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Violent Surfers Shred Paps Over McConaughey

6/22/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of surfers just got gnarly on a group of paps -- all over photos of beach king Matthew McConaughey!

Around 12 photographers were on the beach in Malibu Saturday afternoon trying to get shots of Matty hitting the surf, when an all-out smackdown was laid on the pappers by turf-protecting surfers.

One pap was hit in the face and we're told suffered a broken nose, while another was thrown into some rocks and had his camera smashed. McConaughey was not involved in the ruckus.

Police tell us a battery report was filed by one photographer but no arrests have been made.

A rep for Matthew has yet to get back to us.


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Just makes me glad I live and surf in North Carolina. These so called "surfers" lookandsound like a bunch of drunk,hypocritical punks: telling the paps to get a real job when they probably just mooch off Mom and Dad and chill at the beach all day. Uncalled for. Savethe asskickng of the paps for when they are really in someones face.

2274 days ago


ok, just to get a few things straight, bc i saw this...

1. That beach is not public, its private, it requires a key to get there
2. The paparrazzi(the fat one) hit the main guy first with a tripod, watch the video
3. The paparazzi were obnoxious, ridiculous, and were asked(at first, not on this footage) politiely to leave

2274 days ago


i loved hearing the pap scream, "you animals, you f___ing animals." The irony..............

2274 days ago


yeah right...i hate the pap as much as the next person but there are PLENTY of more suitable times for one of them to get popped in the face...this was not one of them. they weren't being intrusive, they weren't all over Matt, they weren't even close to the water, they were back by the rocks. a bunch of wannabe Point Break Surfer tough guys that want to have their hands in Matts pocket by showing loyalty take it upon themselves to create chaos at a PUBLIC Beach????

sorry but that is NOT the way to handle it. i thought surfing and beach living was supposed to be laid back and cool, not full of aggression and testosterone. if i was there i woulda aided that ONE Pap getting his ass beat. that wasn't cool, at least make it a fair fight...just because you're friends with a movie star doesn't mean you can act like you're in a movie.

2274 days ago


472. though i more than agree with the video....

you people talking crap about the pap is really funny. obveiously you have an interest in what is going on in matts life or you wouldnt have watched this. and either you're on tmz website or took a link to it from something talking about celebritys. obveously there is a market for paps. and as long as there is a market they are going to be here. sucks but this is the truth. so just shut up and stop watching this stuff and reading it. the day everyone starts that is when the paps will begin to lose their jobs. wont stop till then.

Posted at 10:07PM on Jun 24th 2008 by j

People buy whats shoved in there faces, and guess what I doubt one person who is commenting here gives a rats azz if TMZ, national enquirer, people, X-17, etc. Got put out of business. It was fun until the paps started creating stories, becoming part of the stories, andactually harming people Now I hope for legislation to have the professional photographers licensed, regulated and held accountable for their actions. I for one could care less about Matt going surfing, the story is about the Paps and surfers fighting on a public beach. That is the news.

2274 days ago


You really can't blame the Pap's - They have no social skills and don't know how to behave like decent human beings. They only know how to act like rabid wolves.

2274 days ago

just wondering    

Dashman, well u have cleared it all up.

2274 days ago


HAHA!! thats what those bastages get! Yanno no matter how "public" a person is, they still have a right to their privacy. Also,being as Matthew is not a pro surfer, he is apparently surfing for leisure, so leave him the hell alone! sheesh!!!

2273 days ago


"This film is proof... that life did not begin in Africa!"

(I see no people of color)!!

John 8:32

2273 days ago


WoW - I never realized these paparazzi's were either non-english speaking -or- barely-english speaking, non-US Citizen, foreigners !!

Whenever the paparazzi congregate on sidewalks, block storefront doors, drive at high-rates-of-speed with excessive unsafe lane changes, etc . . .

Why doesn't INS & ICE respond to the scene & do an occasional round-up of the paparazzi by demanding from each:
- Green Cards
- Work Visa's
- Verify their Visa Expiration Date to determine if they've overstayed their Visa
- Verify if they're using Student Visa's but, not enrolled in school
- Verify they're actually working for the Employer listed on their Work Visa
- etc....

Any of them not in compliance should be immediately deported to their home country & prevented from requesting another Visa for the next 5 years.

Over time, I bet we'll have a lot less paparazzi if INS & ICE routinely conduct these immigration inspections.


2273 days ago


for the last time, this beach is PRIVATE, not PUBLIC, heres a site that even says so. North of Paradise Cove. Private beach with resident key entrance only

and everyone, stop talking crap about both sides, i beg u to remember that they are all just people

2273 days ago


hey kook put down the beer the smoke some dank. You need to chill, all of you. You can't get in a fight over something so gay.

2273 days ago


That's great, but why can't people defind Britney Spears when crazy photog's follow her daily? Photog's are to blame for her problems. Look at the Princess Diana.

2273 days ago


493. Oh, rochelle 57: You can't be serious. Di wasn't "killed" by any paps. They were FAR away from her "accident." Try reading some source material before you blame working men for something that Di caused herself.

Posted at 9:10PM on Jun 25th 2008 by saxifrage
You are absolutley worng.
They did not kill her but their actions contributed to Princess Dianas accident that caused her death completely.
#1. Driver was inebriated
#2. Driver Was driving too fast - Trying to evade photographers chasing them
#3. Diana was not wearing a seatbelt at time of impact - This was the major factor
#4. At the time the vehicle went out of control in the tunnel The car had Paparazzin chasing it, as well as a couple of motorcyles with Photographers in front of the car, they were the ones who took the pictures with flash from in front of the vehicle. Another vehicle in the tunnel reported seeing a bright flash in his rearview mirror prior to the crash.
And then lastly the Paparazzi doing there job like the good samaritains they are took the last pictures of Princess Diana as her life ebbed out from her.
No.. They contributed nothing to the "Accident" ( SARCASM)

My point being, the Paps may have been doing their job, they may tell themselves that by letter of the law they are innocent, but morally speaking everyone knows they contributed to the situation. Many have no professional ethics or standards and will create the story if necessary. And you wonder why people have no sympathy for them.

2272 days ago

sick of the supid people    

First of all what the surfers did to the paparazzi is exactly what happens to alot of people who DON'T LIVE IN MALIBU...SOME surgfers believe they own the beach...they will purposely knock you off your board when you are out there...they say things to you when they know you are from anywhere else but there...THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PAPS...IT HAD TO DO WITH TYPICAL DRUNK ASS BOYS WHO CANT CONTROL THEIR LIQUOR....We all know somebody who is the A**hole when he's had his MANHOOD is put on the line..../

2272 days ago
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