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Charlie and Denise: Pleased As Punch

6/20/2008 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Was one of them not really listening? Both Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were both "pleased" with the outcome of today's impromptu court hearing.

In a statement to TMZ, Charlie's rep says "Charlie was very grateful and more than pleased with the court for how they dealt with the custody issues regarding his two children this morning."

As she walked out of court this morning, Denise told us she was "pleased" with the judge's decision and her attorney told us "it was in the children's best interests."


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Really who cares!! Leave them alone right now they are trying to working out custody and here everyone is talking and gettin in theyre business! YAH GOOD FOR YOU! You people are pathetic

2313 days ago


"succubus" somoneone has been reading the dictionary. I was reading for mind candy and someone actually used a word I had to look up. Evil she-demon she seems to be. Her latest statement that she could keep it civil on her part was just laughable. Neither party could keep it civil to save their lives. Foster care is starting to look awfully good. I sure there are thousands of parents who would love to focus on their daughters instead of making the daughters their focus.

In the recent episode the "mediator" told Denise she was using her children as a life raft after the divorce and death of her mother. That is actually very emotionally dangerous for her children. How can someone hired as aneutral become a therapist for one party. Conflict of interest?

Denise chose Charlie as the father of her children. Charlie chose Denise as the mother of his children. Who is the good guy and the bad guy should not matter. They are both parents of these children. These children require both of them. So the she-devil and the whoremongerer are just going to have to find a way to get along or mourn for the loss of their children's mental health.

2313 days ago


How tragic for those poor little girls.

2313 days ago


Charlie is a pos with aids from paying ladies of the night.

2313 days ago


I strongly dislike both parties and think they have acted extremely inappropriately. All of the press will eventually mar their children and that's just sad.

I can't totally condemn Denise Richards after watching her show, she is vulgar a lot of the time but I think she's in a lot of pain. Sure she can be vindictive and manipulative but I see some real raw pain in her. She's had a tough couple of years.. I watched part of an episode of her show and she was so upset about her mother's death. That really pained me to watch because I know how horrific it is to lose a parent, no matter how old you are.. Her father seems like a sweet and gentle man. VERY sad.

I hope that Charlie and Denise can somehow smooth out the ripples in their fractured relationship and at least learn to be civil for the children's sake.

2313 days ago

pattie in cali    

its about damn time, you people suck, its about your childern, not you guys, learn something, give something,if i learned anything , its not all about the married couple, its about the kids, if theres no childern, tear eachother up, leave the kids alone,

2313 days ago


what a wh*re!!! her potty mouth makes her more ugly too. :(
....and as for charlie sheen? he is f*ckin hilarious in the show "two and a half men" luv it,

2313 days ago


These two shouldnt have even had kids. Denise Richards knew what kind of a guy Charlie Sheen was when she married him. She wanted the money and fame. Then she has two kids in a row ( Nice alimony checks ), and tells the tabloids personal and extremely distasteful information. Sorry Parents.

2313 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Denise is a nasty piece of trash. I watched her show for a few minutes and thought I was going to gag. Charlie should get full custody of the children. He is paying a huge amount of child support to them and probably doesn't curse every other word around them, I've lost all respect for you, Ryan Seacrest, for producing such a piece of crap like her show. Charlie, America loves your show and we're sorry the mother of your children is such a lying, two faced, whore.

2313 days ago


Those little girls are going to grow up to hate their parents. They never smile. They need to understand that loving their children is more important that hating each other. If they don't get it now they never will. So very sad.

2313 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

#44 I don't think Denise is a succubus..However Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and Sharon Stone might very well be.

2313 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

When Denise and Charlie got a divorce, I guess she assumed with his reputation, everyone would take her side. Did she graduate from high school? She comes across as a dumb as a rock, slutty, pathetic bitch who wants attention. She's so mad that Charlie got married and is getting on with his life. Even drunk as a skunk Richie Sambora found out that she is nothing but a tramp so he dumped her. Denise, if you are the great mother you say you are, stop pimping Charlie's little girls on that stupid TV show. You are getting tons of child custody so stay at home, be a mother, and stop acting like a two-bit whore.

2313 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It's amazing what publicity whores like Denise will say and do to get their names in the news. Denise makes Paris Hilton look normal - well, maybe not. Some day Charlie's little girls will want to look at the TV show they're in. How is slutty Denise going to explain why she has such a potty mouth and why she put them on this horrid show ????? Those kids are the future Britney, Lindsay, and Paris. Apparently, Denise doesn't care or she wouldn't put those children through this. There should be a law that mothers shouldn't pimp their children for their own misguided conceit.

2313 days ago


Give me a break!! so old Charlie went to an escourt service to get sex..BFD!!! At least he was making sure that he was with someone who was not going to give him some type of disease...Charlie got what?? if I had a nickel for all the infidelites my husband had and flaunted it in my face, I would be a millionaire..

Both of these so called "caring parents" are discusting, and more involved in their own vendeta to get one upmanship on the other and don't give a rip about these two beautiful little girls..And if that foul mouth slut and poppa think those two little innocent victims don't hear her nine of ten words being potty mouth, I'll kiss my you know what..I don't usually talk like this but think if they read TMZ, I am speaking their language!!

Until the two of these so called "parents" can put to bed their hate for each other, I think those little girls should be in foster care..The dad needs to stop taking her shoes away from her when she uses her potty mouth and give her a good slap across the face..How she can disrespect this man who obviously loves her, lost his beloved wife and came to live with her and take this disrespect from her foul mouth is beyond me..

And Charlie...Get a life..I feel sorry for your new could not possibly be in a happy marriage at this time when you are consumed with getting even with Denise..Had a friend like you years ago who had a bad divorce and twenty years later still bitching about what a raw deal she got..I tried to help her, but finally threw the towell in..Who needs tthat negativity in their life...not me...

I wish the court systems would take more control of the Charlies and Deniese's and the Kim's and Alex's..I don't think the judicial system is protecing those innocent children when these people go on for years with their hate and wanting to destroy each other and no concern for the children...

2313 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Denise says in interviews that she is doing the reality show "because my Mother wanted me to do the show". I bet her dead Mother is rolling over in her grave that her bitchy daughter is swearing every other word and acting like a demented, lying whore. No mother would approve of Denise's personality and attitude. Also, in interviews, she says that she is a working mother and has to work. So, what are you doing with Charlie's child custody money and your alimony? Have to work ????? I don't think so. You just want the attention. You are as nutty as a fruitcake if you think people really believe anything you say.

2313 days ago
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