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Claws Out at the Playboy Mansion

6/16/2008 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MEOW! It's cat fight central at the Playboy Mansion!

TMZ spies tell us Hef's number one Bunny Holly Madison is ruling the Mansion with an iron fist ... causing major drama with the staff and on the set of "The Girls Next Door." We're told everyone "hates" Holly, but no one more than Kendra Wilkinson, Hef's other Bunny-in-Waiting.

It's gotten so bad, those two can't be in a room for more than five minutes without totally going at it. And that's posing major problems for producers of the show who have to shoot around the flying fur. As for Bridget, she's Switzerland, often trying, but failing, to keep the peace.

Our spies also say Holly's ambition is spilling over to the magazine too. She wants to have editorial control over the mag's spreads -- which is not going over well with longtime employees.

For their part, "Girls" producers tell us they're "not aware" of any rift between the ladies -- affecting the show or life at the Mansion.

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I have never understood Holly or Kendra. They both get on my nerves but I just love Bridget-why she isn't Hef's numero uno, I will never understand!!

2218 days ago


There was some major flirting going on between Kendra and Shaun White in the snowboarding episode. In fact, on the DVD commentary, Kendra says that the day that she spent snowboarding with him was the best day of her life. Any story there? There have been rumors of her cheating on Hef.

2218 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

"51. How would you like it, if there was a camera crew following you around 24/7, recording your every mistake, and then only showing your mistakes for public viewing.
Would you like people to judge you based only on 1 hour of footage picked from 7 days of shooting?
Get real, and open your minds.. this is not what it seems. Tabloids report in order to make a buck, thats it. They destroy people tp make a living."

Oh please. Grab a clue, slow learner. The three whores INVITED the cameras into their lives. They want the cameras following them. They are asking to be judged. They feed off the attention. They live for this crap.

Inviting public scrutiny and profiting from public scrutiny means you don't get to whine about the quality of said public scrutiny.

Even a brain damaged house plant knows this to be true. Why are you so slow?

2218 days ago


Holly is such a B**** she acts like a old person! like this last season in the Monty Carlo episode she whent to bed all early and then Bridget and Kendra whent out she just is so chessy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2218 days ago

shaking her head    

I believe Holly sees visions of control and power. Hef is cool and all but what could one really see in him but wealth and fame?? Do we really for a second think he's sleeping with all three girls. Holly is too controlling and jealous of the others. She seems to distance herself from the other girls activities but when it's her time, everyone has to participate. Kendra is a cool chick looking for a good time and the connections. Bridget is the sweetest of them all. Thoughtful and caring which shows through almost every episode. I could see Bridget being the mediator in the fueds. Poor Bridget may get sick of the drama and move out.
I do not see this show continuing much longer. Kendra and Bridget may move on. Holly is going to either get knocked up and force Hef to marry her or Hef may actually dump her at which point she would self destruct.

2218 days ago


lolllllllllllllllllllllllll number 15

2218 days ago


"7. 911: State your ermergency.
Caller: I hear a popping sound at the Playboy Mansion. I think it's gunshots.
911: Don't worry. We know about it. It's just breast-implants exploding during the bunny fight.
Caller: Whew. That's a relief.

Posted at 9:18PM on Jun 16th 2008 by Snarksnarksnark "

LMAO! It's comments like this that keep me entertained. This one's going into my folder of all-time fave's. Classic.

At any rate, Holly's never impressed me much. But she has qualities that are attractive to many. Never wonder why Hef has three women at his side in the winter of his years: he neither has the time nor the patience to find that one woman who holds all the qualities that fullfill his needs. He's an icon, for others an idol, but when all is said and done? He's a guy who can't commit to any one person. He may be successful at breaking ground in the publishing industry but he's a complete failure as a loyal, loving man and father.

Too bad there isn't a little blue pill for making a male a real man.

2218 days ago


It's sad that Hef spent years building Playboy Enterprises and his magazine, featuring some of the most talented writers, photographers and editors in the world. Now, he acts as if he's lost his mind: sadly, what other than a feeble-minded man would give some phoney twit the photo editor job? Not a person with talent, years of experience or college- no, some bimbo, who studied, stalked and surgically transformed her way into the mansion! I'd be disgusted too if I worked there; looks as if Hef's daughter needs to step in before Holly gets her claws into control and takes down Playboy and it's reputation!

2218 days ago


The claws will inevitably come out when 3 bleached blond sharp as a marble gold diggers have delusions of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Problem is: they are wasting their youth and when Hef does die they'll be older and still dumb and washed up. Again, money--the root of all deception. Holly is kinda smart but looks like an albino. Maybe she should talk Hef into preferring brunettes again as she would look much better. Bridget is light and appears to be the aging bunny who won't last much longer and Kendra, well, its; Kendra (another one who would look much better brunette)

2218 days ago

figs and beans    

Go team Kendra!!!
Kendra looks like a young, blonde Barbie Benton and we all know how jealous Holly was of Barbie when she came to the mansion.

2218 days ago


Bridget married in 1997, separated from her husband in '02 and as of Sep '07 she was still in the process of divorcing. Hef's daughter, Christine, has run Playboy Enterprises for 25years and is his "heir apparent." She will be deciding what will happen to the Playboy Mansion and his girlfriends when he dies. Hef has two sons who are 18 and 17 years old. The show does not present he reality of Hef's family or is entertainment, folks

2218 days ago


How about this. Hef is a stupid old man and no better than that idiot running the polygamy cult in Texas. The only difference is that he dangles the money and good life to brainwash the women instead of religion. Think about it, they are one fourth his age and go willingly but so do the girls in the cult. Just different reasons. His mansion looks dated and old like him and he's losing his mind by now.

2218 days ago


3 Natural Beauties.

I'm sure at least one of them was a man.

2218 days ago


Hello! We have a bunch of sluts laying a 70 yr old man so they can get money and notority. Plus these women are suppose to share him?? I am totally surprised that some of his bimbos haven't already ripped each other's hair out. Let them go for it! Get a wrestling ring Mr Egomaniac and let the last playmate standing win your shrivelled up ancient disgusting appendange. I wonder how many diseases the old man managed to get from his whores.

2218 days ago


Good the comment were the person claimed "Bridgette" was only on the show b/c they needed an extra girl. You MORON! Bridget has been there since 2002 and it is well known that Kendra was the one brought in to complete the show. The 'actual' third girl is/was Cristal Camden but someone somewhere didn't think that would fly and they needed someone like Kendra.
Holly ADORES Hef, as does Bridget. Kendra is a joke. She spends 80% of her time outside of the mansion. If any of you were true fans of Playboy you'd know that Holly's editing has pretty much saved the magazine, artistically at least. She does a fantastic job and has a true gift for picking girls and editing. So what if she wanted a baby? Many women in love do, no matter how old their man is. I truly think Christie Hefner has brought Playboy down. Yes, she helped out at first, but she just isn't cutting it anymore. I hope she's smart enough to let Holly continue after Hef's passed or in will be dead in the water.
Bridget is not after money. She loves Playboy. She was fine before Playboy and she'll be fine after. Kendra however has screwed around, throwing it in Holly's face. She needs to go back to being a stripper. Let her see how famous she'll stay then.
Just remember, if there was no Holly and Bridget, the would be no The Girl's Next Door. They care about Hef, they care about their fans and they're nice people.

2218 days ago
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