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Lisa Bonet: If I Only Had a Brain

7/10/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sporting J.Lo's 2001 floppy diva hat, a denim muumuu from the FLDS and a purse made from the remnants of Britney's straw weave, Lisa Bonet -- with her daughters Zoe Kravitz and little Lola in tow -- modeled the latest from Ray Bolger's Scarecrow Collection at a farmer's market in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

She definitely needs to see some sort of wizard.


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She looks fine to me. Not everyone has to dress like a TMZ loser, do they?

just sayin'!

2295 days ago


5. Amber- You can't even spell. Get off the internet and go pick up a dictionary. On a liter note, Lisa Bonet is beautiful..

Posted at 1:30PM on Jul 10th 2008 by Confident

NOUN: abbr. l or lit. A metric unit of volume equal to approximately 1.056 liquid quarts, 0.908 dry quart, or 0.264 gallon.


AMIRRA - Right on with you #11 comment

2295 days ago


haha, *** CONFIDENT***- you got on somebody about spelling and then you spelled lighter wrong!!! It's LIGHTER not LITER...just thought you should know!

2295 days ago


She has been dressing like that for years and has always been into a kind of bohemian lifestyle. Years ago when she was married to Lenny Kravitz they smelled so bad that you couldn't get within 6 feet of them.

2295 days ago


Thanks Victoria, you beat me to it!!~

2295 days ago


If only the writer of this "article" had a brain. Shallow.

2295 days ago


Meanwhile, Confident,

I think you mean "on a LIGHER note" . A "liter" is a liquid measurement. Amber's mistake was clearly a typo. But I won't be mean about bringing up the whole dictionary thing. Just wanted you to know...

...But you and others are right. Lisa is beautiful and had always been a bit of a bohemian. TMZ, that was uncalled for.

2295 days ago

not a dumbass    

First of all, on the comment that Lisa Bonet has always been miss hippie/bohemian is untrue. on Cosby Show she wore the entire 80s Esprit collection!! And, there's nothing "indie" about the way she dresses. She is dressed totally mainstream --- anyone who thinks this look is individual is wrong!

2295 days ago


I love her. I'd love to see more of her. She's breath of fresh air.

2295 days ago

not a dumbass    

"has always been into a kind of bohemian lifestyle" --- what? were her parents Romany? She has NOT always been miss bohemian. Lenny Kravitz was called "Romeo Blue" when she married him!!!!!!!! They jumped on the hippie bandwagon exactly when everyone else did. I don't care that she's dressed like a mormon at the farmer's market. But, it's annoying to hear people idolizing her on her indie spirit when she is dressing just like everyone else who's into that. Oh, and forgot to mention in my past post The Limited Forenza collection as part of Lisa Bonet's wardrobe on Cosby Show, too.

2295 days ago


I love her daughter's name.

2295 days ago


Who's Lola?

2295 days ago


Is there some lame attempt at humor from TMZ regarding the fact that Lisa is wearing a straw hat and looks like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz? Where do you get these idiots that write these captions? So just because she's wearing a straw hat, you're saying she "has no brain" is so sad that TMZ raked in $100 Million in the last year. I guess nobody is to blame but us for looking at this mindless junk.

2295 days ago


Lisa Bonet is a beautiful women as are her daughters. Personally, I think she looks great...she is at a farmers market. Oops, is she supposed to be in stiletto's, a short skirt with her ass hanging out, and a top to small so her boobs are under her chin and out for everyone to see! She's not an attention whore, she's a devoted mother to her girls. And I give it up to her for behaving in such a manner. I would much rather my daughter see a positive picture of Lisa Bonet as opposed to a sleazy picture of Pam Anderson, Audrina Patridge, Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Shauna Sands....and the list goes on.

2295 days ago


she has always embraced the bohamien dress style. that's right even on cosby. she even went through the whole tofu and whole foods on the show also, so don't hate. And that's right - what's that young chick....hanna montana....whatever- she wore a hippy headband and some spandex and tmz thoght it was cute. That she was going to be some new trend setter. Lisa Bonet been doing this since the 80's.

the only thing i would hate on is having another kid this late in life. i wouldn't go back to changing diapers and potty training for a naked king with a black AMEX card. sorry. Kid is cute and i'm more than happy for her but it's just not for me. Technically you can't get rid of the kid until she's darn near 60. NO THANK YOU. I now stars have alledegly nothing better to do, but get a better hobby than that.

2295 days ago
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