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Cops Say Shia "Not At Fault" for Crash

7/29/2008 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like that, Shia LaBeouf could be off the hook, at least as far as the accident part of his Sunday morning crash is concerned.

Detectives have determined that the other driver in Shia's bust-up Sunday morning ran a red light, and that person is responsible for the crash, not LaBeouf. "He was not at fault," says L.A. Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Shia was arrested on misdemeanor DUI charges; his hand -- and his truck -- were badly busted in the crash.

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just me    

TMZ sucks! There was just an earthquake and they still havent even reported it! WORTHLESS! Half the celebs live here, you idiots!!!!!

2254 days ago


What i want to know is why all these hollywood actors don't just hire a driver. They have the money. Drinking and driving just don't go togeither.

2254 days ago


I don't think "snuffed out" is politically correct, or in any way respectful talking about Heath Ledger. I love that man.

2254 days ago


I have no problem with anyone going out and having a good time...but PLEASE have the common sense to get a ride!!! The accident was not his fault this time but what about next time...and all the times in the past that he has driven under the influence and had not gotten into an accident or killed someone. Wake up Hollywood - this is not cute!!!

2254 days ago

Adam Weishaupt    

How is it his fault for driving intoxicated? Where is the crime?
Where is the victim? Shia is the victim.

DUI is a thought crime. True, if you drive drunk and hurt/kill
someone -- you are at fault and should be punished. Otherwise, it is not a crime.

The only legal aspect could be violation of a contract with the DMV.
As a licensed driver, you are likely under commercial driving statues
(read the definition) and by operating the "motor vehicle" (defined
as commercial) you are violating a contract.

Don't believe me? Read the definition of Motor Vehicle in 18 U.S.C.
section 31.

(6) Motor vehicle. - The term "motor vehicle" means every
description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn
by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the
highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and
property, or property or cargo.

2254 days ago


Drunk is matter who caused the accident!

2254 days ago


Finally the truth comes out. Drunk or not, it wasn't his fault! Get over it!

2254 days ago


Gee, maybe we should wait until we get all the facts, huh, kids? All this jumping to conclusions without all the facts is idiotic. I am guessing that Shia was below .8 if the Sheriff's Dept is saying he wasn't at fault. And maybe the dope who blew the red light was legallly drunk. So maybe all you know it alls can just save it for now.

2254 days ago


Only in LA can you be drunk and driving and the police blame the other driver in the accident. In the real world, when you are drunk and behind the wheel, you are automatically responsible. The police in LA are simply ridiculous. If I were the person in the other car, I would fight this to the Supreme Court to showcase how ridiculous the police in LA are.

2254 days ago

Adam Weishaupt    

LOL -- "All the times in the past he has driven under the influence" -- what is this pre-crime?

The automobile by design is dangerous and there's all sorts of distractions that can cause accidents. Do you think if a person is caught 3-times on a cell phone they should go to prison like someone 3-times driving slightly intoxicated?

Why don't we focus on personal responsibility instead? All crime is based on VIOLATING another Citizen's Natural Rights. If there is no victim, it is a thought or hypothetical crime.

Yes driving is drunk is bad. And for those who drive drunk or tired or high or listening to the radio or on prescription drugs or anger or whatever -- should be prosecuted when their actions violate another Citizen's Natural Rights.

Stop making everyone into a criminal.

2254 days ago



2254 days ago


Just me ~ Yes, we are all aware that there was an earthquake in LA will be Ok, just breathe deep!

2254 days ago


Didn't Gary Hart kill while drunk but the old man caused the accident? Does it matter who caused it if you were drunk?

2254 days ago


Its really none of our business haha

2254 days ago


ah, this guy's a loser anyway. he looks like this redneck that lives down the block from star-like qualities at all.

2254 days ago
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