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Shia's Passenger Just Says No to Questions

7/30/2008 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isabel Lucas -- the chick who was riding with Shia LaBeouf when he crashed his truck -- was slammed with questions about the accident yesterday, but only her rumored BF Adrian Grenier gave any answers.

It probably would have gone smoother if the papper hadn't repeatedly called her "Isabella."


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Yikes. She is scary skinny.

2190 days ago


Am I the only person who thinks Adrian Grenier is just kind of funny looking?

2190 days ago

Bill Cosby    

No, you're not the only one.

2190 days ago


MrEko....Adrian Greiner does nothing for me and I don't understand the attraction. Isabel is really pretty (I'm from Australia where she's been on tv for years) but looks better with her blond hair.

2190 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Imagine having to shave just after having shaved. It never ends. He manufactures hair like poodle.

2190 days ago


"It probably would have gone smoother if the papper hadn't called her Isabella repeatedly" - by "the papper" you mean the TMZ papper who got this? You really need a new staff. I'm interested. Call me.

2190 days ago


She must have banged her stupid little head in the accident! Another moron actress, just what Hollywood needs.

2190 days ago


LOL, everyone! Luke, too funny!

2190 days ago


shes not attractive at all.
and why was she in shias car again?
in the middle of the night?

dump her adrian.

2190 days ago


Because they are friends and co-stars. In the real world it's okay for guys and girls to hang out but in Hollywood that means they're messing around?.....

2190 days ago


Ummm... okay! Here it is laid right out on the table! First of all this girl is 22 and apparently going out with Grenier 33! Next, Isabel moves out here to start a career as an actor and starts seeing Adrian immediately. Mistake #1? Going out with Grenier. Now Isabel is known as Adrian's girlfriend and currently has no independence from him according to the media... and yes, these are the people that put your face on the map honey;)

2189 days ago


Possible mistake number two? Isabel's first gig is in a children's action movie! that's great and all, but this will not demonstrate her exceptional acting talents to the public. Hopefully she is saving the money she has and will make from Transformers to live on it for a while in order to do some indie work... Adrian, hook this girl up! I know you have the contacts;)

2189 days ago


Last but not least... I can't see this relationship she has with Grenier going very far as she is fresh on her career path, 22 yrs. old, and not ready to have babies or anything else that is set in a mind of someone who is 33! So all I have to say is Adrian, enjoy yourself 'cause this isn't going to last long and if for some reason it does and Isabel has your babies, she is going to become very resentful in the future... she's 22, she does not realize this yet! Time is a tickin'! Is it possible that I may be jealous?! Maybe, but I could be very right about the whole thing as well;)

2189 days ago

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