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Pam Anderson's

Vagina Cream Pie

7/6/2008 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson called Jessica Simpson a what?

The classy mother of two celebrated her 41st b-day at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas by diving head first into the sweet section of a questionable birthday cake.


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I think today is her son, Brandon Thomas', 12th birthday. Happy Birthday.

2264 days ago

Lenn K.    

Kelli, no cake for me, I didn't notice that her hair might be in the cake. Couldn't someone hold her hair?

2264 days ago


WHat a total SKANK whore Your kids are so proud

2264 days ago

Bob Booie    

Can someone tell Pam shes old news.She was hot when she first started before she became all plastic.It's funny hearing her say shes a great mom,meanwhile she dresses and acts like a 16 year old.Pam give it up

2264 days ago


Where is social services when you need them. This skank is definatly NOT a good mom. How about a family dinner and evening out with your children?

2264 days ago


This is one disgusting female
she should just go away , probably with one of
those trashy men behind her.
She does attract some classy guys doesn't she

I mean which man with any dignatiy or class would want to be with someone
who will end up in the local cornor strip club dancing at noon when all the sleeze bags are there
drinking and j**king off.

What a future her son's have to look forward too. . . wasn't she suppossedly moved back with Tommy Lee?
Now there is a perfect couple, made for each other, although the way she is going, he might just be too good even for her, I'm just sayin".

2264 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

Im shocked that the lovely and classy pamela would act like such a whore. and where was her family when she was licking the sugary leaves of the pink lily? God this woman is the epitome of trash isnt she? Yeah, go Pam, youre so...OLD and Dripping with Filth but whatever sister, get high, get loose and get outta here.

2264 days ago


yep, she is nasty! Skankarella! And she called Jessica a whore? LOL

2264 days ago


and she has the nerve to call someone else a whore...takes one to know one. Pamela is the skank. She needs to keep away from people as you never know what you'll get from just standing next to her.

2264 days ago


skankarella SKANKARELLA skankarella !!!

2264 days ago


Pam is such a mess. How did she get away with it this long?! She's 41 but acts 21, how pathetic. I hope her 2 sons have nannies and don't have to be around this mess very often.

2264 days ago


The picture definitely says it all-pathetic, ignorant, disgusting and shameful female-she certainly isn't a lady and proves she has no class at all. She unfortunately thinks that stunts like this make her look sexy, and that she is still a young woman-WRONG!! She has no right whatsoever calling anyone ANY derogatory names for any reason. She needs to look good and hard in a mirror, grow up and act like a lady and mom!! This female has no shame or morals at all!!!!! She's a disgrace to women in general. And she needs to realize that being sexy and classy is to NOT constantly exposing your enhanced body parts and pulling crap like this. Some things are meant to be kept private. But she consistently proves that this is the only way she knows to make a living-though she could try to get a real job!!!!

2264 days ago


I never thought she had talent or looks. Her body is fake and nasty. Her personality is just as fake. She calls herself a mother!? Hm, try walking in my shoes - I'm a real mother skank.

2264 days ago


good gawd.......... looks like someone was riden hard and put away wet.... pathetic...soooo pathetic.

2264 days ago


Pammie poo was in our sweet little Canadian town a week ago whinning because we won't let her build a mega monstrosity on our water front. Boooohooooo...ya skanky whinning whore. Too bad she didn't choke on her cake. Who is she to talk about any one else when she dresses like a ho, she looks like a ho and ummm...where are her kids? I'm sure they are proud of her and her hooker clothes. Disgusting! She puts the "ho" in homewrecker

2264 days ago
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