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Sienna Hanging Out With a Married Man

7/14/2008 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Brothers and Sisters" star Balthazar Getty says he and Sienna Miller are just friends.

Friends who hang out in Italy. Topless.

Worth noting: Balthazar is married with four kids ... for now.

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What a skank, she goes after married men time and time again! No moral fiber. Not one bit.

2240 days ago


Wow that's so effed up? I would whip his ass & that little b***h as well.

2240 days ago


Sienna Miller is a trashy whore. It seems the only men she is attracted to are married men. She is ALL ASS and NO Class. It's women like her that make me ashamed of women at all. Get a therapist Sienna, you really need one!

2240 days ago


Sienna is a dumb bitch. He is married and has four children, hasn't she any morals, never mind that you never do something like this to another woman. She will probably contract a disfiguring venereal disease and end up having her Hoe-Hoe cut out.

2239 days ago


We can all look forward to the future post of him cheating on her.

2232 days ago


Everytime that someone takes of picture of this stupid slut she is topless with some different guy. She is only twnety six and she's must have had 20 odd guy banging that tired beat of vagina of hers. She is such a skank for one she did, i hope she never gets an acting job ever again. As for that heroin two timing ass wipe Getty, I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners and his kids never speak to him again but find someone more fitting enough to wipe their shoes. What a pair of mother---- losers! I hope he catches syphillis and no one watches her movies ever again.

2232 days ago


Reading the posts shows that not much has changed in the world for how we view infidelity. I'm not a fan of Sienna Miller, but it's the married person where all the fault lies. He's there willingly from all that I can see - he's married with a commitment to wife and kids, she's definitely single. Even if he has separated from his wife, he should be discreet for the sake of their children.

2232 days ago

Virginia guy    

Come on! homewrecker? Everyone knows that nobody in Hollywood cares diddlysquat about sexual morality. Its all is fair in love and war!!

2231 days ago


How do you spell HO? S I E N N A

2229 days ago

Poor woman    

First Jude Law left his pregnant wife for her, then Sean Penn's wife filed divorce papers over her, and how Getty leaving his wife and four young children including a 10 mo. baby for her. She's a menace and these men are beyond skanky! It ruined Jude Law's career, let's hope the karma continues w/ these two. Let's help both of them self destruct by never seeing any of their crappy movies or plays again.

2229 days ago



... for now.

lol love it.

2229 days ago

AJ of the AZ    

to post # 15 i don't know about you, but there are married women that cheat too or do you have a naive sense about your gender never cheating on their men in their lives that sounds really sexist. I thought Jude Law was messed up for cheating on Sienna, it kinda makes her a hypocrite.

2227 days ago


Thak god shes been dumped ha ha I knew it would happen but not this soon lol! she is a talentless waste of space who acts so smug and thinks she rules the world well she doesnt shes not even pretty and she cant get everythig she wants getty wsa a dam* fool but at least he saw the light quickly. His wife is beautiful elgant and intelligent- what was he thinking? and she should def make him grovel forever if she even considers taking him back- he completely humilated her!

2219 days ago
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