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Cops Wrongly Call Foul on Paul Pierce

8/3/2008 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul PiercePaul Pierce of Boston Celtic fame was pulled over for erratic driving at around 3:30 this morning in Vegas, and apparently cops suspected he was driving wasted.

Law enforcement sources tell us Pierce was stopped in front of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and given not one but two field sobriety tests, plus a breathalyzer for good measure. He passed all three!

Now here's the interesting part. After cops let him go, Paul left his car at the valet and took a cab home. He was not cited or charged.

So three DUI tests, not cited for erratic driving, decides to take a cab and leave his car.....what's up with all that?

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um, he was tired, duh!

2279 days ago


tmz always makes something out of nothing..so desperate!!! anyone of you dumbasses think maybe he was tired? i guess thats just too much of an intelligent thought for you idiots

2279 days ago


I have pics & video of this.

2279 days ago


I think you meant he was WAISTED...Good grief, who writes this stuff?

2279 days ago


I voted "NO" because maybe THOSE cops let him go, but what about the next set of cops? He was probably tired, and just didn't want to take any chances. SMART move on his part!

2279 days ago


i have pics and video of this.

2279 days ago


Umm....Kelli... thank God it isn't YOU who "writes this stuff". They used the word "wasted" correctly. It is YOU who doesn't know the difference. A "waist" is what your belt goes around. So he certainly wasn't "waisted".

I never write on these things, but your ignorance had to be commented on. Stick with laying on your back, legs in the air, for a profession. Education isn't your forte'.

2279 days ago


have not seen my comments yet

2279 days ago


Whats fishy?! He passed all three tests so they shouldve let him go. Im sure everyone has been pulled over for something before and the cop just let you off with a warning. GET OVER IT stop trying to make something out of nothing.

2279 days ago


So i guees he figured if he was that close to being over the limiti maybe the best thingt to do was take a cab home????? Nothin wrong with that!!! Either he's smart enough to know nothing is worth the risk of an accident or getting pulled over again, or he has a great agent/manager (or mom, or friend, or whom ever he called in the middle of all this) that actually has a client who listenses to him.......and that is RARE!!!

2279 days ago


He was probably HIGHH.. Speaking from experience I was pulled over, had been smoking loads, took the breathalyzer and they let me go. Just a thought..

2279 days ago


Lighten up spell checker wanna grade school teachers this is TMZ not the wall street journal just a bunch or goof balls having some fun. Get on the Jane's report or amnesty intl. if you really care. PP what the hell dude? I hate to say but looks like another one is going to bite the dust. Sucess and the self destruction why why? Maybe cause you win the NBA championship and dont get picked to go to the olympics?

2279 days ago

john wayne gacy    

the man is in las vegas training to represent this malfunctioning business
we tend to call, ( especially during the olympics ) the good old U.S.A.;

he's NOT there to party and carry on like
some pro athletes and celebrities do.

have some pride that this individual is part of a team of the greatest
athletes in the world that traveling to china to represent OUR nation.

there's absolutely NO need to make an example out
of someone by hiding behind a badge to do so.........

2279 days ago


#14 your an dumbass, he isn't on the Olympic team! Second grade education huh?

2279 days ago


Sorry #14 I meant number 13

2279 days ago
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