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Cagle and His GF Arrested After Drunken Brawl

5/28/2008 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop us if you've heard this one before - a country singer and his girlfriend got wasted and ended up in the slammer after beating the crap out of each other with a purse and an umbrella.
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Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant were popped early this morning by Nashville cops for domestic assault. A police affidavit says the pair were intoxicated then got into an argument that turned physical.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Department says there is a mandatory 12-hour stay in jail before Cagle and Tant can post $1,500 bonds.


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P Diddy, Suge, 50 Cent, etc. got nothin' on Nashville when it comes to beltin' and brawlin! Where's Mindy McCreedy when you need her!

2309 days ago


I love Chris Cagle!!!!!!!! Maybe they were just having a bad night and will regret their childish behavior! I hope this isn't the girlfriend that had a baby that he thought was his and turned out not to be!! He's so f**king hot and she's not!! Maybe he needs to come back to TX Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2309 days ago


WOW Chris Cagle in the slammer i thought it would be Trace Adkins next not Chris, Hey Chris don't worry man your still a great singer in my book

2309 days ago


Comedian Eddie Griffen defends his mama = Black Culture
Country singer beats his woman = White Culture

2309 days ago


HAHAHA ... And to think, I'm a DJ at a country music station. How embarrassing ;) His current single is called "No Love Songs" ... how appropriate! Clearly he wasn't singing one to her - unless the chorus contains a purse upside the head ~

2309 days ago


She's an idiot, always has been. Too young and immature, only cares about the spotlight, partying, designer labels and her implants getting her right where she needs to be-jobless and supported by some man!
He is also an idiot for allowing her into his life and acting the fool right along with her.
He could have had it all-very talented and this was pretty much his last shot and he has blown it for good I am afraid-all for some broad who wouldn't take him anywhere but down.
Bad pic of her but she is really a pretty girl, but honey looks AREN'T everything, as you have shown us all here today.

2309 days ago

Scorpio Girl    

Let me start out by saying that I am one of the biggest Cagleheads out here. I"m disappointed. He's better than that. The guy can sing, puts on a helluva show and has everything goin for him. Unfortunately he seems to be attracted to the younger, superficially pretty GIRLS! (Most guys are, but we ALL know that there is more to love than looks!) Chris needs to focus on his career and leave these adolescents to their sandboxes. FOCUS man!!! You got what it takes. Your fans love you Chris. Make your dreams come true and be happy.

2309 days ago

BJ Rocks    

never heard of these losers!

2309 days ago


I love me some Chris Cagle... I hate to see him on here!! Come on Chris you can do better then that! Cagle head for life! I hope she is "GONE FOR GOOD"

2309 days ago


Does anyone see a pattern with this country "star"??? Maybe a little time in jail will make him think he is not above the "star" status. How old is she and better yet how mature is he??? Looks like the "im quiting drinking and smoking" didnt work out for him. Maybe he is just heartbroken over a Texas girl. Does anyone know what ever happened to the blonde from a@m he ran with a few years ago??? I hung out with them for awhile and wondered what she was up to these days. She must be glad she got away from the woman beater. Hope he gets what he deserves---jail!!!

2309 days ago


Um, this is not one sided here, I know you are not supposed to hit a lady etc but she came after him first with an umbrella (I still laugh at that) and he hit her with her own purse (again, funny), not a fist so in this instance I wouldn't call him a women beater, just a moron. And you know this isn't the first time, chic can't hold her liquor or her man so she gets mad and throws fits, you know, an attention whore type of gal.

2309 days ago

Lisa Mitchell    

Innocent until proven guilty! Looks like self defense to me. Regardless, his personal life is none of my business. He puts on one hellva concert , and as long as he's preforming I will be there. You get your monies worth for sure. It's really sad that the media stick their nose in everyone's stuff. I'm sure we all have something we prefer not to share with the rest of the world. Somebody hit me with an umbrella, I'd be ready to sick my foot up their buttt and make a house shoe of them!

2309 days ago


I wonder who took the time out to call the cops while they were hitting each other with accessories?
Maybe it was a good thing they came before the hooker boots and push-up bras started flying!

2309 days ago


Hee Haw y'all, it's another day in Hillybilly Heaven! Losers.

2309 days ago


Keggle & Taint!!! Hahahaa One is an exercise women do after giving birth and the othe is a flap of skin connecting his balls to his bunghole!!! Bwahahaha Good one TMZ!!!

2309 days ago
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