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C-Rex to Pervy Pete -- Jurass Is Mine!

7/10/2008 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After court today, Christie Brinkley gave the public a look at life in 1 A.D. -- After Divorce -- showing off a diorama she made for son Jack's school project.

The supermodel told reporters that the outcome was "very bittersweet," adding she got everything she wanted -- custody and "decision-making." CB got full custody and land as far as the eye can see in the Hamptons -- but will have to fork over $2.1 million to her soon-to-be ex ball and chain.


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just here    

nice to see her doing her son's projects.

2233 days ago


She would have probably paid a lot more just to get rid of Peter Perv!

2233 days ago


why is she doing her kids' homework???

2233 days ago


I am baffled as to why she should have to pay Porno Pete a penny. HE broke the marriage contract. He got what he really wanted....$$$$$

2233 days ago

baby girl    

I'm very fat.

2233 days ago


so she is doing her kid's homework for him? is he an R-Tard or what? And is that the best she can do, it looks like she went to Hobbyland and bought a bag of plastic dinos and some glue.

2233 days ago


ok people. today you have to ACTUALLY do profamily projects with your kids. At least at my son's school you do.

2 mil is nothing compared to the property this chick is holding onto. she probably pays more than that in property tax on one of those houses. THEY ARE NICE. Recent visit to the hamptons for the holiday weekend showed that one. THis chicks houses are out of control. glad she got to keep everything that belonged to her. He was scared of them decetives.

NOW I WANT A TELL ALL BOOK SAYING WHAT THE DETECTIVES WOULD HAVE SAID IN COURT. it had to be juicy for him to throw in the towel on this one. TOOOOO FUNNY.

2233 days ago


hE WAS ON AT LEAST 3 MATCH SITES around 2 years ago. He wrote me from a free site and it was weird .. he used the same photo handsome as he is with different descriptions .. same photo .. he was 6'3 on one site, an attornry who would relocate, and widowed, where his pseudo daughter was looking for a new mom and 'liked' me and wrote his profile HE SAID................ then on another site he was 6.0 and 48 with the same photo but was in Washington and REMEMBER .. THE SAME PHOTO .. SAME SHIRT .. SAME PHOTO .. the first 2 sites where he contacted me were free .. and the one on MATCH.COM where I had a photo but do not now .. he contacted me and he was in another state and I'm thinking it was California .. his height was down to 5'8 and in his mid 50s and divorced. I think I have the photo in another computer at another home where I live and I'll look. I made the complaint to MATCH.COM ABOUT THIS FRAUDULENT GUY AND TOLD THEM ABOUT THE 3 SITES I KNEW ABOUT AND HIS PHONEY PROFILES. In every case he was a professional but never the business he barely was in to make no money married to Brinkley. I thought he was a serial killer because he was good looking enough when he wrote to make other men in the varying age group where he remained to stand out and in every case he contacted me madly in love and acting too weird ... and he is weird ... and it was him

2233 days ago


Didnt your mom help you with your homework? I know my mom did, and I helped my son also. Give her a break.

2233 days ago


she did the project FOR her son? why didn't she do it WITH him? god.

2233 days ago


Way to go CB.

2233 days ago


Hey VAL. It's called PUNCTUATION. Try using sometime and you won't look like you're crazy.

2233 days ago


I am finally compelled to post. This is the LAMEST tidbit yet about the Brinkley Cook divorce trial. Are you serious? Did Christie Brinkley actually drag a freaking diorama into court? You have to be kidding me. I do not condone Peter Cook's behavior in his marriage but our unable-to-stay-married cover girl has now posed for THE saddest shot of her career! To see her pandering to the press (or the COURT, mind you) with a shoebox worth of her craftiness, in furtherance of supposedly demonstrating what a good mother she is, is positively PATHETIC! Oh my gosh, the poor woman. She is soooo fragile and desperate for outside acclaim that I'm embarrassed FOR her! What was Cohen thinking letting her do this? Christie's behavior SCREAMS OUT in need of constant reassurance that she is a swell gal, just as much as our touted narcissist Peter Cook. By the way, what about the insecurity of a mother who clearly needs to hijack a little kid's school project as her own? Isn't the KID supposed to be creating and constructing this thing and thereby expressing HIMSELF in the learning process? I know it seems that Christie got what she wanted in the end result of the settlement but I have to wonder where her head is at. Can't somebody save her from herself? Peace earrings and dioramas when the issues at hand clearly call for a more legitimate platform? In closing, Question of the day to all the Lawyers out there: Would you honestly let your client come into court and do this to herself with YOUR name on the heading? Other than Larry Seidlin, what judge do you know who would honestly entertain such nonsense? Only "for" Christie Brinkley, only in America ...

2233 days ago

Midlife Mom    

Darn, I was hoping to get to hear what those detectives had on Porno Pete! Hopefully someone will leak it.

2233 days ago

spread the love    

why did this weirdo bring a school exhibit to a press conference???? Is this over-the-hill model sooooo insecure that she has to show us what a 'great' mom she is? Maybe if she was a better 'wife' her kids would still have an intact family....CB why have you divorced for the FOURTH time???? What goes on with you behind closed doors that keeps driving men away from you?? That is the story I want to read about. TMZ, get on it pronto

2233 days ago
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