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Obama Vandal -- One Dumb Cracker

6/29/2008 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Democratic candidates for Prez should just steer clear of Florida.
Barrack Obama
Anti-Barack Obama vandals spray-painted 60 vehicles last night at Orlando's city hall -- with enlightening comments like "Oboma [sic] smoke crack" and racial slurs.

The weirdest part? Business cards left at the scene apparently belonged to supporters of Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: Hillary's camp just sent us this statement: "There's no tolerance for this kind of activity in the political process. Hillary Clinton strongly supports Barack Obama and urges all of her supporters to do the same."

We're waiting on a comment from Barack's people.


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Goerge Bush    

hahahaha hilarious

2278 days ago


I was nowhere near City Hall last night......

2278 days ago


We have a ton of them here in Los Angeles, taggers who can't spell or speak english.

2278 days ago


Sure FlBiker, I hope you ditched the spray cans.

I can't wait until November!

2278 days ago

Steve Rich    

It actually looks to me like the car says "Oboma smoks crack"...

2278 days ago


Supporters of Hillary? Sounds more like TMZ fans to me.

2278 days ago


I anticipate it will only get worse. As for the business cards, that sounds like a set up. I would think a Republican would leave behind a business card with Hillary's name on it to throw the trail off them.

2278 days ago


Crackers!?!? How do you know White people did this! That is racial profiling...Oh Wait, its only racial profiling or dicrimination if your black.

2278 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Let's see. Harvey Levin is Jewish, he hires blacks and homosexuals who spew their hatred and racism via this banner headline, to wit, "one dumb cracker." When you get what you deserve,and you will, don't come on this site sniveling and crying about those mean, bad Southerners-crackers as you call them. It's a good thing you don't have the courage to sign your name to this crap, because otherwise, we'd all fear for your safety. Y'all come, ya hear?

2278 days ago


Notice how a racial slur was made in the headline by TMZ.....the very same people who freak anytime someone else makes a racial slur.

Yeah I know, racism against white people is ok...right?

2278 days ago


Yeah and I presuppose the taggers were white christian conservative Republicans. The liberal mainstream media reports were 60 cars with anti-obama tags and racial slurs. If you research and investigate you find once again the lies and propaganda of the liberal (lefty) media. There were 1 or 2 vehicles with anti-Obama tags AND anti-McCain tags.

2278 days ago


Something tells me that TMZ is a McCain fan. They have done little snippets at Obama but nothing about old man McSame.

2278 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Didn't Oama admit to doing drugs including cocaine in his past? Obama smoked cocaine, not crack-feel better, tmz?

2278 days ago


Hillary is helping Obama out now. It would not be any surprise to me if her people were helping along the idea that Obama should do this to his own campaign. The "attacked" has a better chance of winning than the "attacker."

2278 days ago


yeah, the whole 'cracker' headline is wrong and stupid TMZ..

I guess 2 wrongs make a right..

2278 days ago
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