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Audrina's Hills Meant For One

5/31/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Audrina PatridgeAudrina Patridge and her sister Casey had a few drinks in West Hollywood the night before last -- and the evening played out like a lame-ass episode of "The Hills."

TMZ spies overheard Audrina say she's now totally exclusive with borefriend/slacker Justin Bobby -- and LC is giving her the same cold shoulder she gave Heidi after the whole Spencer debacle.

And get this: Audrina said she might move out of Lauren's pad and shack up with Justin Bobby! Lucky bastard.


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That would make him

2306 days ago


Well Justin Bobby, btw what the f kinda name is that, is a huge, real d-bag. But Spencer is only a huge, fake d-bag. You can't bring real people on a fake show! That'd put a whole in the space time continuum!

2306 days ago


You guys haven't had anything about Speidi in a few days, what gives????? ANd you have no dirt on why Clooney is practically single now, come on TMZ, get your "Stanford educated" columnists columning already!!!!!!!!! I want the f'ing gossip!

2306 days ago


She is soo nice on the eyes. her smile makes my day a little bettter. tho i haven't seen the show

2306 days ago


Lauren is a controlling b@tch. She tells everyone around her what they can or can't do while she does whatever she wants.. She is immature and lives for the high school drama. She needs to grow up.

2306 days ago


Who gives a rats a-s about these people. Sick and tired of seeing their faces plastered everywhere, can't act, plastic faces, fake boobs, sex tarts. Please tell me their 15 minutes are up soon

2306 days ago


so tired of hearing about her,that UGLY FACE,FAKE BOOBS,AND TIRED OF THE SHOW, IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

2306 days ago


I like Lauren and Lo, but they have been a couple of bitches to Audrina. Justin bobby is a total douche, but they should support her in her decisions if she is not hurting herself and if they don't, Audrina needs to move on.

2306 days ago


I'm jealous of the celebs........ They are rich and famous and all I have is my government cheese.

2306 days ago

darkwing duck    

Hey Audrina

If he slept with you, he's the stupidest man on earth.

2306 days ago


Justing Bobby is trash. I like Audrina, but I wish she had more self-confidence and would not settle for a loser like him.

2306 days ago


I LOVE THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter who is a snob, or who has fake boobs,hair or's all the drama that makes is so addicting to watch!!!!!!!! I LOVE LAUREN & I CAN'T STAND MS. TROUBLE STARTER "LO"!!!!!!!!! & About heidis' song: i liked it, whether or not it is a remake or whatever u call it when somebody re-does an old song!! I think she doesn't know what she wants but the world can see that spencer is so wrong for her, & HOW ABOUT HER LEAVING HER NEW LAS VEGAS JOB WITHOUT NOTICE TO GO BACK WITH SPENCER!!!!!!!! THAT $HIT FREAKED ME OUT!!!!!! & lastly she seems like a very sweet nice person(when the attention is on her music!) thats all.......& i wish Lauren would meet someone who deserves her!! & KICK LO OUT !!!!!!!!!!!! & so sweet, she isn't dumb, she is just lacking 'quick-wit' ......
peace out: SC

2306 days ago

luca bleu    

audrina is f***** UGLY! why does she always look like shes staring up, she outta get that che cked out, lol....better yet just die already!

2306 days ago


Ha...your name is Luca "Luca blew a donkey". I just don't get how people can hate on people they don't know at all. You're telling a young girl to "go die" for what reason? You and your ilk are a horrible lot of human beings. I say this not because I know, because I don't, but because of the judgmental venom you spew to make yourself feel superior to someone you have no connection with whatsoever.

2306 days ago


Audrina is SO HOT! Whatever this queen does is ok with me! She never is up to drama and she is blessed with a smoking HOT bod! How could any straight man in the world not want this chick naked with a celling view in his room?

2306 days ago
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