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We Are Not a Fanilow

Of This Outfit

7/7/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While his hot sidekick looked ready for the beach, Barry Manilow's ensemble was more fitting for happy hour at the Copa.

Of course, is Barry really someone you'd really want to see wearing less?


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Kathy G    

I thought he left his womanilow in Palm Springs??

2297 days ago

Gill Waker    

Word is she left him. For a dessert cart!

2297 days ago


How could anyone think he's straight for one minute?

2297 days ago

Gill Waker    

LOL! Sure wasn't enough meat on dem bones for Mrs Pigilow. See her in Vegas? WOW!! They make a great couple. He bounces on her all night long. Protects his hips!! LOL

2297 days ago

Gill Waker    

Roksta!! How are you dude? The Fanilows hate that their idol Barry lives with a pig. They'd rather have him gay and on seeing her I understand that.

2297 days ago

sweet melissa    

You people are just sad and pathetic! This man has given his whole life to music and making people happy and all you can do is slam him for the way he looks or his sexual preference. He has kept his private life just that, HIS PRIVATE LIFE so no one knows who he has in his bedroom. I respect him for keeping his life private. For all who talk about the way he looks, get a life. He's a 65 y/o man who works like hell on the stage. He could run circles around any one of you any day of the week! He sells out almost all of his shows whether they're in Vegas or on the road. Personally I think he looks great, I've seen him many times in concert and at a very close distance. He's gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. He NEVER slows down, whether it's putting out a cd for himself, touring or producing and arranging for other artists. His "boyfriend" happens to be Scott Nevin, celebrity interviewer and employee of Barry's management company, Stiletto. So there's another thing you naysayers didn't know. So until one of you have seen him in the privacy of his home or bedroom, you know squat. Barry has always been thin, so what? He's had hip surgery, so what?

2297 days ago


Hey Rocksta, Kathy G, and Malibu, aka the Three Stooges you obviously don't know the same person I do and you're all so full of crap your eyes must be brown. Now get off of your mommy and daddies' computers and clean the basement. You're all probably knee deep in pizza boxes and empty 2 liters of Seven Up by now.

2296 days ago


Hmmm, I have a complaint to TMZ as I must be getting the wrong video feed. All I see are two men walking down the beach. They're not holding hands or kissing so everyone that can read "gay" into this must be seeing something I'm not. Who the heck knows what they're doing on the beach? Maybe Scott is interviewing Barry, maybe Barry is going over a new show but all of you that make this disparging "gay" remarks are doing both men a disservice. So what if two men are walking down the beach. We've seen Mathew McConaghey on the beach with men. Does that mean he's gay? Oh what, his girlfriend is pregnant. Who says it wasn't artificial insemination. And George Clooney has had one failed marriage and says he won't marry again plus he's always seen with his buddies. I guess George Clooney is gay. Damn, who knew spotting gay people would be so easy. Just look for two people of the same sex walking together.

2296 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    

what's that lying dead
in the background ?

at closer look, it's a washed up
career that was dead in the water........

2296 days ago


I didn't know he was gay ! I always liked him...oh well, gay or not i still like him.

2296 days ago


Just to clarify for all those wondering, in this video Barry is accompanied by Scott Nevins, an NYC-based TV and radio personality.

2296 days ago


Roksta, Kathy G, truly are pathetic, and you're blowing smoke out your asses. I know to whom you're refering, and you couldn't be more wrong. Most people gave up harassing people due to their looks, weight, etc. when they grew up. OOOPS...that explains it. You haven't. Gay, straight, thin, not thin, who the F*** cares if he's happy? You are cruel individuals spreading lies about people you've never met. I HAVE. YOU'RE LYING. Grow up.

2296 days ago


gay, straight,thin or not thin... I'm curious as to why you care. How about Is he happy? I hope so.

2296 days ago

Gill Waker    

Barry might not be gay, but he's living a lie and anyone outside Nobu last night would have realized that. And it's at times like this I wish he'd give up his privacy so the nasty mouthed idiots could eat their words, but to give up his privacy would be hard on his family and so not fair.I work nearby and have more than once had to assist peoples partners (and yes, Barrys too) away from the crazy press packs. All the paps should be ashamed of themselves. If they left Barry and his partner alone they might get a real photo, of the real thing in time. How would you like to live like a prisoner? People forget that although Barry might be famous, the person he's sharing his life with is not. All this crap about Scott Nevins being his new Beau is just stupid. A lot of locals know why Scott's around and we also know who he's dating. Look a little closer, people. Think for a minute and walk a mile in Barry's place before you all cast stones on a man you really do know nothing about, only what gossip dictates.

Peace - Denny

2296 days ago

Gill Waker    

I agree he has a right to happiness just like everyone else but at what price? This man is walking along a beach, chatting with a guy who's also in the business and all Hell breaks loose. Barry Manilow has done everything within his power to keep his private life private so what makes everyone thing he'd cavort openly on a beach with his lover?? The men are FRIENDS and that's it. I have male friends, I have women friends, despite my sexuality! The sadness here is that the real loves in Barry's life have to read this garbage that's being written about him. Does anyone think about this mans family? If you'd seen what I've seen, when partners and loved ones have to be bundled out of restaurants and bars like terrorists just because they happen to be involved with a famous face, you'd all think twice. It's not a way of life. It's a jail sentence.

2296 days ago
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