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So You Broke Up My Band, No Big Whoop

6/2/2008 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono gave peace a chance at Stella McCartney's fashion show in Liverpool.
Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono
Apparently, hatred runs only four decades.


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Yoko is an incredible person and will one day be recognized for her contributions to the arts.

2301 days ago


Bury the hatchet! That's funny, She is probably an angel compared to trashy Heather Mills!

2301 days ago


Don't like her!

2301 days ago

Rock Singer    

It is commonly known in Beatle circles that it was Paul trying to take over the band that broke up the Beatles after there manager died. You can't blame Yoko & John for falling in love. You Yoko haters should give it a rest. She looks great for 70 something.

2301 days ago


that picture of her rack is just like that video game you play in sleazy bars, where two pictures pop up, and you have to touch the five differences between the pics. They're usually tasteless and AWFUL.

I wanted to touch Yoko's chest, because we shouldn't be able to see it!!!!!!!!!!!! That's just wrong! Why won't it cover up when I touch the screen??????

2301 days ago


Yoko's cold, bony hand on his arm feels a lot better than a wooden leg up the arse.

2300 days ago


So glad they are closer. John loved Yoko so. And, so did Paul. Yoko..good for you attending Stella's fashion show. The Beatles are family. I love the Beatles. And, then again, I truly love the Osmonds. Watched the Osmond Family Story on Soap Net last night. Interesting!!!

2300 days ago

Learn More    

PR-wise, McCartney needs Yoko more than the other way around(remember his 'Martin Luther Lennon' crack)

2300 days ago


'20. Yoko is an incredible person and will one day be recognized for her contributions to the arts.

Posted at 2:04PM on Jun 2nd 2008 by pc'


Yeah. One day... but it sure as hell hasn't been the past 40 years! LOL!!
One day - when the cows come home, one day when pigs fly.

What has she done with her life except break up John and Cynthia, poison the Beatles, give birth to a Johnspawn and hold one or two exhibits full of self-important hogwash? She can't sing, so you can't say she's a musician, she hasn't done anything artistic at all.

The only smart thing was to point John to May Pang and then when it became obvious they fell for each other, she broke them up the same way she broke up John and Cyn.

Wow. That's some CV.

/end sarcasm.

2300 days ago

Frank M    

Good to see them together. I wish after all these decade that the world would stop blaming Yoko for breaking up the Beatles. They were ready to break up.

2298 days ago


It is nice to see Paul and Yoko smiling and putting away their differences from many years ago.I think we all got older and wiser ,except for you young teens and up to age 35! You still got growing to do! Ha!

2295 days ago

Bob W    

Just think where John would be had he never met Yoko.

2250 days ago


Just a clarification to "So You Broke Up My Band" I think you meant to say "John's band"i.e., the Beatles.

1013 days ago

garota da gavea    

Considering that she represents and runs John Lennon's estate, the other three (now only two :( ) HAVE to play nice if they want anything done. Otherwise, she has the power to make their lives and businesses hell. With age, it comes DISCRETION.

993 days ago
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