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Kanye's Gotta Mop Up Mama's Mortgage

6/26/2008 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An Illinois trust company is giving Kanye West an unwelcome reminder of his mom's death -- they're demanding more than $600K to settle the mortgage on her condo.
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According to the creditor's claim, Donda owed more than $600,000 plus interest when she died, and now they want to get it back. They've targeted the estate of Donda to get the jack back, and guess who the co-executor is? Kanye.

Donda died last year with, as TMZ reported, less than $250,000 in cash and without a will.


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Children are not responsible for their parents debt unless they cc-signed on something. All the more reason to be protected with mortgage insurance.

2277 days ago


Why is the mother of ANY successful person carrying a mortgage?

2277 days ago


With all the money he has her house should have been paid for. She also should have had the resources available to find a better plastic surgeon than the one she ended up with. Still, I believe ultimately it was her failure to heed the advice of her doctor who advised her to see another doctor for a thorough physical first that led to her dying. She had pre-existing health conditions that factored into her death. So, it wasn't just the plastic surgeon's fault. She was too old and too sick to have surgery. Period. She paid for her mistake with her life. My mother signed up for lipo but ended up having to pass on it due to her health. Thank God she didn't attempt to go against her doctor! She was even able to get her money back by disputing the payment through her credit card company upon my advice (I used to work for a bank). At my mother's age the surgery wouldn't have made much of a difference. No offense to my mother, but she was still going to be old and never going to look like a supermodel. So, the surgery would have been a waste of money. Ms. West was no beauty queen either and so the surgery would have been a waste as well. She would have looked better but not by much. Now, she's thinner and dead. It was just not worth the risk.

2277 days ago


I'm SURE he'll do the right thing and promptly take care of this debt. *wink wink*.

These rappers are so responsible and all.

2277 days ago

how dumb    

Many people's parents REFUSE to accept financial assistance from their children, no matter how well off the kids are. Maybe Ms. West didn't want or need to accept money from her son. Also, many wealthy people hold mortgages on their homes. It doesn't make sense to pay the price in full when most sell within a few years. Why lose the big chunk of change at one time when a buyer will pay it off when the property is sold.

2277 days ago

Mike Mapstead    

There's so much funny going on here in the comments. It's terrible about the debt problem and what's going on with Kanye. But, the racial remark was obviously a joke referencing Don Imus. And Kanye isn't responsible for the debt. They can go after him. But, they won't win. Just because you are an executor of the estate doesn't mean you are responsible for debt. They'll try to see if he'll just pay when he really doesn't have to pay and he might do that just to keep bad news of him out of the media. But, I love reading comments. Sometimes they're better than the story.

2277 days ago


Do you really think kanye over inflated his worth? Kanye has atleast 20 million, and i'm sure his mother was provided with the best life style. And she died because of a heart condition not because of bad plastic surgery. you guys are idiots. she was a college professor by the way and his manager, she didn't just sit on her ass.

2277 days ago

Me in DC    

This is a normal thing in settling an estate. Big deal! It happens to 'real' people too, all the time! It's not news worthy at all!

2277 days ago


#3, that is funny!! The Imus reference, hilarious, love it! Thanks for a good laugh!!!!!

2277 days ago

Frieda Jane    

In reality, if his name is not on the debts, he does not have to pay and the bank, creditors are out of luck. I found this out when I askeda bout the debts that I am paying off to get out of my marriage and that were run up by my ex. I asked that in the event of my death do my kids have to pay them off. Was told no, not as long as their names are also not on them.

2277 days ago


#18 - Maybe they trusted the plastic surgeon that did her in because he was on Oprah.

So why did Oprah have him on, considering he's so incompetent? What color is he? Well there ya go.

2277 days ago


12-The man
She quit her job and worked for Kanye.

15-Victoria C
You can't sell or do anything with an estate until everything is settled. There are laws that need to be followed.

2277 days ago


Was her Escalade paid for????

2277 days ago


Team Imus

Everything Oprah touches turns to sh!t. Due to her track record people should be more than just a little concerned with Obama.

2277 days ago


I agree with #15, he should have sold the house immediately after her death. Trying to sell the house now maybe difficulty because people knowing how desperate they are to sell the house will definitely price it down. I don't know how much her estate is worth, but Kanye should do the math and decide wisely. If her estate is worth more than 600,000 then he should pay and put the house in the market or rent it out, if not he should let the bank bear the loss. Kanye should not listen to all those big mouth who think you have an over inflated ego, it is better to have an over inflated ego than suffer from no ego or low self-esteem. I think your mother did a very good job raising you. I am a mother too, and I know I raised all my children to walk with their heads and shoulder high and all my children are successful and high achievers.

2277 days ago
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