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Lisa Bonet: If I Only Had a Brain

7/10/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sporting J.Lo's 2001 floppy diva hat, a denim muumuu from the FLDS and a purse made from the remnants of Britney's straw weave, Lisa Bonet -- with her daughters Zoe Kravitz and little Lola in tow -- modeled the latest from Ray Bolger's Scarecrow Collection at a farmer's market in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

She definitely needs to see some sort of wizard.


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Make It Right!!    

So what if everyone who lives in Venice looks like this and she is not unique for Venice? And evry one has a "style" be it "bohemian", "hip hop", "yuppie" , "sporty" , "tramp" , "Goth" , "glamour" etc... no one dresses truly unique. Every single solitary person can be labelled as a 'type' based on the clothes they wear. So she is bohemian and to some of you that does not make her refreshing, unique, or original, but dirty and smelly. That's IYO. You also have a type of style that makes you not unique and not refreshing and unoriginal. Maybe it also makes you dirty and smelly...don't know from here. But to characterize all bohemian type of people as dirty and smelly based solely on their attire? Not nice. And, shows do have "WARDROBE". The actors don't actually choose what they wear, they have stylists for the show that choose for them! They even get award nominations for picking out clothes for actors to wear on TV shows and in movies! It's not a NEWS FLASH! How really dumb can one person be to think Lisa Bonet had any choice in what she, as a kid, wore on Cosby!! And how racsist of someone to think she has babies for child-support! One, two hit shows with royalties, a person is set for life if they manage their money right! After all, A Different World was her show originally til that Jasmine Guy character stole the show away from what the original idea was for the show the true struggles of a college kid away at school and instead became just some lame sitcom, totally dated and irrelevant today. Oh big deal. Lisa Bonet was great in Angel Heart. Spooky f*in Movie!!

2304 days ago


Bill Cosby has said in interviews that the Cosby show had nothing to do with Lisa's style... she came to them dressing this way... LOL. She's a gorgeous woman.

2304 days ago


I like your writers, they make me laugh, right on the money, Scarecrow Collection. I laughed till my stomach hurt. LOL

2304 days ago


yall need to quit that girl and her babies are so damn fine it's least she doesn't need the papparazi to stay famous HAHAHAHAHAHA and she still got BANK!!!

2304 days ago


Those comments had me laffing out loud!! Even though I think she looks great!

2303 days ago


Lisa Bonet is the original Angelina Jolie! She doesn't get enough credit. She was cutting edge right from the early 80's - before stars had stylists creating an image! and she's made her own rules as far as having her children.

2303 days ago
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