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50 Cent: I Burn Money -- Not Mansions!

5/30/2008 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent50 Cent's lawyer Brett Kimmel released the following statement to TMZ:

"Any suggestion that Mr. Jackson had anything whatsoever to do with the fire at his home is outrageous and offensive."

Shaniqua Tompkins, Fiddy's baby mama, went NUTS this morning, suggesting the rapper had something to do with the blaze.


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I didn't make myself clear...sorry...what i meant was people like this should not even be in the celebrity category. This talentless racist slug nor his once upon a time ho should even be in the news. It saddens me that somewhere a young person is seeing this and thinking how they want to be just like 50 when they grow up. What ever happened to decent role models?

2302 days ago

restaurant management    


2302 days ago


shaniqua urban dictionary

The previous owner of one's crib
"Shaniqua don't live her no more!"

2302 days ago


What's with all the racism? #32 I agree with you, what the hell did she and or they do for that hour? Why wasn't she the one to call 911? Why wasn't the allleged break-in reported to the police when it happened around 4? Just as someone commented earlier she sounds like she's trying to cover her tracks. And more importantly where is her man now that she is homeless?

2302 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Why would K-fed want to burn down 50 cent's mansion? Doesn't he have enough on
his hands causing Britney's car accidents? The terms "outrageous and offensive" sounds
like words the lawyer on Seinfeld would use.

2302 days ago


Shaniqwa did it herself. Can't you just hear her telling herself that if the court is going to throw HER out of the house, then no one else can have it either? And what's with the story that she heard someone enter and the house and an hour later it caught on fire? Wouldn't YOU be up investigating in that hour if you heard someone prowling around your house at 4:00 in the morning?

Baby Momma's going to jail. Betcha. Then they can fight over who has custody of the kid.

2302 days ago


She has more cause to burn the house down than 50 cent does. She was that was going to end up on the street when he kicked her out of his house.

2302 days ago


Shaniqua doesn't live here no mo!

2302 days ago


baby momma, drama

2302 days ago

frogs and gravel    

It must suck to be a child that no one really wants. To 50 cents (fiddy?) the child was a result
of 30 minutes of fun. To the crazy Shaniqua, the child was (is) an 18 year meal ticket. To all the
folks who say I have no idea what I am taking about. Guess what? I do.

2302 days ago

A G    

That guy is guilty!!!

2302 days ago

Sgt H. USMC    

Hopefully the kid winds up being a serious MENSA candidate and gets far far away from both of his parents at an early age.

2302 days ago


Shaniqua ----bebe called she want you to come get your kids. your man want to live with her in section 8 housing.

2302 days ago


This woman was getting $50k/ month in child support -- yeah, $600,000/year --- plus she was living rent-free in his house. She decided last year to take him back to court to get more child support -- He supposedly made $33 million in 2006 ALONE -- from his G-Unit record label and enterprise.

Then he said she could stay in the house -- if she paid him $4,500/ mo in rent -- after all, her boyfriend and other child plus other relatives were all living it up in that $2.4 million house.

He needs to provide for his child - no doubt about it, but why doesn't she MOVE out and use that $600,000/year on a morgage and buy her own digs? She was gold-digging and leeching for as much as she could.

What in the world did she spend that $600,000/year on -- if she didn't have a large morgage? I am sure a car, food and clothing but the biggest chunk of my check each month goes to morgage..

I hope the arson investigators can get to the bottom of this.. it's just weird that she was supposed to be out of the house by the end of the month and now the house went up in flames.

2302 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I do not think it is illegal to burn down your own house but there must be certain conditions, such as:
1. You cannot collect insurance
2. There cannot be people in the house (DuH!) or endanger people in other ways.
3. The fire department must be present and start the fire.
Fire Departments need practice in how to put out fires, so sometime when a person owns a
run down house and they do not want to pay demolition costs, they have the fire department
burn it down. The Fire Department members get real world practice in fighting fires and it saves
the owner thousands of dollars in demolition costs.

2302 days ago
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