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Remy's Victim: It's Everyone's Fault!

6/23/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who got shot by Remy Ma is suing everyone and everything -- looking to score some cash.

In a lawsuit filed in the Bronx, Makeda Barnes-Joseph doesn't just go after Remy, she wants coin from Remy's music label and even the pizza joint where she and Remy were boozing before she got shot. She claims that Universal Music received "financial profit and economic benefit from the unlawful, violent and anti-social conduct" of Ma.

As for The Pizza Bar, Makeda says they kept serving Remy even though she was "visibly" blotto. Remy's people didn't immediately return a call for comment.


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How come she didnt think she was violent or intimdating when she was hanging out with her or when her other friend appeared on Remy's mixtape?

2311 days ago


I knew this was coming a mile away! She trying to get paid!! Yes, it is wrong to shoot someone. But the victim is wants that media attention. When she was suppose to be healing at the hospital, the New York Daily News spotted her at Celebrity Basketball game. So she was not all that hurt. So much for rehabilitation$$$$

2311 days ago


Posted at 12:47PM on Jun 23rd 2008 by Nicole

Maybe she hadn't been shot yet

2311 days ago


@ Derek How am i bird theres no ghetto talk or cussing in my comment

@ Adrienne That is true but she acts like she is so innocent ive seen her say the N word on her myspace and the mixtape Remy's friend appeared on was Shesus Khryst which people made a big deal about because they thought it was blasphemous.

I hope she loses the lawsuit and it's not like Remy even has anything close to 20 mil

2311 days ago



2311 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

she can be one of my girls if she needs to make some $$$

2311 days ago



2311 days ago

thats it    

That girl deserves every cent!! She almost killed her!!! And I heard that interview on the radio! And if I didn’t believe it before, Remy confirmed her guilt on the radio that morning!

2311 days ago


@ thats it
How did Remy confirm her guilt she confirmed her INNOCENCE and exposed the "victims" lying. I believe Remy completely that girl needs to get her story straight on the radio she sounded like she was making it up as she went along. In the suit she can't work or anything well whys she phoning up a radio station she should be "recovering" At the hearing she was like ill always be the girl Remy shot and she wants to forget it shes calling hot 97 & saying on her myspace page she "is missing her stomach"
"I'm not out for no money" (hot 97 interview) oh yeah she just filed a suit for $20 million.


2311 days ago


She is entitled to sue whoever owed her a duty. There are dram shop laws in New York and it is a question of fact whether the bar or club was negligent in serving too much alcohol to Remy that night and whether it was foreseeable that an innocent person could be injured as a result of that breach. It's simple, she should sue unless the suit is frivolous. However, not everyone knows all the facts therefore, the general public should sit back and let it play out in court rather than be unsympathetic to the VICTIM while encouraging the criminal in this case. It's amazing how people lose sight of the facts when either a celebrity is the defendant or the victim is not someone they know i.e. family member or close friend. It's a sad day....

2311 days ago


The government should sue her for butchering our language. Am I wrong here or is "financial profit and economic benefit" redundant at LEAST once over? And when did anti-social behavior become a basis for securing legal damages. Apparently she wasn't that screwed over, if she's so desperately trying to create a legal theory out of thin air.

2311 days ago

thats it    

@ Nicole

Well you sound just as dumb as Remy on the radio that morning!! Miss Jones asked Remy: Remy if u didn’t shoot her then who did? Remy response was: It was me and her in the car and I didn’t do it!!!! WTF!!! So Makeba shot her self, is what she is trying to say!!! Nicole word to the wise, stop being a groupie!! And why are u on that girl Myspace page anyway!! How do u know about her friends!!! What is wrong with you,!! You honestly need to get a damn life. And I would miss my stomach too if some low budget dumb a** rapper ruined it for the rest of my life. Just because she is in jail doesn’t take away from the fact that REMY shot that girl!! She deserve every cent like I said!!!

2310 days ago


@ Ronforever
I know like about 2 days after it her father is telling the Daily news they were "childhood friends" and she babysat Remy's son when she herself admitted on the radio they had known each for like about 6/7/8 months.
@ Thats It
How do i sound as dumb as Remy and how is Remy dumb? She was a straight A student but dropped out because of her mom's prison sentence. If Remy did it she is hardly going to admit it on radio i agree wih Remy about her "stretching the truth" Maybe what she said about it being an accident and it grazing her thigh then entering her stomach so it was only once and an accident is the truth..The "victim" says it two so then its not an accident, It's appalling the injustice Remy has suffered she has an 8 year old son.The "victim"s friends were like i hope she gets the whole 25 who gets that for 2 alleged shots and they didn't even kill anyone?. I was on her myspace bc miss info gave people the link. I know who her friend is bc she was on Remy's Shesus Khryst mixtape.

I agree why is the Pizza Bar responsible? If that's the case then maybe she is responsible for not telling her "friend" to stop but i wonder who was picking up the tab

2309 days ago



2309 days ago


remy suffering cuz she cant see her son...imagine not knowing if u can have children are u serious?????? i wulda called that damn radio station to, imagine listening to someone talk crazy about u over and over...sometimes u cant take it...and ur actin like she called the day after she got shot, what was it almost a year later....y shouldnt she miss her stomach???? if ur used to wearing certain things and now ur scarred for life, shoot i'd miss it to....u guyz cannot be serious. ok i saw that picture, im still waitin to see the basketball hoop in the background. and when did rucker happen on saturdays??? i thought it was mon-thurs. and what friend of remy are you? who the hell knows about a mixtape and knows that her friend was on it. why havent we heard remys side of the story yet. ok she's seeking money??? do u people not realize she almost lost her life? probably has medical bills out her ass and who's gonna pay em. im quite sure remy is kickin herself everyday she wakes up on that cot and has peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for breakfast. 2000-3000 dollars? and ur a big time rapper...better yet u shot someone over that money and crashed a luxury vehicle. i heard the radio interview too. cmon rem make up sumthin to make us at least think ur innocent....but right now...WE DONT BELIEVE U YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE....

maybe she shoulda had r kellys lawyers!

2309 days ago

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