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Being Fergalicious

Doesn't Happen Overnight

7/5/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ got a hold of some Fergie photos from back in the day -- when she was just known simply as Stacy Ferguson.

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This was probably around the time she got that ridic eyebrow piercing she's had forever.


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eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

AWW.. she was very cute!! Very nice figure too. I agree she had to my stuff done to her face that she didnt need at all!!!! I just think people who have addictive personalities, even though she may have broken the meth addiction (thankgod!) they always end up addicted to something else. For her i think its working out and plastic surgery. And its soooo funny you guys said she looks like the full house girl LOL.. thats the FIRST thing I thought when i saw her pic!!

2266 days ago

Make It Right!!    

She actually looks pretty dang good, considering that is a "dated" photograph!! Most before they were stars photos are far more awful and embarrassing than that one of Fergie is! That hardly deserves sapce on TMZ!!

2266 days ago


Wow, I actually thought she was black, or some sort of mixed ethnicity other than white. WEIRD.

2266 days ago


WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST EYEBROW PIERCINGS? Who the hell really cares TMZ, besides you thst is. if somoene actually LIKES their eyebrow piercing and keeps it even when it is deemed "out of style" because they didn't get it to be "in style" in the first place. God you tools are so pathetic and catty these days, I bet all of your writers are fat bitter wannabe celebrities. For a recovered homeless meth addict I would say this woman looks DAMN good, probably like I said better looking than anyone on your staff. GROW UP AND report SOME ACTUAL INTERESTING STORIES, NOT YOUR PATHETIC AND FEEBLE ATTACKS ON PERFECTLY RESPECTABLE CELEBRITIES.

2266 days ago


Wait.... she was 14 in those pics? Are you sure they were taken in 1989?

2266 days ago

Casual Observer    

Is this before her "meth-whore" days?

2265 days ago

kanika hudson    

uhmmm i see nobody is saying nothing about all the plastic surgery thats she has, her nose was dumb big, and now her nose is smaller, and her face is tight, which makes her look atleast 45 yrs old, so yall can keep praising her like she is so damn beautiful, with her fake ass nose!!!! lol lol lol lol

2265 days ago


it looks like it's from her Kids Incorperated days. I liked that show!

2265 days ago

allison borgardt    

she looks disgusting but then again everyone did then!! haha

2265 days ago

allison borgardt 847 548 1470    

find out where i live

2265 days ago


Omg. She looks awesome and I love her eye-brow percing.

2265 days ago


what's wrong with her long lasting piercing? that sounds like a good thing to me. if ur gonna poke a hole in your face, shouldnt u want it to be a while?

2265 days ago


Before eyebrow piercing while on meth.

2263 days ago


she has always been normal looking

2262 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Those were REAL photos of her and her Fresno home. I seen those before.

2233 days ago
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