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Shanna Calls Kim Out for Her White Love

7/24/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler is firing back at Kim K's claim she doesn't date white guys, telling

"Come on Kim, let the truth be told! You have dated numerous white guys. Your quote saying that you are not into white guys is a sham -- not a SHIM [a she and a him] like you! How about you just be honest Kim and say, "Shanna, I'm sorry for f'n with your man!" It's that simple... then you can deal with the aftermath from Reggie, you know -- your man that you cheated on!"

Your move, Kim.


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Let's settle this once and for all: Shanna beats Kim because she won the Miss U.S.A. pageant and you have to have at least one talent for that. I don't think Kim's ability to take a load to the face counts.

2291 days ago


If she wants to cling to Travis than good for her!! It's the father of her children!! They were married and obviously care deeply for one another!! She should fight to try and be a family with him!! She has every right to be jealous & everything else! Look at all the ho's that want Travis!! He's a rock star... She's doing the right thing!

2291 days ago


kim k dated nick lachey a very white boy.

2291 days ago

what up    

Kim K is disgusting and ANNOYING- She would do anything for publicity. Honestly, someone who calls themselves a role model that has made a sex tape, posed for playboy, and does nothing of substance with their life is WORTHLESS and needs to GO AWAY!

2291 days ago

(amber dawn)    

Mr. Magoo I know my sh it I was asking Shanna to see if she could name some. not you smarty :)

2291 days ago


This bitch is so dumb - if she chased after every women who bumped up against her skanky ex she wouldn't have time for anything else - oh, wait a minute....

2291 days ago

Tough times don't last, tough people do!!    

Put it out there Shauna I hate the fact that this broad Kim walks around like she doesn’t take pee shots to the face. That’s why she’s famous because D list Ray J peed on her.

Lastly Reggie I wish you felt you deserved better. There are sexy girls out there that are not famous for a sex tape however if you and K decide to leak one I would buy it just for you!! Ask your self Reggie what dose Shauna have to gain or loose by calling this chick out?
Shauna don't take the high rode on this one release those slutty lil messages so we can see K for what she truly is. Come on TMZ how much is it worth??

2291 days ago

kendall francois    

once they go black,
they never come back;

once they go white, they KNOW
they've been licked right.......

2291 days ago


Shanana darling,

As a mother myself...act like a lady. You come off as so insecure. It makes you look like a loser. Come on, for your children's sake show some confidence and stop all the nonsense.

Kim: don't respond, you take back the power. She simply is too sad to respond to...seriously. You be the lady:]

2291 days ago


How come the girl always blames the other girl instead of taking it out on the one who should get an aaasss beating. Like um, her husband!!

If she is so upset over all of this then why does she keep getting back together with Travis, it seems she is directing her anger to the wrong person and needs to look at her cheating husband!

2291 days ago


Shanna is sad. She needs to stop trying to pick fights with everyone. No wonder he left her bitch ass. Get a real job Shanna, your 15 minutes have been over for a long time!

2291 days ago


It's so obvious Shanna is responding here personall i.e. # 16, 18, ect. Go take care of your children and stop the nonsense. You make yourself look so bad!

2291 days ago


Yes Shanna get your own reality show! I would LOVE to watch it!! We love you Shanna!! & we hate home wreckers too!!
p.s. release the e-mails... please!! expose that slutt for who she really is!!

2291 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Okay, so I'm late to the party and seriously NEVER click on a Kin K story.but what was Kim K's point to saying she would never date a white man? Does she somehow think that makes her "cool" to only date black dudes? I mean, whatever floats your boat girl...but why such an announcement? Especially when ya just never know what the future will old..ever! Maybe the man of her dreams is white and then she'l have to eat those words. But, then again, by then, she won't be famous anymore and we won't hear about it anyway. Shanna was a Miss America, not an easy feat. Much more difficult thing to accomplish than simply to be the blood-sucking spawn of the leacherous, moralless man who rep'd OJ in his murder trail. And Travis Barker is a ROCKSTAR and will be famous long after Reggie Bush's NFL career is over as well. Maybe he'll get lucky and become a sports commentator. Most NFL stars, however, end up selling cars at their Ford Dealerships...if Ford is even still around by then...

2291 days ago


Well it's been a fun day TMZ but I'm afraid that it's time to go home. I must say that it has been a very interesting day at work with Shanna & Fat Kim! Hopefully tomorrow is just as good :)

2291 days ago
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