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Tim McGraw Lays Country Smackdown on Fan

6/25/2008 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't mess around at a Tim McGraw concert -- or he'll pull your ass out of the crowd and have you tossed out!

At his concert last night, Tim spotted a over-sized, rowdy fan in the front row -- and proceeded to grab a hold of him, pull him on stage and threaten to punch him with a cocked-back country fist!

UPDATE: Tim's rep tells us "While Tim was performing at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington last night, he watched a man rush to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities."


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can u smeel a law suit hope he takes the redneck and his low class wife for everything

2250 days ago


Anything to draw more attention to himself. The whole thig was blown out of proportion and Tim acted like he was the hero.

2250 days ago


I have seen it all. Tim cannot conduct himself in a disciplined manner. How quaint that Tim always ,always has these situations occurring during one of his concerts. It is clear Nashville is done with him.

2250 days ago


Good for Tim,damn,that really turns me on.

2250 days ago


Don't you know you do not mess with those Coon Asses from Louisiana. They will whip your ass. Trying going to a football game at night in Baton Rouge against LSU. If your cheering for the other team and close to them-GOOD LUCK.

2250 days ago

Country Lover    

You guys are dumb. Tim wouldn't just pull someone up on stage while he's singing just because he felt like it. The guy obviously was doing something wrong or nothing would have happened. I'd want someone to come save me if another guy was pushing me around. Tim did the right thing. You guys are just jealous cuz he's talented and has a beautiful wife.

2250 days ago


I hate these lard ass fans who think they own the damn place just because they smell and take up more room than any respectable human would. Good for Tim. People go to country concerts to get away from the hog farm, not to stand behind someone who smells worse than one.

They should charge these fat fools for two tickets like they do on airplanes.

2250 days ago


That fat drunk in the audience was pushing around & hitting a couple women near the stage, that's what happened. I think Tim is among the classier performers out there - & I'm not a country music fan, either. Seems Rednecks aren't just from the South; I'm glad the jerk got hauled up for everyone to see, then hauled off & kicked out! Too bad he wasn't arrested for assault on top of it all....

2250 days ago


Tim and Faith stand up for what's right. Thank you for doing that and setting an example for everyone. Tim, you did the right thing last night and I applaud you for doing it. A true example of a real man.

For the people on here with negative comments, remove the computer screen and I guarantee you would never say such things to someone's face. But, for the 2 minutes it took you to write it, you could have done something more beneficial to yourself and the world. I'm sure it made you feel better about yourself though.

2250 days ago

BJ Rocks    

good for Tim... Get that loser out of there!

2250 days ago


And I suppose all you weenie whiners who are saying Tim was wrong for taking action would still be whining if he had stood there with his thumb up his butt and waited for security to haul the fat drunk away (while the guy continued to rough up female fans).
I smell a bunch of jealous pansies who wish they had the guts to dish out some good ol' country boy justice.

2250 days ago


What is it with him and his wife anyways??? There are classier ways of dealing with it than that. He could have just gone to the side and quietly informed security or have someone do it for him....what good does it do to make a scene such as this, and furthermore who knows what the guy did...we weren't there. It seems that him and his wife have a habit of doing this - quick tempers and a need to embarass people who have gone to see them. I for one am not a fan of hillbilly trash.

2250 days ago


Lay off Tim. I may not be his biggest fan, but that guy needed his ass kicked out.

2250 days ago


lol...I have heard the cocaine stories before about him and wifey....what is up with those?

2250 days ago


I was at this concert last night and witnessed this craziness! He did more than a lot of other men and famous people would do and pulled the jackass up on stage to get him away from the girls he was harassing down front. The guy was a fat idiot who was drunk and pushing around the women and men in front row. I was embarassed that this guy is from my home state and think Tim handled it the only way he should have. None of you other idiots were there or witnessed what happened before the video started.

2250 days ago
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