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SJP and Justice Scalia -- Butt Buddies

6/11/2008 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justice Antonin Scalia says he's a gentleman, but he ain't no starf***ker.

Here's what's true. Scalia ran into Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC recently. She needed a light for her cig -- he obliged.

Here's what's not true, at least according to a Supreme Court spokesperson. Hizzoner didn't know who she was and was allegedly just being a gentleman -- even though he's far to the right of Louis XIV. He was not, reports The Legal Times, "gushing."

Now we can rest in peace and rest our case, since we were able to put a Supreme Court justice and SJP in the same post.


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She was cute in the 80's but she is just annoying and unattractive an adult actor. And cigarettes are legal but they are also one of the most unsexy disgusting habits a person can have. Nothing like smelling like an old ashtray, hell you can smell a smoker two cars ahead of you in traffic the smell carries so bad.... I won't get into the gross habit of dropping slimy butts on ground.

2326 days ago


When you say that Justice Scalia is to the right of a dead french king, is it a joke or are you that ignorant about world history?

2326 days ago


I absolutely LOVE the TMZ crowd - these comments are effin hysterical!! From my point of view, SJP should not smoke cause she's not attractive and smoking will only expedite the haggardness.

2326 days ago


I think people are just amazed that she smokes - one, because she purports to be so "healthy", by the way she eats and exercises. Hmmmm, means so much when you're 6 feet under from lung cancer.

2326 days ago


WHY doen't she DO something about that nasty ass mole on her nasty ass horse face? HOW anyone can think SHE is beautiful, is freaking beyond me. PUKE

2326 days ago

We know who is unethical    


Very good point but chances are the mental midgets at TMZ are about as left to center as Hugo Chavez. They'll take pot shot at anyone who doesn't agree with their leftist views. It would be like asking Malario Lavatoria aka Perez "send me a jerkoff tape" Hilton to start having sex with women. It aint going to happen!

2326 days ago


I liked SATC but the series and the movie have run their course. Enough already.

SJP needs to go away. The years have not been kind to her and it's doubtful she can land another hit series.

The only reason SATC was so successful was that it really pushed full frontal nudity on HBO, showed gayyys in a loveable light, and promoted all sorts of sex in general.

2326 days ago


That's interesting...I always heard that SJP was a non smoker and always used fake cigs on the set of S&TC....hmmmm....makes me wonder if anything on this site is accurate.

2326 days ago


SJP smokes?? EEEEWWWW!!!!! I'm no longer a fan!

2326 days ago

Topher Leigh    

Total rubbish. It is widely known that SPJ does not smoke. She did for SATC, but not in real life. Gossip-mongers!

2326 days ago

He's Boring now    

The good judge carries a lighter? What for? He smokes too? I'm dumbfounded as two of his 9 kids are doctors, and the man is supposed to be brilliant. Well like they say about drunks too, intelligence doesnt keep you sober.

Where pray tell would a judge smoke in Washington DC? Arent all federal buildings smoke free? Even congress where they used to let them smoke in their offices but no longer.

Whatever...not a judgement, just a reaction

2326 days ago


Perhaps you should return to 1st grade. Your grammar and spelling are hideous, as well as your ideas.

2326 days ago


SJP does not smoke!!!!!

2326 days ago


SJP does not smoke!!!!! Carrie Bradshaw smokes, not SJP.

2326 days ago


Scalia is a slimeball. He stole the 2000 election for his republicans.

2326 days ago
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