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Dick: I'll Get Sober If You Pay Me!

7/25/2008 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The stumbling abomination that is Andy Dick has finally checked himself into rehab, and all it took was ... well, who really has the time to go through all the stupid, drunk, drugged up s**t this guy has done recently?

Of course, it's not real rehab. Dick will battle his demons for your viewing pleasure on a future trainwreck reality show called "Sober Living". Sources close to Dick say the comedian in name only made the decision to check in after his drunken arrest at a chicken joint earlier this month.

TMZ has learned that Dick WILL get paid for his stint -- after all, he's got lawyers to pay.

Stay Tuned!


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What a huge waste of flesh!

2280 days ago


This yahoo could give a sh!t about getting clean or sober. We will be reading about him, as we did his friend Chris Farley!

2280 days ago


He needs to be in jail.
He has bothered enough people.
He has had enough chances.
Maybe someday, someone bigger will take him down to size.
Then he'll know what it's like.

2280 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Wouldn't this boy and 'Lil Wayne make a cute couple? They can wrestle their demons together and they both have the EXACT same amount of talent and intelligence ... ZERO.
Andi? Wayne. Wayne? Andi. The deep conversation would be beyond belief.

2280 days ago


Not a show I will be watching. Can't stand that jerk

2280 days ago


I cannot believe this guy. This is so disgusting to me. He tries to pull a girl's clothes off in public while he is drunk and now he is going to be PAID to go to rehab!!!!! I never post any comments or write letters but as soon as I find out what network is going to air his rehab stay called "Sober Living" they will get a piece of my mind. Anyone else would be in jail. He should be charged for attempted rape, assault, battery on a minor, public drunkeness, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and every other possible offense.

2280 days ago


Someone should waste a 2 cent bullet on his stupid ass...

2280 days ago


Who cares,a no talent loser.

2280 days ago


I don't think Andy is a bad person. I just think he has deeply rooted behavioral problems from childhood that are now personified through substance abuse. With that being said... I'd be elated to discover that the waste-of-space overdosed and died.

2280 days ago


#7 - my words exactly! I posted #3 about him being in jail where he belongs!
Enough is enough California!
Get a spine, give us a break, and get this guy off the streets!!!!!!!!!!

2280 days ago


He is an idiot.. I have never heard of this show "sober living". Whats the deal with it? Is it the same as Celebrity rehab??

2280 days ago


I am #3 and #9 -
When I posted my #9 comment, Donna's posting was #7, now it is #12.
Either way, she hit the nail on the head.
If you or I did these things, we would not see "the light of day" for a very long time.
A real man would not only keep himself in line, he would stand up and take the punishment.
(yeah, I know, he's not a "real" man).

This guy has not only "walked", he has run.
Could you keep running passed the borders of the United States?
Go be someone else's headache.

2280 days ago

I will sue all of you morons.

2280 days ago

it takes a molester    

what color is he? nuff said

2280 days ago

thats right    

i really liked him when he was on that show News Radio

2280 days ago
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