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Bravo Star Ought Not to Be in Pictures

8/1/2008 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh FlaggJosh Flagg, the star of next season's Bravo show, "Million Dollar Listing," may be the victim of one of the oldest proverbs in the world. But in his case, a picture may be worth a thousand days in the slammer.

Josh's day job is an estate broker -- selling expensive stuff that dead rich folks owned. Josh was arrested for allegedly stealing ridiculously expensive art that was part of the estates he was handling, including Picassos and Chagalls.

Josh posted the pic on the left on Facebook of him in his old house. Incidentally, the painting in the background is the exact kind of art he's been accused of stealing. Brilliant upload.

Flagg is free on $100,000 bail -- just in time to catch the premiere of his show Tuesday night!

Bravo had no comment.


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oh la la Paris is hot    

This piece of garbage must be cuddling up to rich old men or people blind and apparently death who would let him in their personal residences.

Fame seeking garbage got caught!

How is the low man on the pole now? Who is the liar and thief? Hmmm maybe the lad in the pic? Hmm If so.... Ouch! Hopefully some LA informants who know the story will squeel like a pig.. you know this fugly person is squeeling now.

Live is about Karma .

2276 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

Yes this person sleeps with everyone dirty and trashy just to make a few dollars to go and act like he is fabulous.

He is a liar and a con and no one who is normal would touch him with a 10 foot pole!


2276 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

Damn girlfriends in land of stars! Lock up your houses... get security! If stolen cars with scary people with a stick of soap sticking out of their asses show up with some pliars... LOCK THE DOORS GIRLFRIENDS LOCK THE DOORS

Bravo better investigate! Free the innocent lad or lock him up immediately if guilty!

2276 days ago

Jasin Rivers    

He is a liar..Nver has $$$ to spend ..he always says how rich and smart he is when he has been fired in every job he has had and yah he DOES live in an apt NOT a HOUSE an apt with his mothe r an d grandmother!...they dont even own a car ie rember when they would borrow cars from the custumers houses his mother cleans...they woul take these fancy cars to the car wash for thier custumers and on the way they would go to starbucks and places and act like these cars were thiers! to impress people at star bucks!
Yes his mothers a full time maid for molly maid...I used to be the manager at her branch..she was written up quite a few time whne she worked at BETTY BLUE maid servcie when she worked there telling cutumers she would clean for half the price!

2276 days ago

Jasin Rivers    

He lied to me. We went out and the cops pulled us over and when asked about the registaraion of the car it actually belonged to a 57 year old woman who was embarassing is that driving a woamns car acting like its yours!

2276 days ago

Jasin Rivers    

Sounds like another wanna be who wants to be rich and will never be so.
Stealing gets you no where.
I do rember runing into this clown at a reaators party once and he was "sizing" everyone up askinh their address and if they lived alone..I noticed that..he targeted older gay men that lived alone..I also heard that he would frequent convalescent homes and hopices to lift wedding rings off older men that were to unaware of thier surorounds then he would go hawk their jewerly in pawn shops..I belive he did this in Glendale from what I heard. Every one lock your doors!

2276 days ago

The Captain    

Free Fudgy!

2276 days ago

it takes a molester    

Oh no, a white man is stealing from his own?

Are the persons he stealing from white?

If he stole from his own then he most certainly was racially motivated.

2276 days ago

it takes a molester    

What color was he? White? Well, there you go.

2276 days ago


That hair has me thinking "there is something about JOSH-IEE". Talk about a short lived career. Don't worry, people have short memories, and you can fade into obscurity and rip people off there.

2276 days ago


He sells himself as the best, most successful, young real estate mogul in Hollywood. He is such a bizarre person and will end up as someones pet in the slammer!

2276 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

After much deliberation I think that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Lets hope someone just got confused!

2276 days ago

frogs and gravel    

If he did take paintings such as a Picasso, did he really think that nobody would notice?

2276 days ago

John C Jackson    

I watched this show last year and saw the preview this year. The only thing I can figure is that these guys are either completely madeup for the show or that they get most of their sales from being the companions of very old gay men. All the dudes on this show dress weird, have really tacky haircuts and facial hair, look younger than 15, and are just not very bright. They all speak with a combination snobby homo slash low IQ retard accent and wear stuff like plaid shirts with women's pants or jogging suits complete with pads and rock a Hanna Montana boys haircut.

It's either who they are related to or who they sleep with because all of thee guys would be laughed out of the lobby of just about any business in the real world. Only in Hollywood I guess.

2276 days ago


No surprise the promos for the show at least the new season are hysterical. One takes a minute to finish one sentence,dont no how he makes money.The second is gay (just saying) and this guy needs to shave.Freaking seriously

2276 days ago
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