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Shia LaBeouf's Truck -- A Mangled Mess

7/27/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The green Ford F150 that Shia LaBeouf was driving last night sure took one hell of a hit.

The passenger side clearly took a monster hit -- one hard enough to flip the huge F150 -- after LaBeouf allegedly made a left turn in front of another car while intoxicated. The roof is also scratched up from the flip.

As we first reported, Shia is currently at the hospital having surgery on his injured left hand.


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so sad    

I think every dui should be treated like a felony, My brother was killed by a drunk driver after he had been arrested 5 times. If it had been treated more seriously any of those other times I may still have a brother. As long as it is no big deal they will continue to do it.
Misdemeanor DUI should not exist

i am very sorry to hear your loss. i couldnt agree more with dui's being treated as felonies. my family was in a head on collision and to make a long story short, my mother is now severely crippled. the other driver admitted he had been drinking that night and the officer smelled it on his breath but somehow he got off.

i have zero tolerance for ignorant people hollywood or not.

people who drink and drive are selfish and have no value for life or others plain and simple.

2245 days ago


Wait, if he took a left turn in front of somebody- how did the passenger side of his truck get hit? Weird.

2245 days ago


To comment numer 29-Are you kidding me? Do you drive yet? Left side of car..turning left..oncoming car will hit passenger side. Duh!!!! Turing right..oncoming car will hit right side. Someone write a big L and R on her hands so she gets it correct!

2245 days ago


Wasn't he the one barely a year or 2 ago who was dumping on the Lindseys, Britneys, etc. saying he would never go that route?
How the mighty (smug) have fallen.

2245 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Uh...a f150 is just a standard size pick up, not a heavy duty, they are not huge. Also, if the writer thinks this is mangeled he needs to see more photos of vehicles that have been in major accidents. Modern vehicles are made to crumple on impact, this looks like pretty light damage to me. What sensensationalistic idiots they have working for this site.

2245 days ago


No, I'm not sean stewart..LOL. Sorry mr 'arrogant = a-wipe." You must have the same truck. Gee, Isn't the car the issue here? Like any of our opinions matter..duh sheeples! I can say I ALWAYS take a cab because I'm responsible. Can you? Probably not so don't throw stones if you live in a glass house as they say.
But still, I just can't get past that ugly ass truck....

2245 days ago


I love how #24 is admonishing everybody to give it a rest based on anyone can have an accident. I don't think major accidents caused by drunk drivers are "accidents" that "just happen."

2245 days ago


Good excuse to buy a Toyota Prius and go green.

2245 days ago


It looks to me like someone hit him...not the other way around. I'm very disappointed in him but I still believe he is a good person. The world is full of good people who make bad choices at times. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. Hopefully, he's realized how lucky he is that he or someone else didn't die, which very easily could have happened, and not make such careless decisions again.

2245 days ago

Loud and talentless    

No, I don't drive a truck. No, I don't live in a glass house. No, unlike you I don't get men, women and barnyard animals mixed up.
I still think that you might be Sean Stewart ... you seem to have the I.Q. of a carrot and the social graces of a golf ball.

2245 days ago


another dumbass drunk celebrity...he should thank god he didn't kill that girl in the passenger seat or anyone else for that matter. hasn't been in trouble for drinking in the past??? RE-HAB...

2245 days ago


post # 3 & 5 said it all for me, my time spent on this dummy has thankfully come to an end

2245 days ago

tsk tsk tsk    

How sad, another talented actor gambling with alcohol, and worse yet...driving on top of it...when will these young, selfish young actors learn...they aren't invincible...and even more...neither are the people they hit...Thank God he didn't kill anyone...THIS TIME!

2244 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Too bad he lived. Now we will have to suffer through more of his "acting"...

2244 days ago


I wish Shia a speedy recovery and I'm just glad he wasn't on his motorcycle!!

2244 days ago
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