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Sheriff to Nick -- Your Trap's An Open Book

7/15/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan and his folks want all his jailhouse whinin' and cryin' kept under wraps, but the sheriff says they can shove it -- i.e., in full view of the world.

The Pinellas County Sheriff says that jailhouse calls are public records and that Nick can't expect any privacy within the jail. They say the records are "non-confidential" and that there's no special treatment for anyone. Even if your grandma makes homoerotic jokes about hot dogs.

TMZ obtained 26 hours of Nick's phone calls and rolled out some of the real howlers, including a ridiculous suggestion that God was punishing victim John Graziano, convos about Nick's reality show, and Granny's infamous d*** joke.

The Hogans had sued last month to stop the release of the tapes.


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Deliman in the 206    

1st Biotches

2254 days ago


Sorry, but I still don't think that any conversations made by inmates should be public record. If they are taped and monitored, I have no problem with that. But the tapes and monitoring should be done by law enforcement and only available to law enforcement for purposes of protecting other prisoners and ongoing investigations into criminal activities.

2254 days ago

HotStuff with it.

2254 days ago

pattie in cali    

these people keep need some real help, , who do they think they are???????. HOGANS GET HELP, your sinking fast, you should be ashamed, i said what i said before, your a big pain in the ass, we don't want you and your family around. your daughter needs help, your son, LOTS of help; just go away, fade into the background, GET HELP,

2254 days ago


Ok then...Why can't we hear Paris's calls then..Or for that fact any of the of the celebs????

2254 days ago


linda hogan is an a$$!!! how DARE she say Jon's mom isnt suffering like she is.. and that John's mom isnt suffering a loss. Her kid is dead - maybe not by true term - but hes gone!! Linda's poor little sicko child will be out in a few months and their life can move forward... what a freakin' joke!!!

2254 days ago


Right on! The Bollea clan has finally had their come uppance! All phone calls are taped and of public record. Since when does being terry "HULK HOGAN" bollea make him or his family any better than the rest of us!

2254 days ago


I think the whole world should be able to hear what they have to say. It tells the TRUTH about if the person is sorry for the crime or not. Clearly Nick is not and he wishes to keep that private. Too bad whine ass!

2254 days ago


come on TMZ whats takin so long lets hear it..

2254 days ago


3 hogens BANG!! BANG!! BANG!!!

2254 days ago


I've been to the Pinellas county jail before & it SUCKS!!!!!!! Nick is such a p*ssy though! I hope someone beats his ass! that poor guy laying in the hospital brain dead & his poor family sitting around for months mourning him!! This family belongs in the circus!! There all a bunch of Rats. Brooke too! She can play lil miss innocent all she wants but shes just as nasty as the rest of them!! They think they own this town! Calling all the radio stations & stuff! They need to go to L.A. with the rest of the attention deprived and seeking people there! Get out of our city--- you suck!!!! I saw them standing outside the gates of the jail one day. All crying that there poor lil nicky was in there! Theres people in that jail that REALLY dont belong there. Nick does!!

2254 days ago


You do the crime, you pay with time and you give up your right to privacy. Good for the sheriff. Maybe when buttmunch gets out, they will all have a big party for him under one roof and a bomb will drop on em all. Ahhh...wishful thinking.

2254 days ago


Was Paris even in jail long enough to make a phone call?

2254 days ago


It maybe shouldnt be made public but from Nicks attitude Im glad it is. Hes a spoiled brat and if he gets a reality show out of this it will just make him look worse There will be a lot of crocodile tears from him on the show Im sure. LOSER!

2254 days ago

Anna Parrott    

TMZ - post some more tapes! We want to here the whole conversations, not just snippets! Especially of crazy linda hogan. I wonder if she has told nick about her dating one of his classmates....

2254 days ago
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