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And Brolin

Makes Three

7/21/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin got physical with Robin Wright-Penn in a touchy-feely way and her on-again husband Sean Penn in a pushy-shovey way outside of a Santa Monica bar over the weekend.

The wobbly and profanity-screaming Brolin is not the ideal third for the Wright-Penn duo; he was arrested last weekend over an alleged bar fight in Shreveport.


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F@$* 0f#!    

Which bar was it in Santa Monica?

2183 days ago


OMG~this doesn't look like anything more than friends hanging out together.

2182 days ago


Brolin is a jerk, and anyone that knows him gets that!

2180 days ago

Thaddeus Buttmunch    

the spousal spat happened in late 04. I was furious!! I don't think he did anything REAL bad to her or she'd have left him. But if he is a bad drunk/druggie she SHOULD get out! And to think she's putting her CAREER on hold for him. Do NOT have his Baby!!! Diane is GREAT not only in "Unfaithful" but "Hollywoodland" even "Must Love Dogs." "Nights in Rodanthe" will be good. I intend to see WotM and UTTS.

2180 days ago

L.A. Lips    

Josh & Sean were probably horsing around!! Who would think flirting with Robin Wright Penn would be something to write home about. It ain't like she's Kim Kardashian or Beyonce? Josh Brolin is friggin HOT. He's one of the best Actors around but was under the radar for much of his Career. The poor guy has had to deal with having a famous Father & Step-Mother & now Wife, Diane Lane(she's cool & classy).....and Babs Streisand is gotta be a nightmare to handle. Just ask Minnie Driver who hightailed it out of that family when allegedly Babs got to intrusive in her step-son's personal business.

Anyway, Josh will be around for the long haul of Acting.....he's got talent chops! Sean is a fool & a child-like man who has been immature since his Madonna days! No surprises with the Penn-a-Fool! Josh lay off the booze, man. If Diane doesn't want your ass anymore I know a dozen chicks who'll date you.........

2173 days ago


Penn is a PIMP
Brolin is a PIMP
not the kind you think ie: players
their the kind that would sell their mothers for a dollar
2 wannabe tough guys in the movie business
Let me catch them in NYC/Brooklyn outside a bar & will see just how bad these 2 are
Hey tough guys be careful what kind of rep you make for yourself

2165 days ago

L.A. Lips    

Are U kidding me Jimmy Rock(LOL)......please go ROCK your "Jimmy" to sleep for like a week!

Josh Brolin is UberSEXY & MEGA TALENTED. His leading Man star is finally shining brightly. It's bad timing that he's found himself in these "Bad Predicaments" plastered all over the Tabloids! Anyone who knows Josh, knows he is the most unpretentious Man in hollywood. What you see is what you get! He's not a fake & he'll stand up for your ass if he believes in your cause. He's just cool that way.
As for the Sean & Robin Penn situation....puleez. Sean & Josh are old friends. Sean gets bent out of shape at anyone, everyday, etc. rahrahrah......That's SEAN! He pisses of tons of people but they still love him cause he's REAL TOO. No faking.

Maybe Sean would only throw a couple of punches at you . But Brolin would knock you the f***k out!!

2162 days ago
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