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Walker: I Was Victim of Shotgun Offense

6/18/2008 12:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Javon WalkerJust moments after getting out of oral surgery to fix his broken face, NFL star Javon Walker blew the lid off his mysterious beatdown -- claiming he was abducted out of his Las Vegas hotel room by gun-toting thugs early Monday morning.

In an exclusive statement to TheDirty.com Walker said, "I was just back at my room and at about 5:30 in the morning, I got a knock at the door, I opened it and three guys with guns were there, they cracked me in the head a few times knocking me unconscious. They then robbed me of everything I had -- my watch, money -- everything! Somehow they got me to the car and dropped me off in the street. That's what happened."

Walker, who just signed a $55 million dollar contract with the Oakland Raiders, also says reports that the robbery stems from the champagne wars with Floyd Mayweather at Body English nightclub earlier in the evening are completely false.

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first.... but what does that mean really?
What dumba$$ opens up his hotel door so early in the morn clearly not in a state to make decision? What a brainiac! Bet this isn't his first run in with thugs, or the law.

2233 days ago


Uuuummm...woah! He either lied to cover up wat he was doing in that part of Las Vegas at that time of nite, or he better watch his back next time he's in town! Damn!

2233 days ago


Ummm- that is a bunch of B.S. He was lookin for crack or Hos and was jumped. Or he was looking for crack... or Hos. Be careful in Vegas, it is VERY dangerous now! Read the news.

2233 days ago

its a black problem    

Liar. he got rolled by a whore who turned out to be a Tranny and he/she beat his silly self senseless while relieving him of 3k in cash and 100k in jewelery the dope wore. He was found in an industrial area off the strip.

so lets see the tape from the hotel...there aint gonna be one cause no one came to his door, he never made it back to his room to begin with.

He's a danger to his other team mates....stay away from him

2233 days ago


Another reason to just say NO-BAMA....

2233 days ago


Never should have left Denver. This sh!t happens when you play 4 tha Raiderz. He spent >15,000 @ a club that night & wasted it on champagne that he sprayed on the crowd! He needs to cool it 'fore something else happens to another mate of his...or him.

2233 days ago


I never expect anything good from a Raider.

2233 days ago


i have been mystifyied of this story since I read it. I have been wondering how would or why would someone as him party hardy as he, show boatin all of his goods and end up on the back side of the strip over there where Tupac got shot and killed??? Why would he ever been alone at that time or anytime in Las Vegas of his status A-L-O-N-E? It does sound fishy.

Camaras are everywhere in Vegas, not only in hotels lobbys and offices, casino's but on the streets as well, they are tucked away on every other tree and street corner.

Vegas has been dangerous for years and has gotten worse and worse.

2233 days ago

Sal Davis    

the guy badmouthing the Raiders is obviously a foreigner by his use of MATE.. so we can discount anything he says. USA-USA-USA!!!

but yea hes lyin or this story is made up anyways. cameras are everywhere in Vegas. TMZ dont mention the Raiders anymore. This is a pro football player, not some no talent doucebag like oily bear or whoever you make your money on.

oh well, at least we know if he was still in Denver, no one would even care about this story. Oakland Raiders, the most prolific franchise in the history of pro sports.

2233 days ago


you should have taken care of your MOMMA so

she didn't have to track you down and beat you

like a step-child and leave you lying in the street.

2233 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

His story smells, smells, smells. Wonder what he was REALLY up to!

2233 days ago


When you end a story with "That's what happened." It's a lie.
When you end a staight up lie with "That's what happened." Your an idiot.

2233 days ago


Why would they take him from his room? If they thumped him in the head knocking him out take his stuff all in the privacy of his room why would they then take the chance of being seen by carrying him out of the hotel only to dump him in the street?

Makes zero sense and is an obvious lie.

2233 days ago


He should have used the peep hole.

2233 days ago


When is TMZ going to show the video of that night. You know they are all over getting their hands on it.

2233 days ago
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