobe?

2286 days ago

so lame    

Lance has a Texas sized competition with Owen!! Owen first dated Sheryl Crow and then when they broke up...Lance swooped in! Now with the official break up of Owen and Kate...who swoops in again? LANCE.

2286 days ago

Make It Right!!    

What is going on with Kate Hudson? She was so cool to be married with a kid to such an off-beat match as she was. But then it was Owen Wilson and he is a really special guy so good for her...but now? She's just another slipping down the A-List celebrity dating in all the same circles as all the other starlets...will Ryan Renolds dump Scar Jo next to be with Kate Hudson? Or will she be dating one of Paris Hilton's left overs? Is Benji Madsen next? I was a big fan of Kate Hudson's and wished she'd get back to more serious drama that brough her fame and accolades in the first place. She can't top her mom in the romantic comedien roles that she keeps doing and they all bomb at the box office. And now her personal life has become as disastrous as her career. It's so sad.

2286 days ago


Doesn't she have a child? Does she know him? Maybe Brangelina will adopt him.

2286 days ago


she should just tie a matress to her back

2286 days ago

Susie Q    

Isn't he also a George Bush-loving redneck?

2286 days ago


TMZ there is still Grade A Sanjjaya.

2286 days ago


Lance has been such a fame whore for years, ever since he dumped his wife and babies to hang out with celebrities. Can't stand him.

2286 days ago


What a slut it's always somebody.

2286 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

She's a tramp! What's the matter, not enough men around so she has to start dating his friends? She just uses and abuses people and moves on, leaving others to pick up her mess. Good to see she didn't waste any time moving onto her next sucker. As fragile as Owen is this past year, she's really a cold hearted bitch for going out with his good friends. Skany whore.

2286 days ago


she changes boyfrirends faster than some people change their underwear I swear

musn't be much of a love when she moves on so fast from everyone

must be terribly confusing for her son to have so many special "uncles"

and Lance-when you left the wife who stood by you through the lean years to go off with Sheryl Crowe-it tainted all the admiration that I had felt for you

2286 days ago

More important!    

Didn't she used to have a kid?

2286 days ago

He's Boring now    

Armstrong is a louse, a scoundrel, phony and a Cheat. He cheated his way to every one of those Bike Race wins. He's a pathological liar type. A Ted Bundy but without the bodies. Why any woman would entrust themselves, their children or anything of sentimental importance to this louse is a mystery.

He's worse the Roger Clemens and Bonds combined---in how he competes (cheats) and how he lives and loves (he doesnt and he cant).

He is one of the worlds most hated athletes and individuals,and after he milked us all with his cancer scare he figures he can continue to milk the public on any front he chooses.

A pathetic, lonely soul he is inside. Good Luck Kate, you'll never be the same after being around this nutjob.

2286 days ago


Ole' one ball strikes again!

2286 days ago
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