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Shia LaBeouf's Truck -- A Mangled Mess

7/27/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The green Ford F150 that Shia LaBeouf was driving last night sure took one hell of a hit.

The passenger side clearly took a monster hit -- one hard enough to flip the huge F150 -- after LaBeouf allegedly made a left turn in front of another car while intoxicated. The roof is also scratched up from the flip.

As we first reported, Shia is currently at the hospital having surgery on his injured left hand.


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Let's hope there was a side airbag that protected his passenger.

2281 days ago


Oh well, he'll buy another car/truck to eff up in no time. I have more sympathy for the person who he hit. What does his car look like?

2281 days ago


This goof better be going through a Life Transformation as his hand is tended to in the hospital----you could have killed people you knew as well as strangers you freaking jerk off. Enough with the clowning through life ok big man? Walgreens incident in Chicago, smoking stunt in Burbank, its all been innocent enough so far---but now you're playing with fire, tooling around town like your immune to DUI ever happening to you---that only happens to people who dont really know how to drink and drive---you got that down right?

Freaking dirt bag, son of a Goof drug addict who ran out on the family and made him smoke pot when he was 10. No wonder he thinks he's invincible.

You aint jerk meat and dont kill innocents while you try and figure that out. Stay home, get a driver or dont drink---easy choices.

2281 days ago

Greg R    

Oh my God GO SOCKS look at what he did to that pretty vehicle. It reminds me of the day Manny Ramirez was wearing that same hot color oh God I'm going to weep. GO SOCKS it never amazes me that these hollywood actors think they are better than Baseball players. He should be thrown in jail with the other criminals GO SOCKS who drive drunk and try to kill people. Oh I can't bear to look at this what a DUNCE.


2281 days ago


I think every dui should be treated like a felony, My brother was killed by a drunk driver after he had been arrested 5 times. If it had been treated more seriously any of those other times I may still have a brother. As long as it is no big deal they will continue to do it.
Misdemeanor DUI should not exist

2281 days ago

Melissa B    

This sux. I really like him as an actor and think its sad to seem him doing stupid sh*t like this! What if he would have killed someone! The girl in his passenger seat was injured. So was the guy in the other car (lawsuit coming VERY soon). What a dumba$$. I hope he straightens up NOW and I also see a rehab stint coming soon too. Watch.

2281 days ago



2281 days ago


Dang it! Another kid celebrity who thinks he is invincible. I hope they throw the book at the little rugrat.
My kids will no longer be allowed to see this idiot at the movies!

2281 days ago


one-hand shea hahaha... this is what you get for drinking and driving

2281 days ago


This clown will be deceased within a matter of months!

2281 days ago

Loud and talentless    

IF, after having an episode like this a person EVER consciously takes another drink they're a pretty sorry excuse for a human being. When he wakes up later today after his surgery he needs to accept that he is on the WRONG path in life and that alcohol and drugs are causing him to make really, really poor choices. Looking at that truck lets you know how fortunate that no one died last night ... especially in the other vehicle.
I think it would be a good idea if the legal system made him repeat his role in the remake of "Rear Window" for REAL! Give him time to think about the error of his ways ... If they give this arrogant, loose cannon 2-3 hours in jail the people need to vote the D.A. and judges out of office next election cycle.

2281 days ago


The truck rolled?

A great vehicle to be riding inn if you're involved in an accident. Passenger compartment intact!

I'm not partial- that FORD truck was likely manufactured at our plant in CLAYCOMO, MO.


PS: Who is Shia LaBeouf??

2281 days ago


First I need to say I think he's a dork and that truck is proof. Who would buy such an ugly truck? Green? All your money and you buy a green truck with bad rims. Dork. Oh,but besides that, in this day and age he should know better but he's a stupid kid and unfortunately they usually only learn when it's too late. Well he's had his wake up call.
Now buy a cool car.

2281 days ago


He needs help. He seems to get into lots of trouble when he is drinking

2281 days ago


He seems to be getting into trouble. All of it because he is drunk. He needs to stop drinking before he kills somebody or himself

2281 days ago
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