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Obama Goes on Gun Control

6/28/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaBarack Obama is gearing up for the fight of his life -- by hitting the gym!

The candidate for change was spotted at a DC sports club on Friday morning in a baseball cap, t-shirt and running pants, working his triceps and hoisting 65 lb dumbbells, according to the National Journal. Barack also got his cardio on while reading the paper and listening to his iPod on the treadmill. Arnold ain't the only bodybuilder in the political ring!

As if the three-car motorcade and Secret Service agents didn't give his identity away, Barack had to be looked up in the gym's system because he forgot his membership card.

Running for President ain't what it used to be!


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Looks like obama needs another cigarette.

2244 days ago


I always figured Obama for a p*ssy, but it turns out that he's just a douche.

2244 days ago


So, what health club does the messiah belong to? Bally's?

And they carded him? Holy crap, kiss that company goodbye! LOL

2244 days ago


I think, therefor I am!!
Remember guys GET as much info on candidate's as possible.
DON'T vote for someone for "change"
Unless the bas-tard is helping with your diapers.

It's SAD that our two choices are these two MORONS..LOL!!
I think Nader will throw his hat in again.

BUT this time he will probably get Mccain elected.
If Obama gets elected on the "hype" and not his record...(OMG)

And the comments before about bitching about Gas prices,Food Etc...
Sorry fellows,they are here to stay I am afraid!
(the USA just did what the housing market is doing, A "correction")
Now we are paying for Gas what the rest of the world is paying(except oil producing counties)
Which Venezuela is paying 12 CENTS a gallon
I wanna vote for Hugo Chavez..LOL
Obama,can't do chit about the Oil Speculator's,The developing nations using oil and Opec's inability to boost

Welcome to the NEW 21st century.

2244 days ago


OMG what a dork!! Urkel is back!

2243 days ago

John McCain    

#14 the term "redneck" was thought to originate during a miners strike and the term "redneck" was coined due to the red bandannas they wore around their necks. The more modern definition is a cowboy, farmer, or other hard working person who works in the sun all day and thus has a sunburn on their neck. If Obama scares these type of people who are the crux of this country, then what does that say about him as a person? If you are referring to the derogatory use of the work "red neck" as in the term "dumb red neck" than you are about as pathetic as a person who uses the term ni**er to refer to a black person. Notice I don't use the term "African American" because I have many black friends who come from many countries and areas of the world such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, who are offended when they are referred to as "African" anything.

2243 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Nice to see him working hard to keep his fine physique.

Work it, Obama - the eye of the tiger!! Kick that old geezer's ass!!

2242 days ago


People always try to turn this into a race war and Obama not being fit for president has nothing to do with it. He is simply inexperienced. Would you want an inexeperienced driver driving you around? I think not especially not a whole country. His public as well as private "friendships" are questionable and we realy don't know wh he is as a person or where he stands on important issues. Something tells me he is an angry man deep inside and he has a hard time containing it. Will we Americans feel the brunt of it? Dig deep Americans this is very important. I must also say we don't have the best choice of candidates but we are forced to choose the lesser of the evils. Politians suck! it's rare when one tells the truth.

2242 days ago


Nice carbon footprint, 3!!! cars to go to the gym
typical limosine liberal, do as I say not as I do
I am sure he stopped by the gas station and filled up all three autos with his own $$$

2242 days ago
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