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Audrina and LC's Bitter Backyard Brawl!

6/10/2008 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Audrina and LCThe fake drama has finally turned real! After LC came home last week to find a weekly mag doing a photo shoot with Audrina in the house they share, the claws were out!

Our spies say Lauren threw the hissy (stomping, the works) because she'd already promised exclusive pics of the backyard to another mag. Never mind that Audrina pays rent to her and had gotten the OK from LC's rep who, apparently, forget to clue their client in.

A spy on the set called it "uncomfortable" -- ya think? -- and Audrina hurried through the shoot to get the heck out of Dodge.


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Lauren is just too annoying, I don't even want to watch her stupid ass anymore

2323 days ago

BOEING 787    

Who knows, maybe Audrina and LC where fighting about the upcoming
presidential election. LOL.

Regardless, The Hills suck, and MTV has sucked ever since the network transitioned from
a music genre to a teen girl genre. I used to watch MTV when they had 'music', omg I'm
so old !!!.

2323 days ago


Does anyone else think that Audrina looks like "Fire Marshall Bill"?

2323 days ago


I know LC will get bashed for this "break up" with Audrina and everyone will automatically say, Lauren's got an ego and she can't keep friends, etc, etc. Two responses: 1) Lauren is the star of the show and perhaps one of the most famous and successful reality tv personalities ever. Her classy, cultivated image has resulted in huge ratings for MTV and has provided fodder for websites, blogs and mags that can't get enough of her cool, young Hollywood style. 2) Audrina is likely the cause of all this drama because she is trying to get out of Lauren's huge shadow. She left the talent agency they all shared, she's getting her movie roles, etc. I love Audrina too, but LC should not be dragged through the mud on this one. Audrina is the cause of this one. And 3) Its certainly a timely feud though huh? I predict another 5 mill for the August Season 4 Premiere. Staciel

2323 days ago


WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! For everyone that says LC is spoiled.. First of all, yes she comes from money, but she wasn't handed money, she went to FIDM in San Francisco and got her degree, then worked as an UNPAID intern and now she has her own clothing line, she is not a bitch or spoiled she has worked for what she has and she is OPIONATED and people ALWAYS think that a person who is opionated is a bitch because they speak their mind, if you dont like the answer then dont' ask someone who will tell you the truth, she has no reason to be jealous, she has earned everything she has worked for.. and AUDRINA is the ugliest person on TV, what is up with her mouth and her voice, she is a HOOKA, the pics dont' lie.

2323 days ago


To YOU ARE IGNORANT. . . .who do you think put her and Heidi up in that apartment while she was working as you pointed out, an UNPAID intern. An apartment that would cost about $3000 a month. And now who do you think is paying for her Hollywood Hills house that would cost around $3Million plus? It sure isn't LC off of her shi$%y clothing line. She's still in school too, she doesn't make enough $ to pay for any of the crap she has, her fancy car, her 3000 sq. ft. house. I'm sure mommy & daddy are paying for all of it. Sorry, but you sound like the ignorant one.

2323 days ago


TO UUUUM(?) - dude, don't forget about that massive paycheck from MTV (plus all her endorsements). You actually think she's doing the show for free? Now thats what I call ignorance...

2323 days ago

HoTcHiCk 23    

I loveeeee L.C.
If she had plans to do it first, I dont blame her for being so pissed off.
That Audrina is just evil.
You all watch, you'll be hating her like all hell by next year. ( If not soonier I'm sure)
Audrina is uggggggly.

2323 days ago


Audriana....Everything you touch turns to gold.!

2323 days ago

Mariah in FL    

i honestly cannot stand lauren anymore.
i used to love her, but honestly. it's so annoying. i'd rather hear about someone with talent in the media instead of someone who is famous for being born to rich parents in california.
i won't even watch the hills next season because i'm tired of her telling everyone how to act, who to date, and who to hang out with.
who named her queen bee?
i am so glad i do not know her in real life, because it seems like she's never left high school.
she's 23? 22? she shouldn't have so much drama.
she's starting to live the show.

2323 days ago


Blah. This whole thing is ridiculous. I've been watching The Hills since it came on and let's all admit it...the show is getting tired. It was fun to watch Lauren and Heidi and Audrina run around Hollywood getting drunk and dating, but watching this petty high school drama is BORING. Most of it is probably manipulated by MTV to drum up interest in the show anyways, but it looks like it's turning people off.

What's really sad about this whole thing is what people will do for a little bit of money and fame...and that goes for Heidi, Spencer, Lauren, Audrina, all of them...none of them are immune. Before this show came along the three girls were friends, then here comes MTV and people start paying attention to them and all the sudden this fame-hungry dude comes out of nowhere to "fall in love" with Heidi and the three former friends are bickering and backstabbing each other like crazy! All in the name of fame and money and MTV. It's like a group of girl friends all fighting over a douchebag guy who ends up hooking up with all of them, then turns around and gets in bed with someone hotter (MTV is the guy in this comparison if you can't tell). Sad, sad. Get a clue on what really matters, girls! Who is gonna be there for you when this is all over?!

2323 days ago


LC aka "Beef Curtains" is really showing her true colors. She's so bitter and twisted! her lil cross-eyed friend better watch out because as soon as she starts becoming more famous and interesting than that twenty something aged teenager, (who looks about 30 w/those wrinkles) she'll be on the X list. I've never understood why MTV kisses LC's ass. Heidi must be laughing her butt off right about now. If I were Heidi,I'd never mention her name again. It's apparent LC is a douche!

2322 days ago


To be honest Lauren has always been a spoiled brat but unfortunately not only is she a spoiled brat but shes gone and gotten herself a very big head, she's not someone i'd choose to have in my life as from what i've seen and heard one minute you can be her best friend the next your shut out in the cold, Audrina would be far better off moving out and hanging with her real friends, she doesn't need someone like that in her life.

2322 days ago


LC is annoying as hell and I hate when she sticks her tongue out to be "cute" it makes me want to throw poo on her.

2322 days ago


I wish they would move production of the hills to Iraq. I think that would make there problems way more interesting, say if L.C.'s C-Class got hit by an IED or instead of L.C. busting in on Audrina's photo shoot it could be Blackwatter kicking the door in and using there place as cover during a firefight & the house gets destroyed. The girls of the hills need to get canceled replaced by the next crop self absorbed hottys and do porn already.

P.S. Wait for it..... Wait for it ......

2322 days ago
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