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Graziano Fam: You're Not the Victim, Hulk!

6/17/2008 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the ongoing battle between the Hogans and the Grazianos to appear more sympathetic, the Graziano family has scored a knockout blow with some actual reality television.

Last night, Nancy Grace aired exclusive home video of John Graziano -- the victim in all this, lest we forget -- and what it's like for him in his day-to-day life.

Prison doesn't seem so bad now, does it Nick?


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I do NOT feel bad for John or his family. Has anyone ever thought to themselves What the hell is a 23 year old MAN doing hanging out with a 17 year old BOY? Everyone is talking about how John was a two time vet, well he should have been smart enough to know that AN ADULT does NOT get in the car with a CHILD who has been drinking. John was old enough and more than well aware that people do not drink and drive especially a CHILD. He knew what he was doing and he knew that he should have put on his seat belt. He is just as guilty for where he is as Nick is. Nick needed to be put in jail longer for his actions because he too is old enough to know better. If hes old enough to learn to drag race and drifting, hes old enough to know that street racing involving alcohol is wrong too. They are both equally guilty for that accident.

2258 days ago


Donna, John is missing half his brain. His fate is worse than death, no one, not even the despicable Hogans deserve that. To say you don't feel bad is akin to saying he deserves it. No one deserves that. Look at the footage of John and what his day to day life is before you talk out of your ass again.

If Nick was such a child that he had no concept of driving responsibly, then he had no business EVER getting behind the wheel of any car. Where were Nick's parents? How many tickets would they let Nick get before they took away his cars? Why would they let him hang out with a 21-22 year old kid?

The only way they could both be equally at fault is if both were driving. Since there can only be one driver, that person is the one to blame. Nick made the decision to drink alcohol provided by his father. Nick made the decision to get behind the wheel. Nick made the decision to race, putting everyone's lives in jeopardy. Nick alone, is at fault. We cannot speculate on what John knew or didn't know since we weren't in the car with him. We can only go on the facts.

2258 days ago
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