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And Brolin

Makes Three

7/21/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin got physical with Robin Wright-Penn in a touchy-feely way and her on-again husband Sean Penn in a pushy-shovey way outside of a Santa Monica bar over the weekend.

The wobbly and profanity-screaming Brolin is not the ideal third for the Wright-Penn duo; he was arrested last weekend over an alleged bar fight in Shreveport.


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He was just a little wasted and hugging on his friend. That doesn't constitute cheating in my book.

2231 days ago


That was fake, it is obvious that was staged for the camera that they knew was watching them.

2231 days ago


Anyone who would screw around with Sean Penn's ex has a death wish.

2231 days ago


What a life. Travel, have your ass kissed all day in between moments of mimicking George Bush for 3 months for probably $10-$12 million, than back to LA to get drunk, ego trip, and be a jackass. Besides all that good stuff, it looks like he probably is heading for a divorce or rehab. I mean who would play grab arse with a friend's wife and than righteously push that friend when he tells you to cut it out if he were sober?

2231 days ago


To: Posted at 12:44PM on Jul 21st 2008 by mommalove

I totally agree. The entire bunch of them should start acting their age. Grow up already!

2231 days ago


What the heck, TMZ? You make it seem worse than it actually is! Anyone actually watch this? It shows nothing!

2231 days ago

paul dennis reid    

why is it so unusual for a currently married man to be

intimately holding a hugging a recently divorced woman ?

2231 days ago


I thought that Josh Brolin was married to Diane Lane?? WTF!!

2231 days ago

paul dennis reid    

brolin just did the movie MILK with sean penn as the lead.

santa monica had the big GLOW weekend with over 50,000 peeps.

it totally make sense for them to all meet up for a drink & smoke.

josh has the best thing sitting at home.

why would he trade that for sean penn's left overs ?

after all, who wants a wants a woman in her forties who was SO
out of her league riding the coattail of sean penn anyways ?

most importantly, as a " B " actor and with BABS as a step
mom, he still can't AFFORD the payments on robin wright.

2231 days ago


I think that No Country for Old Men has taken him out of the "B" actor category. Secondly, Robin Wright is and always was way to gorgeous for that ugly Sean Penn. I realize Sean in extremely talented but he is also pretentious and full of himself. At least Josh is good looking. And I don't think this was anything more than him being drunk and showing his platonic affection for his friend.

2231 days ago


30,31,34 What's the big deal? Why is everyone so surprised? This is nothing new. Just another drunk celebrity trying to hook up with someone other than his wife. He might have been trying to take her home to spice up the bedroom with Diane. You guys know the deal, c'mon! Diane Lane is the one who looks like a fool not him. She should have kicked his sorry ass to the curb at the first incident. These women have no self-respect and are so pathetic. Why would you even want to be in the same room with someone who cheated or put their hands on you! Let me school you all...MEN THINK OF YOU AS A HOLE! To them all women are holes, that's it!!! That's why it's so easy for men to do what they do!! It doesn't make him look bad at all cause he's a man, you on the other hand are desperate for allowing the behavior to continue.

2231 days ago

Justin is Calling    

DIdn't Brolin got arrested for beating up Diane Lane last month?

Guy is a mean drunk who needs to dry out, but even with one hand tied behind his back he could kick Sean Penn's ass.

2231 days ago


I would so love to see Sean Penn get his a$$ kicked. He's a whole lotta yap and not a lotta bite.

2231 days ago

It's All Smoke and Mirrors    

Fight? What fight? If the vid were a little better I suspect you'd see the smiles on Penn's and Brolin's faces. Looks like they were all forced to smoke outside a non-smoking bar and somebody made a headline-grabbing grainy video. Nice to see good ol' fashioned imagination is alive and well!

2231 days ago


The Penn's are still married, and from recent news, it is said that they've recently reunited and are working on their marriage. I watched the video and to me it seemed like a bunch of friends joking around outside of a bar.

On the subject of Brolin, he's a wife beater and anyone who wants to tango w/ him ought to watch out because a beater is prone to be a repeat offender, sadly as it is. I refuse to watch his movies, because I will not spend my hard earned money to support his sorry ass. He obviously needs to get into rehab, and anger management and pay for his mess.

2231 days ago
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