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Head Case Says Rat Factory Jacked His Toy Story

7/3/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A guy who readily admits that his head ain't what it used to be wants a billion dollars -- a billion Earth dollars, that is -- from Disney because, he claims, they stole his version of "Toy Story." How do you milk a mouse, anyway?

George Horchak says he wrote a screenplay called "The Adventures of Johnny Justice" back in 1967 and that it had a spaceman-cowboy duo in it. And that's about where the similarity ends -- well, except for both cowboys' ability to "exhibit a fast draw," says Horchak.

It's kinda sad though -- Horchak had a debilitating brain tumor almost twenty years ago, lives on Social Security, has used seven different names -- one of which is Johnny Dollar.


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LoL! I seriously hope that this case gets dismissed...

2302 days ago


If this guy is a "head case", as you so eloquently alluded, why are you reporting on it? The case will go nowhere, and pointing out that this guy is disturbed as though it's a big story, is cruel. I bet you guys sit around and pull off butterfly wings on your breaks, don't you?

2302 days ago


I love Gillian Sheldon/Heckendorf's e-mail alerts!

2302 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

It only took him 13 years to file a lawsuit. "Toy Story" came out in 1995. This guy is a broke wack job hoping Disney will pay him a couple hundred thousand to go away. A billion dollars. LMAO

2302 days ago


Wasn't Horchak in "Welcome Back Kotter"?

2302 days ago


You can milk anything with nipples.

2302 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Took him long enough... it won't go anywhere.

2302 days ago


Ok so what I dont get is why is he doing this now Im 17 and i remember toy story coming out when i was a little kid or maybe even before dd it really take this dumb ass this long to put two and two together?

2301 days ago

Mr. Raven    

I submitted a script to Disney's Writers Fellowship Program and they totally stole ideas from it for their last big holiday movie whose name I won't mention. Call me crazy, but they did.
I talked to a lawyer and he said that he gets calls from writers several times a month who have had stuff stolen from Disney. They do it with impunity. So I believe this guy. But even if he can show "remarkable similarity" between the two scripts, unless he can prove Disney had acess to it, he's screwed. But maybe he can. I hope this guy gets a nice out of court chunk of change.

2298 days ago


George was my father. I remember when I was young him telling us the story of Johnny Justice at bedtime. Disney did steal his story. The lawsuit came years after the release of Toy Story because he was very ill fighting a brain tumor. I am sad that this article thought of him as a "Head Case". He was a brilliant writter and musician and wonderful loving father. He never wanted for anything except to support his family. Disney took something that was not theirs (as they have done to many others) and earned billions off of others ideas. I truly hope someone somewhere will out the disney compnay for what they truly are...a money grubbing, dishonest company that steals others ideas and pawns them off as thier own. Tsk Tsk John Lasseter.

1172 days ago

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