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Hit & Run Girl: Crushed Pelvis Only the Beginning

7/3/2008 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was hit by an alleged drunk driver in Hollywood last night is not doing that great -- she's got a crushed pelvis, head trauma and possibly a punctured bladder.

We caught up with Wolf -- the guy who chased down the driver -- who says his girl will be in the hospital for at least another five days, and will need a ton of rehab after that.

He also breaks down why he was so calm after chasing down the woman who nailed his girl with her car -- he's got a baby now, and says his fatherly instincts kicked in.


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I think its unfair to say this guy is looking for fame from all of this. I applaud him for being so level headed, because I know in the same situation I would have lost it. I can only hope that the his girlfriend/friend recovers and heals in a timely manner. More importantly, I hope that the driver is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because there is no excuse for drinking, driving AND LEAVING THE SCENE. She is lucky that Wolf is the one who got a hold of her rather then someone who wasn't as level headed, because I know I would never have been as calm as he was. My prayers go out to the victim......

2311 days ago


What makes you knuckle draggers 100% that he is partying? Here this guy talks about not judging people, and you devil children are judging him on a 3 minute clip. He plainly stated that people who assume he is partying does not know him and as far as anyone knows, he was meeting someone for business. he put his words together in a way that did not insinuate that he had been drinking. If this guy had lues eyes and blonde hair, I swear you Hitler lovers would be pooping on yourselves about what a hero he is. Judgemental asses!

2311 days ago


I love all the do-nothing bystanders here bashing this guy because they know that they'll never live up to what this guy did. You losers would have stood on the side of the road in shock, doing nothing, because, after all, you don't want to go to court, you don't want to be involved; you want other people to think you are good people, but deep down, you know that you're just another loser in the way. This guy might come off as a stroke, but he showed that he's a better person, at least, than the losers who post on TMZ blogs.

2311 days ago

Quick to Judge!!!    

Does it really matter "WHO" he is??? I mean, this is someone whether, it be a boyfriend, friend, lover or someone walking down the street... Point of the matter is, he ran after the drunkie, called 911, and tended to the victim's needs. Obviously, she's hurt but ALIVE! If it wasn't for him, who knows how many more people the drunkie would have ran off the road. Give the man some credit! What would YOU have done??

2311 days ago



2311 days ago


PEOPLE, he said THATS MY GIRL!!! That doesn't mean his woman, his girlfriend, his lover. That means HIS GIRL FRIEND....a GIRL...who is a FRIEND. So back off, he kept it cool, not many people would have. And hes not at the hospital because its not his woman AND most places wont let you stay there when someone is in Intensive care.

2311 days ago

Quick to Judge!!!    

#50 - Brookise


.... OK... and your point is?? over 21 year olds don't drink and drive?? Are they REALLY that mature?? It doesn't matter what age you are sweetie, you shouldn't drink and drive PERIOD!

2311 days ago

Anna Molly    


2311 days ago

Quick to Judge!!!    

I agree with several posts on here, people are so quick to judge. Some racists, arrogant, ignorance, negative or just plain stupid. In the world we live in today, where is the compassion, courtesy and understanding??? Here you have a man who cared enough to save someones life while ALL you rubbernecks stand on the side judging him! God forbid, should something happen to someone close to me or myself... I hope there's someone like him around who's going to call for help!

What about our NEXT president?? Are you going to vote based on what he wore, what he said or how he looks??

Shame on you!!

2311 days ago


Okay, the kid seems very decent, but can we PLEASE lose the 'at the end of the day'?? Please?

2311 days ago


yea father instinct bull he wanted to cop a feel

2311 days ago

The Aitch    

That kid is cool as hell. Too bad he doesn't know the hit and run driver is a 27 year old hooch.

2311 days ago


I hope this girl is going to recover fully. Her friend seems like a nice, level headed guy, but it's depressing to see how the schools are totally failing the youth. You almost need a lexicon to decipher what these kids are trying to say. All those tats and piercings..these poor dumb kids don't realize they won't be young forever. In a few years, they'll be unemployed, tatted up losers "philosophizing (sic)" on the corner for a quarter or two. Sad.

2311 days ago


Wow. Why all the negative comments people? Damn. I think what he did the other night was something that ALOT of folks would not be able to do. I know my ass probably would have slapped that drunk ass woman. He stayed cool and kept her drunk ass from getting crazy. Have ya'll dealt with drunk people before? Please stop with all the negativity. So what he is not the smoothest talker, he still gets much respect from me for being cool under pressure.

2311 days ago


Commenter #106, good call. Not sure what the whole voting thing has to do with it all, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

It's good to know that young woman is alive, and has enough fight in her to be combative in the ICU. She'll make it. Anyone with that much fight in them won't give up or give in.

The drunk driver is going to be spending a lot of time in the legal system for this. I'm sure that with the amount of film footage on the aftermath, she'll not be able to wiggle out of anything.

I still think "Wolf" did a commendable thing, and kept his cool when many people would have beat the crud out of the driver. Yeah, he's a bit .... different. But if we were all the same, wouldn't the world be unbearably dull? He's got a good philosophy, he just needs to do a bit of brushing up on vocabulary.

2311 days ago
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