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Malibu Surf & Turf War -- The Rematch

6/23/2008 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Private security was hired to patrol the beach where Matthew McConaughey surfs -- but that didn't stop another brutal beach beatdown from taking place yesterday between a band of violent locals and the paparazzi.

After a beachgoer chucked a beer bottle at one of the paps on the shore, an all-out brawl took place by the water -- ending with some badly busted-up faces and a lot of ruined camera equipment.

Though the L.A. County Sheriffs Department eventually showed up, no arrests were made.


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wimps shouldn't be allowed to hold cameras. bahahahahahaha this is soooooo funny. photogs getting what they deserve!!!! Go Surfers!!!!!!! I bet these photogs are against FISA - ain't that ironic. Parasites. How 'bout it Harv.? Give us for opinion of privacy laws!!!! your headlines "violent surfers" give me a break. people are sick of you people and your cameras. I hope it continues to happen to you parasites and the think the wimps called mommmy, I mean the cops!!!! I'm laughing so hard I can barely type.


2278 days ago


Paps have been crossing the line for years. It's about time they gpt their asses handed to them.

2278 days ago


California is the armpit of the country.

2278 days ago


Gotta say the free ride at the beach is OVER! There is a price to be paid when you invade personal privacy and apparently the cops agree. I know the general public agrees and I think you just might be seeing more of these actions in other places as well. People are tired of photo babies putting them in harms way with their actions on the streets, at the beach and outside their homes. Noticed you sent the lesser photo babies this time LOL and the guy in the green shorts was suppose to be what? Your hired gun who could take on the locals? LOL How'd THAT work out for you? LOL Noticed they cleaned his clock and sent him back to Momma. Oh and the whiner with the itty bitty cut under his eye....If ya take a knife to a gun fight your going to lose. Photo babies? LOL Were NOT any part of sports in High School I'm Sure so best to hide out and use a telephonto lens from now on or get use to getting your tails beat....just like you did in High School.

2278 days ago


This is a joke. What a bunch of bonehead surfers. That's so unbecoming to just attack someone like that. They become just as bad as the paps. Childish!!!!!! I wonder if any of these boneheads know Matt to begin with. A real man would not go beating up people like that. I guess after living on a surfboard and noticing your pee-pee had become shriveled like a prune must really be hard for these boneheads.

2278 days ago


I am a surfer and live in Malibu. I was not at that beach during that incident. I know that that is a public beach but is very hard to get to unless you have a key. The only other way to access it is to walk a few miles. The surfers that surf there are locals, meaning they live in the multi million dollar homes on the bluff at Dume, thats how they get the key through a homeowners assoc.

I think the paparazzi got what they deserve. They are a pack of hungry wolves. We live in Malibu because we want to get away from LA and Hollywood. I can't take my kid to his normal t ball practice because there is some creep lurking in parked cars with long lenses photographing the parents, but getting kids as well. We can't go to the grocery store, get an ice cream at the Colony, play on the swings at the Country Mart, etc.... How do I know what they keep for themselves and what they try to sell. These guys disrupt not only the celebrities life but the residents of Malibu as well. They disrupt any normal raising of my children in an area that is as far from LA as most of us can time wise afford to live(most of us make the hour or two hour drive so that our families can live without this abnormal disruption).

As for surfers, the last thing we need is every tourist crowding and polluting our beaches just because that no talent, once horrible attorney, turned ego maniac-Harvey Levin sends his mob here. There are certain, "rules" that need to be respected on the beach. Don't surf in an advanced surf spot when you are a beginner or tourist, you'll just cause accidents and its a danger to you and the surfers who know what they are doing. Don't litter on the beach, no cigs, no trash, nothing-we don't want to surf in it. We have had enough in Malibu. If you throw your cig out the window of your car, I will pick it up and make you eat it-no lie.

Harvey- our community is not for your pariah paparazzi. Do not try to sell the idea of making Malibu a destination for every trash reading tabloid whore to crowd and pollute our community.

"Stay out of our beach community Lebowski!"

2278 days ago


Right on Beach Dudes!! As someone who lives on the coast in central Cal, I can't tell you how much we locals dislike people who do not respect the beach. Usually it's the out of towners however in this case it's the flipping rag mag photogs. Look either be cool when you're at the beach or don't come around. To all non locals . . . Pack Your Trash when you leave the beach and Beach Your Children Well!

2278 days ago


Wow, its about time!!!!!! If I were there I would have helped the surfers, and I don't condone violence. The Paps have brought it on their selves. Just watching the videos pisses me off with 50 or more them making it almost impossible for a celebrity to walk down the street or even drive without them right in their faces. People could be seriously hurt. It's about time that people started fighting back. Maybe it will open the eyes of the elected officials that we are not going to take it any more and maybe they will do something to change this outrageous behavior.

2278 days ago


I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see the paps get beaten up---They are just a bunch of un-educated no minds that think it an easy way to make a buck without really working--

2278 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Next time, and there will be a next time,locals, do a public service- beat down a clown; cap a pap. Exercise your second amendment rights-even in California.

2278 days ago


All I gotta say is:


There are few species that are more territorial than surfers...get a clue you dumb pappo's. Why is it so hard to understand that you are slightly above pedophiles and below laywers??


In yesterday's video THE PAPPO STRUCK THE SURFER FIRST, not only that, but he cowardly hit the surfer with his tripod.

2278 days ago


Hey people, have you seen the commerical for California - the one with Arnold and all these different celebs, it should have paps running around with their camerea in the background. Portray California as it truely is.. still LMAO

2278 days ago

Hal Turner    

The best defense against an invasion of privacy at the beach is to drive the paparazzi into the ocean.

Salt water plays havoc with expensive camera gear.

2278 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Why doesn't anyone carry MACE?? I don't understand why people don't spray the paps in the eyes with PEPPER SPRAY to teach them a lesson. Bodyguards should carry it, and so should the surfers.

Great job teaching those illegal, immigrant bastards a lesson. Get an honest job or GET the F OUT!

2278 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Even better would be tasers and watch the paps flop around like fish on the beach. Hilarious.

2278 days ago
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