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Geese Give Martin Lawrence a Goose

7/31/2008 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Martin Lawrence's gone and gotten goosed -- literally.

This is no joke. The squawking birds have overrun the funnyman's Virginia farm and he's gone to serious lengths to deal with them. One neighbor tells TMZ Lawrence is trying to get rid of them the old-fashioned way -- with a gun.

But Martin's peeps tell us a different story -- that Martin isn't gunning for the geese at all and that he's trying to take care of the problem as "humanely" as possible.

She issued us the following statement:

"The Lawrence's private family farm is populated with many different animals. It is not uncommon to secure an off season hunting license in rural areas and is quite common for the oiling of eggs. A hunting license has been applied for by the property manager; at the same time, Martin has actively been exploring all possible humane ways to handle the overpopulation issue, while intending to do everything possible to preserve the animal habitat in which they reside. There are many different enterprises in rural VA that make their living assisting property owners on how to handle and manage migratory geese. It is unfortunate that a neighbor who has never met Martin or discussed the matter with him, would make this issue public without know all of the facts or the Lawrence family's intentions."

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goose poop on your endangered goose
hey a little knowledge is a good this or a dangerous thing not sure sometimes, but if you read this canada geese are the largest population of game bird in north america they are no longer endangered read before you post!!!!!!

2238 days ago

Va Buckeye    

Martin's farm is in my hometown...Leesburg, VA. Had no idea until I read this article and looked it up to see where in VA his farm is.

2237 days ago

Evo Ninja    

This story sounds like it could be in one of Martin's next comedy movies.

2237 days ago

Granny Pants    

He should just sprinkle some crack around the lawn. Them birds is nasty, they leave human size poop.

2237 days ago


Believe it or not, I am a professional in the field of Canada Goose Management.

Yes, they are protected by the Migratory Bird Act, thus Lawrence getting a PERMIT for hunting or egg oiling.

They are not Canadian. They are NAMED after Canada. Reporting this to Canada is hilarious!
The local Fish and Wildlife Service or Department of Natural Resources for the region would be your contact,
BUT also would have ISSUED the permit for the work.

A dog is the absolute best solution, a Border collie or any large breed can be hired. Geese are instinctually terrified of Dogs. However, this only pushes them to the neighbors.

Egg oiling is inhumane, as it causes the female bird to sit on her eggs until she is at the point of starvation.
If the professionals Mr. Lawrence have hired are still oiling or addling eggs, they should STOP.

2235 days ago


Martin Lawrence has hired what I would call a "crazy man" shooting off guns during the day, during the night, whenever. People who live near him have contacted the police, the state, USDA, etc. There are neighbors who are complaining as they own horses and horse related business and people are getting seriously injured because of these random gun shooting. I just wonder if he has really "screened" his on site manager. Just today he was shooting off his gun!!!! TMZ SHOULD INVESTIGATE THIS!!!

1457 days ago


This state & county has a law that states "Reckless & careless use of firearms that endangers the life, limb, or property of any person is unlawful". It's that simple! As far as the nuisance wildlife goes, if you don't like animals don't move to the country. Or, if you move to the country don't by property with a huge lake. "If you put a bowl of honey out, you will get bugs"!

1455 days ago


I am one of the two people that were seriously injured & "all" the neighbors tried to get in touch with the caretaker; he did not return any of our calls and we were never notified of the dangerous actions that were to occur. No one from TMZ ever contacted me or the other neighbors that are within feet of this property. As far as the statement that they should have contacted Mr. Lawrence is a joke; do you know his phone number? Laws were broken and everyone involved should be held accountable & punished. Where is TMZ now?

1452 days ago
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