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Claws Out at the Playboy Mansion

6/16/2008 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MEOW! It's cat fight central at the Playboy Mansion!

TMZ spies tell us Hef's number one Bunny Holly Madison is ruling the Mansion with an iron fist ... causing major drama with the staff and on the set of "The Girls Next Door." We're told everyone "hates" Holly, but no one more than Kendra Wilkinson, Hef's other Bunny-in-Waiting.

It's gotten so bad, those two can't be in a room for more than five minutes without totally going at it. And that's posing major problems for producers of the show who have to shoot around the flying fur. As for Bridget, she's Switzerland, often trying, but failing, to keep the peace.

Our spies also say Holly's ambition is spilling over to the magazine too. She wants to have editorial control over the mag's spreads -- which is not going over well with longtime employees.

For their part, "Girls" producers tell us they're "not aware" of any rift between the ladies -- affecting the show or life at the Mansion.

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Standing by the edge    

Look, Hef wants fun and companionship in his life and these 3 girls want fun, fame and money in their lives. It's a mutual trade off for all of them. Who sleeps with whom - who cares? I don't believe Holly that she screws Hef every day but it's good for his image and his ego to hear it said publicly. I'm pretty sure Bridgette has been with him as long as Holly but she isn't as greedy or needy. They were a part of that 7 blonde entourage years ago and Hef weeded out all the ones that weren't sincere. Kendra got invited into the fold after she was one of nude body painted girls at one of his parties. Hef liked what he saw and gets what he wants. Kendra isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but she did invest her money in a condo in San Diego that she rents out for income. Bridgette has continued her education towards a Masters Degree and has something to fall back on. Um, Holly? Hasn't planned for the future except for begging for a baby to secure her future and it's not going to happen. I agree she's trying to infiltrate the Playboy organization and just has a title because she's the boss's girlfriend but the real powers that be are wise to her and she won't go far. I'm sure his daughter Kristy and his estranged wife Kimberly are well aware of what's going on and their eyes are wide open. Holly will be out of there once Hef can no longer participate in the company. The other two girls will be fine. IMO.

2281 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Actually, the girls are all just waiting for Hef to kick off so the real fight over the estate can begin...

2281 days ago


Kendra is a little wh...
She is a spoiled little brat who uses her body to get her way.

2281 days ago


I have always said Kendra was just waiting for Hef to die to get the money. I wouldnt be surprised if she is getting on the side! Wake up Hef!!!!!!!!

2281 days ago


73 has no business calling anyone else a moron. Cristal left and Kendra joined long before they planned to do a TV show. Kendra was a former drug addict runaway (she has talked openly about this) who was working as a nude/bikini model and according to gossip a stripper, she though being Hef's girlfriend was a good thing and she's said he "saved her life." Hef chose her because why would he not want a hot young fun blonde who'd do anything for him? Yeah she seems bored to hell now, and she's annoying as anything, but she wasn't brought in for the show.

Holly "saved the magazine"?? That's the only LOL worthy comment on here. I really hope you are Holly because the idea there are two people that obsessed and delusional on the planet is very scary.

Btw Bridget was married too, until last year. She kept her marriage a big secret and would go psycho and verbally attack anyone who asked about it (look at the archives of her official fanclub mailing list on yahoogroups if you want to see for yourself), it ws only when her husband filed for divorce that she did an interview admitting she was married. And she had the nerve to claim she'd never mentioned it before because "no one asked"!! I don't think she is as nice as she is portrayed.

2281 days ago

Chele from PC    

Holly has an aakward laugh? You must have turned the channel during Kendra's. And talk about a dumb blond. Holly is the only one who has anything between her ears and not just between her legs.

2281 days ago


The only one that has a 'normal' laugh is Bridgette. Kendra and Holly both have a very annoying laugh.

2281 days ago

Sharona Corona    

Holly is trying to be Anna Nicole...she is soo afraid she might have to share Hef and his money!! I guess if I looked like E.T, I would be a jealous person too!

2281 days ago


Get rid of both narcissistic phony tramps.

2281 days ago


from Kendra's myspace, says it all
"I love Hef sooo much and he is the best guy in the world but something like this doesnt really last forever! my goals when i leave here are goin to school,and getting married by the age of 24 and having kids." She's 23, soooooooo...

No surprise there. Hef just likes to surround himself with young to keep himself young. Bridget is my favorite and seems the most sincere and genuinely is proud to be apart of the playboy family. I believe I read on wiki that she is still married but seperated too. Holly is just coming off annoying. She wants marriage and kids by 30??? Good luck with that. I honestly don't think Hef wants to be divorced from Kimberly, its just so final and she was someone I think he loved dearly. He may love Holly, but she comes on a little strong. Barbi sees right through her, lol.

2281 days ago


That will be a long wait. Hef's wife and kids will get everything. yes I said wife. Plus he has another daughter. Holly will never marry Hef because he never got divorced from his last wife. It was on purpose so those gold diggers will never see a dime. Smart man. All Holly's talk about wanting to marry him makes no sense. She has to know he is already married and that aint gonna change. Its all for show. I dont understand why Kendra sticks around. She could go do anything she wants. She is young enough and pretty to go find any job in the tv business. OK she isnt that smart but so what. Not many people are in Hollywood. LOL

2281 days ago

Mike B    

Holly is a bitch and jealous because Kendra smoke both Holly and Bridget. And Holly knows it. Holly has no personality or a life for that matter.

And what is Kendra thinking anyway. Get out now. She is no kind of actor but she could make a living on appearances alone. She could make it on her own.

2281 days ago

Lenn K.    

The funny thing about this whole situation is you know in your heart it's not normal. What women in their right minds would be sleeping with a 82 year old man unless he has money. This just show the the depth of what a person would do for money. Holly is just plain sicking and jealous of everything, Bridget is just hanging on for the attention and who the hell know what. Kendra is looking for a father figure and I can tell she doesn't care about the physical stuff with Hefner. Boy has America gone down the tubes from the shows Father Knows Best and the Cosby show.

2281 days ago


Three Oh's fighting surpise surpise.

2281 days ago


Of course Holly hates Kendra- Kendra's a lot younger than Holly, so Holly knows that Kendra will be around once Hef kicks her (Holly) to the curb. Thirty's knocking on Holly's door. In a few years, Kendra will be the "older" #1 girlfriend, as long as Hef is still alive.

2281 days ago
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