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Claws Out at the Playboy Mansion

6/16/2008 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MEOW! It's cat fight central at the Playboy Mansion!

TMZ spies tell us Hef's number one Bunny Holly Madison is ruling the Mansion with an iron fist ... causing major drama with the staff and on the set of "The Girls Next Door." We're told everyone "hates" Holly, but no one more than Kendra Wilkinson, Hef's other Bunny-in-Waiting.

It's gotten so bad, those two can't be in a room for more than five minutes without totally going at it. And that's posing major problems for producers of the show who have to shoot around the flying fur. As for Bridget, she's Switzerland, often trying, but failing, to keep the peace.

Our spies also say Holly's ambition is spilling over to the magazine too. She wants to have editorial control over the mag's spreads -- which is not going over well with longtime employees.

For their part, "Girls" producers tell us they're "not aware" of any rift between the ladies -- affecting the show or life at the Mansion.

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too much estrogen...really

2317 days ago


Holly being a bitch? No way! lol

2317 days ago


Remind me again why we care?

2317 days ago


I know this show, what could we expect? Hefner can't shoot anything but viagra on his best day. Hey, they knew what they signed up for, deal with it bunnies.

2317 days ago


Holly is a robot ! She looks like she has no fun or no personality. She has to be jealous of Bridget and kendra cause they have normal laughs and other things going for them outside of playboy and being Hefs girlfriends. No wonder Hef will not marry her! The show would be so much better if the centered it around just Kendra and Bridget cause they have lives out outside of the house....Holly just sits there and whines about everything and the has that akward laugh.

2317 days ago


It has been obvious since day one how insecure Holly is as the so called girlfriend #1. She is totally irritating and her insane imagination of marriage and babies with Hefner is plain crazy. Kendra is plain crazy and you can only tell she and Holly just hate each other and Kendra is there for whatever she can get financially. Bridget I just don't get. I wonder if she has some kind of brain damage or just comes from some major messed up family with like an incest background. Anyone with a brain knew those women did not like each other and Holly is the biggest bitch of the 3.

2317 days ago


Holly is not real. She is a maniquin with her mouth open. She brings the show down.

2317 days ago


I can't wait until Hef dumps that bitch. You know it'll happen eventually. She's going to be devistated. I'll gonna be laughing!

2317 days ago


911: State your ermergency.
Caller: I hear a popping sound at the Playboy Mansion. I think it's gunshots.
911: Don't worry. We know about it. It's just breast-implants exploding during the bunny fight.
Caller: Whew. That's a relief.

2317 days ago


Did she get her bummy tail caught in a wringer? Oh to have such little problems!

2317 days ago


It's been evident since season 2 or 3 that Holly hates Kendra. She's always giving her a cold glance or dirty look which the camera can't hide all the time. One of those seasons Holly was so mean to Kendra in almost every episode. That season Kendra wasn't herself, always seemed nervous about saying the wrong thing. It was awkward. The seasons since, Holly's laid off and Kendra seems herself again, even better! I like Kendra and Brigitte. If there's any tension between them, it looks like it's Holly's fault from the view of an outsider looking in (and a regular viewer of The Girls Next Door).

2317 days ago


Holly will never even look at Kendra or interact with her. Anytime its Kendras day to do stuff and has more camera time you never see Holly around...Just bridget. Holly has a pot belly now and is getting older by each episode. You would think she would have more of a personality by now. Its pure jealousy and she seems like a control freak. I bet she is slowly trying to get hef out of the picture and try to do an Ana Nicole on Hef.

2317 days ago


the little hip-hop bunny seems
totally out of place with that klan.

she would be best served out on her own
hooking up with a pro athlete or music artist.

2317 days ago


It's true, I used to work for the production crew and Holly is a tyrant at the PBM, from what I heard coming out of there: Holly, as you've seen on the show is trying to get more control, she does love Hef but she does understand that if he marries her she'll gain control in some aspects of the magazine and that ambition is ticking more and more as Hef gets closer to kicking it, Kendra is there for the ride and the connections, she has more escapades with women than she does with Hef and if the rapper or athlete is diggin her she doesn't mind pulling them out of view of the cameras eyes, Bridget is just as they said, very sweet and neutral.

There's a reason Hef isn't marrying Holly and from what people have been saying he's got his eye on her replacement.

2317 days ago


Holly is just jealous, and freaking out. Kendra and Bridget will be fine when they leave the mansion - they have lives and careers that they are working on. But Holly has put all of her chips on Hef, who obviously isn't going to marry her or have kids with her. So once he gets rid of her, she's up the creek with no talent, money, or future.

2317 days ago
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