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Verne Troyer Sues TMZ

6/27/2008 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Verne TroyerVerne Troyer has filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming TMZ violated his rights by publishing and airing portions of his sex tape.

In the suit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in downtown L.A., Troyer claims TMZ violated his privacy rights and infringed on his copyright and trademark by running portions of the tape on TMZ TV and He also alleges TMZ violated his right of publicity and misappropriated his name and likeness.

Troyer says the tape was stolen and ended up in the hands of Kevin Blatt, the guy who distributed "One Night in Paris." Blatt is also named as a defendant.

In addition to damages, Troyer wants an injunction prohibiting further dissemination of the video.

Calls to TMZ were not returned.


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# 64
you could be right . how do these people steal the tapes ??? break in the house and how do they know they made a tape??? LMAO!!!

Paris wanted it out
so did Pam and Tommy AND Kim Kardashian . these people love the camera especially Paris .
this is getting old and i think its so played out that no one really cares anymore.
they will do anything for attention.

2274 days ago


That Picture of him is creeping me out.

2274 days ago


69. Every time you called the line was busy, riight, Harvey? This is the fuNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER read on TMZ. I love it!

Posted at 1:03AM on Jun 27th 2008 by Miera

LMAO!!! Dialing the number he's calling from....LMAO!!!!!

2274 days ago

9's MAMA    

Yes, calls to TMZ were not returned,

It is true, I am TMZ.

How can I return or answer your call when I am doing the calling??? GET IT!

I saw something on Jimmy Kimel where mini me was sticking his tongue out, it looked so cute in a very disgusting ugly way.

2274 days ago


Calls to TMZ were not returned? These whores are all over the place. Just poke a photog.

2274 days ago


hopefully this sets legal precedence and one of the first steps in TMZ paying out big time before they are responsible for a Princess Diana type death. TMZ and the PappSmears are vultures and deserve bankruptcy and to have their families stalked like they do to the stars

Go Verne

2274 days ago


Kinda sounds like a setup to me to make some money, $20 million. I mean, come on, how many celebs make sex tapes and then, oops, they got out to the media or somebody took it. Oh, no, haven't heard this story before. Either stop making your little sex tapes or try a lot harder to secure your stupid sex tapes. As for TMZ, ha ha.

2274 days ago


No way this was meant to be leaked. He probably knew he would be ridiculed due to his size as a lot of the posts about this subject shows. Think he would want that?

2274 days ago


eww it was disturbing. calls to tmz we're not returned haha .. PS: the blonde dude (fabio's child lol) on tmz tv.. is smokin' hot.

2274 days ago

deja' vu all over again!    

normally i'd agree with celebs on the whole invasion of privacy issue. technology HAS out-paced the law on this score. However, in tiny verney's cae., this tape is just so grotesque, that I feel damaged by seeing it, so he should pay me and everybody else who has been subjeced to it.

For someone to be driving his sccoter around while buck-ass-neked & then taking a leak on the rug as vern did on Surreal Life to be complaining about anything is just too much. Hello, pot? It's me kettle!

2274 days ago

deja' vu all over again!    

oh, my standing joke in stituaions like this continues to be...

Q: what is the ione thing no man ever wants to hear a woman say?

A: "Is it in yet?"

2274 days ago


HAHAHA the last line is the best line. he's not gonna win this case.

2274 days ago

obama vs mccain hot phone debate    

i got his video ... he's got a really tiny one lolll... u need to zoom it 10x to view it ;)

2274 days ago


I don't buy the claim it was stolen either. Maybe his gf did it.

2274 days ago

cavity creep    

It must have taken a lot of work for him to perform on her.

2274 days ago
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