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Britney Settlement Papers: Blow By Blow

7/25/2008 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Britney Spears trial is over. The case has officially settled.
Click to read the documents!
Under the terms of the settlement filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, before July 30, Brit must pay K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Kaplan, $250,000 for fees.

As for child support, K-Fed has scored. As we first reported, he's getting 5k a month more -- it's gone from $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

The agreement does not mention visitation, but we know Brit has three days and one night a week with the kiddies and that will increase as time goes on. We're told by fall, she'll have a second overnight a week.

Brit never asked for custody, because she's still under a conservatorship. So K-Fed has sole custody and she has visitation rights. We're told Brit is ecstatic.


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yeh yeh    

Wakeup, are you copying and pasting your message? You can't think of anything novel. Sick.

2245 days ago


I don't get most of you people ragging on K-Fed. Have you seen the kids dragged around on shopping sprees; sitting on his lap driving; having a revolving door of people into the house that they don't know caring for them, endangering them in that she hired & fired people on a regular basis or if she had a snit, they left and eventually came back. TMZ and other sites and all the rag papers had constant pictures of the kids. Do you see pics of them now -- NOPE. They've had stability -- something she has not provided.

Even when the conservatorship ends, the fact her father is running the show right now, it has not displayed her being responsible in order to care for the upbringing of the kids. She hasn't had a full taste to show her ability for total responsibility. When the conservatorship ends -- she could go right back to her old ways so easily and then again, put the kids in danger.

As to the amount -- they live in LA. What do you expect. As to his going to Vegas, even a mother with custody is allowed out. Those kids are better off with him home which provides more stability than she ever did or could give them. Look how many times she endangered them.

2245 days ago


I think that Kevin married Britney so he had his meal ticket set for life. What's even better is she has 2 of his kids. GRAND for him. He is a loser & everyone knows it. I doubt that he pays Shar any money for the kids he has only Britney pays child support. She has money she has earned! She's going to comeback & be awesome. He's the loser! Stupid ass!

2245 days ago

yeh yeh    

If Papa and Wasser signed it there it good reason and I am sure they are happy about it.

Shouldn't we be?

2245 days ago


It was her decision! If she was happy as TMZ say's what is the problem? Let's see Kevin wanted the kids. She wants her freedom and the right to see her kids without all the hassle. Yeah, now where is it about money? Why all time do some
media bring up his other 2 kids. Britney stated from the start of the breakup she WOULD NOT support his other children.

So, if Brit's happy and Kevin and the kids are happy. Hell that's the end of it. Good luck Britney with your choice.
Meanwhile life goes on. I wish this family the best! Also, remember Britney is on meds. For what it is worth she
looks so much better. If she is fine with this arrangement so should everyone else.

2245 days ago

yeh yeh    

Wouldn't it be great if Shar sued his ass for more support?

Unless she was in on it and they are sleeping together.

2245 days ago


Of course she happy some kind of mother. She makes me sick. Kfed deserve every penny out of her. she a horrible mother whoo never wanted those boys. she had them to keep kfed when that did not work she lost interest in being a parent.

2245 days ago


I feel sorry for this child ...she does not what too do with her self......her parents failed her when she was younger.......they should have been there!!!!!!!! she has alot of problems!!!!... lost custody of her cute boys.........k-fed knew what he was doing when he married her.......just my opnion......just watch the new E! hollywood story about her.,....... It explained alot about her life......she was just and is a child.......k-fed took her the cleaners.....she just did not get she has to pay for it......hope fully she will grow up alotttttttt!!!!! and be a better person
I still wont let my daughter listen or like her at all......

2245 days ago


Britney is ecstatic because she is nuts. Kevin didn't do this for the money, he just did it to keep his kids safe from their crazy mother. She isn't allowed to be alone with them, how anyone can blame this on Kevin is beyond me. She is clearly not a fit mother.

2245 days ago


In CA child support is determined by something called Dissomaster, it's a software program that courts use to input both parties income, other children they are supporting and expenses, then it arrives at a totally unbiased figure that it was created to calculate

Britney Spears was 125 Million and had a monthly income of 737K as recently as March 2008 (I know she has gone thru a lot of money with her shopping sprees, partying, drug use,etc, but I doubt she could have reduced her total worth by more that 2-3 million between 3/08 and the time her father took conservatorship if even close to that figure)

So to say Kevin "took her to the cleaners" is pretty ridiculous. He received a lump sum of 1 Million when they divorced, plus $15,000 a month in child support., Now that he has been formally awarded sole custody it is increased to $20,000 a month
That plus attorney fees appears to be all he got

I know rabid Federline haters won't care, but that is really a very small settlement than what he probably could have gotten if he had fought for it

If the tables were turned and a rich, famous male celebrity married an unknown, had 2 children with her then filed for divorce and went on a total partying rampage and began to behave as if HE were insane, everyone would view it differently i am sure, In that case, she could probably get a 20+million settlement, plus 50K a month in child support PLUS another 10-15K a month in alimony and nobody would bat an eye

The 20K a month in child support is less than 3% of her monthly income! She is paying less than 3% of her income to fully support her own CHILDREN. You really believe this is some travesty??? The only way I see it as being a travesty is that she is contributing so LITTLE to her own childrens lifestyle when she makes so MUCH

Federline DID look bad when they were married and first divorcing, but he has totally stepped up to the plate and has settled for way less than he could have. The only way this settlement is all about money is that BRITNEY settled because she got off so cheap

2245 days ago

Big Bear    

Who really cares what Britney does or does not do?? The world has many bigger problems than Britney Spears day to day activities!!!!

2245 days ago

yeh yeh    

It's the biblical tale of two people saying those are my children.

When the king decided to slay the children, Britney stepped up and gave the other custody.

Plus money so her children would live well.

Then the king knew the real parent.

2245 days ago

yeh yeh    

God bless Brit, her dad, mum and Adnan. :angel:

Dead odoriferous decaying roses to K-Fed, Kaplan, Grossman, Jason Kennedy, Alli, Sam, Michael Sands and Lycia Nafff.

And Chad Hardcastle. They all saw it go down, contributed to her demise, rode a rollercoaster and said nothing.

2245 days ago

yeh yeh    

Pepper if they had gone to court imagine what K-Fed would have lost and what would have been exposed.

2 pregnancies .. where was he? Then there are things we haven't heard about and don't say he's become a good boy. He is not.

Save your legal morality for your hiney.

2245 days ago


For thenormal person $20,000 a month is a lot, but Federline does not earn what Britne earns, but he has to provide a home which is equal to which the mother would provide if she was well. He has to provide security so that Britney's kids are not kidnapped or blinded by the Paps flashing their ameras in their faces. Federline can't keep their kids in a regular house or apartment like you and me, so Britney has to pay until she is well enough.

2245 days ago
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