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"Top Model" Photo Director Really Negative

7/15/2008 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay ManuelA talent agency is suing one of the stars of "America's Next Top Model," claiming money stuff. But wait till you hear how much this dude rakes in on the show!

Juan (aka Jay) Manuel is the guy who directs photo shoots on the show and give the girls advice -- how they can get know what we're sayin'.

According to the suit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior court, Jay began the run by getting $30,000 an episode! In our world, that's insane. And it went up to $40k an episode.

The suit claims Jay scored a total of $405,000 for his "work" on the show but Thruline Entertainment, Inc., got bubkes. They say they were his manager and entitled to 10%, so they're suing for $40,500.00

Sounds like everyone is overpaid on this gig.


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2255 days ago

tx soccer mom    

first! But, who cares about this story. I just wanted to be first!

2255 days ago


Looks like another day of dumbass slagging, by a bunch of no talent hacks here at TMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

2255 days ago


TMZ should be the last folks surprised by this. We all know TV personalities make a lot of money. Hell if the cast of Friends got 1 million per episode then one might argue that Jay is actually underpaid.

2255 days ago


Jay Manuel and Miss Jay are my two favorite reasons for watching ANTM. And it's even better now that Paulina P is on the panel.

2255 days ago


Too bad he's gay. He's kind of cute.

2255 days ago


I love this show-but Jay is really in love with himself.

2255 days ago


Hey Tyra - I will save you some cash and "direct" the photo shoots for only 25k an edisode, what do you say?

2255 days ago


i agree, CM. 30K is peanuts!

2255 days ago


I don't care how much Jay gets....I watch because of him and Nigel....I read on his biography that he's "bi" least that's promising for some of us!!!!

2255 days ago

Top Cat    

It's all about the "ME". His talent agent's should be grateful he let them find work for him. Their pay was letting them bask in the glow of his greatness. He's a butterfly in heat! That being said, he won't last long. There are better more grateful people out there, that will steal his business. He's already going to pay more in lawyer bills than he would have paid in commissions.

2255 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I LOVE ANTM. The show is great and the cast, I guess they would be called, are PERFECT. Tyra, Mr. Jay, Miss Jay, Nigel, even when Janice guests on it...IT ALL WORKS! I didn't think I'd like the show but Mr. Jay is fantastic at his job. All of them provide nothing less than art.

2255 days ago


Yes, but we're seeing a condensed, 1 hour episode. How much REAL time does one episode cover? Anyone know? In the grand scheme of tv land, it's probably not that much money, or rather, it shouldn't be, considering he's a reality tv "star".

2255 days ago


Agree with #4. Love that show, and while Mr. Jay is straight-up, he's easily the nicest, most laid back on the show. And have you seen the way the models look under his direction????!!! AMAZING!

2255 days ago


Mr. Jay is the best part of the show and gives really good advice. the photo shoots would suck without him. stop being a hater just b/c ANTM is more popular than your show

2254 days ago
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