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Will Smith Has No Soul

6/13/2008 9:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How else do you explain the fact that Will was all smiles outside Staples Center last night -- when the Lakers suffered one of the most spirit-crushing losses in NBA history?

Oh, right -- he's got a movie coming out.

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All actors try to ask the audiences to watch their up and coming movies

2324 days ago


GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2324 days ago


Why can’t he smile, DAMN people he was not the one playing in the game! And for one he has a new movie coming out, and his sexy as hell, therefore if I wore him, I would smile and laugh too!

2324 days ago

A G    

I would have reacted the same way Will did. Boston is way better than the Lakers!!!!

2324 days ago


He's signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. What it be better if he was cursing and beating up people. Has it occurred to TMZ that he my have been cheering on the Celtics, an east coast team.

2324 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

dave barberra, How does an article from dot.spotter prove Will Smith is a good person? He's still a scientologist. By definition, that makes him a bad person. Maybe not as crazy as Cruise but still a bad person.

Go Sox

2324 days ago


I have to take my boys to that movie, I hope it is good.

I am ready for FOOTBALL to start, but I want the Celtics to take it.

2324 days ago


He's a Scientologist. I don't watch ANY movie with a Scientologist in it.

2324 days ago


WILL SMITH is the man. He has the right to believe in whatever he wants to believe in. That's part of what makes USA such a great country....the FREEDOMS that are allowed.

I LOVE all of Will's movie and I will continue to go and see them!

Who Cares about the LAKERS???? I don't and I live in LA. GO Celtics!!!!!!!

2324 days ago


How you like me now wrote: WILL SMITH is the man. He has the right to believe in whatever he wants to believe in. That's part of what makes USA such a great country....the FREEDOMS that are allowed.

Freedom of speech is also part of the USA, but you'd never know that with the Scientologists. I dare you to go in front of a Scientology building and shout "Scientology is a cult!". Then look for the people on the rooftops videotaping your every move, the PI investigator in a red pickup trailing you home, then frequent "hang up" calls to your house in the middle of the night, and calls to your coworkers and neighbors lying about "your crimes". Yeah, that's what Big Willy is a part of. But he's not allowed to see that, since celebrity Scientologists are treated differently than the other members who have to pay thousands of dollars into debt just to get "enlightened". Will Smith is a Scientologist. He may say he isn't, but Scientologists LIE.

It's a laugh that they call themselves the most "ethical" people on this planet. Lying is not ethical.

2324 days ago


Well this is irony. Since when has having no soul been a bad thing at TMZ? I thought it was a pre-requisite.

2324 days ago


He must be a Celtics fan after all. Let's not forget he originally came from west Philadelphia - born and raised - which is certainly closer to Boston than LA. I read about him at celebrityprayerlist.com too.

2324 days ago


I love Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, they are both talented gorgeous actors with beautiful kids. You don't see them out drinking and driving, getting busted for drugs or abusing their employees. You don't read about them having affairs or behaving badly on movie sets so lay off !! Why is TMZ picking on Will Smith anyway? By the way, I'm pretty sure actors are obligated to promote their movies, they can be sued if they don't.
Is there any proof that they are scientologists because Will Smith has always struck me as an intelligent articulate person, I sooo don't want to believe he is mixed up in that stupid cult.

2324 days ago


Finally some comments that make sense. Of course he is all smiles. Though from Philly and thus a natural born Celtics-hater. Celtics are to basketball as Subway is to a hoagie. THe only thing a Philly ball fan hates worse than the Celtics is Kobe Bryant.

2324 days ago


And... no matter who loses there is a reason for a Philadelphian to smile. Celtics suck, Kobe sucks (off-the-court, he appears to be a generally unhappy, unlikeable person, if only he could give up the dream of being the next Jordan and settle for being Kobe).

2324 days ago
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