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Cops Put Paul Pierce on the Foul Line

8/3/2008 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained video of Paul Pierce being questioned by Las Vegas police after he was pulled over early this morning.

As we first reported, Paul was pulled over around 3 AM for an illegal lane change. After cops smelled booze coming from his car, they made Pierce take two field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. Although Pierce registered on the breathalyzer, he did not blow above .08 -- the legal limit.

The fuzz let Pierce go without giving him a citation. He left his car and took a cab home.

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It seems like everyday black men are causing trouble and TMZ is reporting it. I don't even know who in the hell they are!

I used to visit TMZ first. Now you're at the bottom of my list.

2275 days ago


So why, TMZ, did you dump out there with cops "think you're wasted as a headline beofre you had the facts. Your really, really are d9ouche bags.

2275 days ago


The ONLY reason this non-story is even on here is because of the video and it's (as usual) a lousy one at that. Cameras in cell phones are one of the most useless inventions ever! Been to a concert lately?

Always lots of idiots not listening to the music but instead taking blurry-ass pics (of course, right in front of you, blocking your view) and then posting them on the internet - like we care. I say bring back the bic, ha, maybe they can put a camera in a lighter! Might be on to something there. Better patent it. Or build a lighter into cell phones. I realize this was way OT, but since this is by far one of the most boring stories ever, thought it a good time for a small rant.

Hope you didn't pay much for this. Who gives a rip? And why did I bother even commenting? Rhetorical questions, no need to answer. Peace, Jen

2275 days ago


Celtics bad for 10 years? Make that 20. Thats not the Celtics fault, bad luck my friend. Len Bias, Reggie Lewis... There are a few unhappy Laker fans in here. Kobe is on the USA team, but so is Tayshaun, sooooo good try pal.

2274 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Lakerchick, Sour grapes much? Face it, Kobe & the rest of your team got blown out of the water in game 6. And it does take more than one great player to win a championship. Just ask your precious Kobe.

Go Sox

2274 days ago


Ha! Karma, baby. You don't spew your sh*t about Kobe and expect to go unscathed!

2274 days ago


Didn't have to watch the video, didn't need to. Paul - get out of Vegas you dumbass and go play house with your baby. Do the right thing. Ladies, Paul whipped your Kobe boy's *ss so leave it at that. Captain, be a role model for a change. Somebody is gonna Rondo you.

2274 days ago


sorry about my caps. why do people go crazy if caps are on?
LMAO # 10

but i still say the government is killing us .
has anyone notice we dont walk straight anymore? it feels like were gonna fall down . something is definitely up
just watch what u drink and eat and ETC..... has anyone really had good outcome's drinking water?? or do u feel the same?
well keep drinking it cause its not good for you.
a conspiracy is going on. this world has come to be deadly. Angelina WONT HAVE HER KIDS IN THE USA because she dont like it here . if she doesn't her and her Brady bunch crew and 100 Nanny's can stay over in France or where ever they are . her 3 biological kids are AMERICANS so get over it Angie

BTW your one of my fave actress

2274 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

THE GOVERMENT IS KILLING US: The reason people are bugged by comments that are in all-caps is because they are harder to read. But caps or not you still sound crazy.

Go Sox

2274 days ago


WHO THE HELL IS Paul Pierce ? you could at least give us gossip on people we know!

2274 days ago


If he blew under .08 why did he leave his car and take a cab?? smells like special treatment to me!

2274 days ago


he says hes the best player for basketball even if they did win the championship at leat kobe bryant is playing for team usa in the olympics..plus was he not the one in the wheelchair the very first game in the championships.kobe was playing with a broken finger..i hate the celtics..LAKERS!!!!!!

2274 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

There are a number of reasons why one man might be on the Olympics team and another isn't. In the case of Paul Pierce, he was dropped from the tram because of injury. You don't know what injury he has or how severe it is. Pierce might have chosen to remove himself him for the Olympics because he thought he would be a liability to the team. He was only one of 7 players removed for injuries. Get your facts straight, Lakers fans. Your team lost when we handed them their asses all wrapped in ribbon.
We won, y

2274 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

ou lost. Get over it. There'll be a new season soon.

Better luck next year (not really but it's polite to say.)

Go Sox

2274 days ago
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