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Dr. DUI Done as a Doc!

6/26/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First, he's busted this morning for another DUI. Now TMZ has learned that Dr. Jan Adams' medical license has been yanked because he's a deadbeat dad!

The California Department of Consumer Affairs -- who oversees the Medical Board -- sent Adams a letter on May 21, telling him he had 30 days to pay his child support or he would lose his license to practice. Guess that didn't happen, because now a spokesperson for the Medical Board tells us this afternoon "As of midnight last night, he is not allowed to practice medicine in California." We hear this also happened in 2006 -- his license was suspended then for three months, also for non-payment of child support. We're told it can be reinstated -- once he pays up.

Adams has been sued several times by various patients for malpractice, resulting in several hundreds of thousands of dollars of judgments against him.


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I assume you mean every man of every other race takes care of their kids? What an idiot you are #16.

2248 days ago


I dont understand it, what has the Medical Board gotta do with his none payment of child support, for them to yank his license? How can the guy pay if he doesn't have work Im not condoning or anything but I am just confused. Shouldnt someone's license (medical, bar, etc). be suspended/revoked, yanked if the person did something against his oath and profeesion, e.g. malpractice? But for nonpayment of child support a valid reason to take away a license? Can someone explain this?

2248 days ago

Me, myself and I    

A word to dd @ 8:58 PM ... Never reference a previous post by it's posting number, ALWAYS use the posting name and time. TMZ deletes posts that are offensive and contain links to phisser sites. Your post looks like you're calling yourself an idiot, and I know that's not what you intended.

Dr. Adams obviously has some kind of addiction problem in his life. He was responsible enough to get his medical degree, but now something is stopping him from acting as a responsible adult. His addiction could be drugs, (legal and/or illegal), alcohol, gambling, or a sexual addiction, - or a combination of these. I know he had the stamina to get a college degree and a medical school degree and to complete a residency, or he would have never received his medical license. There has to be some reason why he didn't pay child support - not just once, but twice!

I guess whatever his problem is, is more important than being a responsible parent to his children.

2247 days ago


15. Don't make this a racial issue. This guy is a bum without a doubt but his color of skin shouldn't matter and I don't want to hear the argument about how there are more black men doing this either because its a rather weak one. There are plenty of men that do the same thing in ALL races!

2247 days ago

Lord Snooty    


2247 days ago

Joshua Smith    

This guy is a SEVERE racist and a criminal.

2247 days ago

Joshua Smith    

#18: quit bringing up race and realize that you alone are the biggest racist to have ever posted on this site. I am both shocked, amazed and disgusted by your previous posts and the degree to which you belittle other races. and for the record Asians are NOT "animals" nor "grotesque" as you have said in the past... you should be ashamed. although I do agree with you that Obama is a criminal...

2247 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

It took him not paying child support to be banned as an MD? What about his drinking, and the death of one of his patients? His license should have been revoked long ago.

2247 days ago

Pretty As A Picture    

I cannot stop laughing. Here is an African-American that would rather lose his ability to earn an income than provide for his children. WTF is with that?
Posted at 5:21PM on Jun 26th 2008 by FlBiker

Posted at 8:26PM on Jun 26th 2008 by JB

Right. Doesn’t know he should follow the examples of whites (Entwistle, Hacking, Peterson, et al.) and just kill the wife and kid.

2247 days ago


Why do they keep giving this crack pot his liscence back?

2246 days ago

zoe b.    

Come on TMZ...let's reveal his children???!!...How many mothers and how many children are out there fathered by Dr. Adams?

2245 days ago
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