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Nigel Lythgoe: No Longer "Idol" Wannabe

8/4/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nigel LythgoeNigel Lythgoe is off "American Idol."

TMZ has learned Lythgoe, who has executive produced the show for seven seasons, has just taken himself off the program and will not return. No replacement has been named.

We're told Lythgoe felt it was time for someone else to step in. Sources say he's said privately he is "not passionate about it anymore." "A.I.'s" ratings slipped last season, and the show was getting a little boring.

We're also told Lythgoe is working on some kind of a joint venture with Simon Fuller, who created "Idol." Lythgoe wants to spend his time on "So You Think You Can Dance."


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Nigel is a very very gross man, the uninvited english bloke is evil ....and how fitting is it , that the letters in EVIL rearanged spells VILE...which rhymes with Nigel.....being around this man made my skin crawl, he is creepy the way he would act around unsuspecting newcomers to the industry on these reality shows, American Idol and So you think you can dance......his attempts and success at decieving the public with the "Voting" style shows.....Nigel is dirty, and all his shows are rigged...if you dont think so? try out for one of his "shows" read the fine print in the contract release forms and see if you can spot the mold in the set of dentures......and I hope his son Simon Lythgoe? (no not simon cowell) who is a producer on the show also leaves American idol. Lythgoe blood is tainted!!!!
okay im done with my rant.....oh wait a sec.....GOOD RIDDENS LYTHGOE.....Okay now im done..cheers!!!

2234 days ago

The Dirty's comments section dosent work    

Fellow Soldiers – slow your roll. You got to recognize and give props where props are due. It’s not like our Nik our fearless leader just happened by the water fountain after a UK lunch of blood sausage and ox penis at Entertainment 19 Nigel’s company then right at that moment he over heard something about an alleged sex tape, a donkey and new series called “Do You Think You Can Bang!” Oh yea and Nigel’s resignation. I don’t care what anyone says that was strong. Insubordination will get you discharged. Razzle Dazzle cause that’s a fact Jack…. CAPEESH

2234 days ago


American Idol... z z z z z z z z z z z z z, I turn it on if Im having trouble sleeping. It puts me right out.

2234 days ago


Hideous visage

2234 days ago


Okay. For one, some of you need to learn the English language before you type. (I won't name names). Secondly, if you don't like a show....don't watch it. No one is force feeding you. One should perhaps read up on Nigel's life and find out what his credentials are. Fascinating career actually. To those that want him gone....I feel a slight tinge of jealousy towards someone that has a creative mind and can actually make millions of dollars. I don't care if someone's British or American. If you have the talent, use it. If he's bored with AI and wants to concentrate on other projects, his choice. Some of you give me a chuckle when I read the blogs. You post as though you're intimate friends with Nigel or people associated with his shows. It is my humble opinion that those with no talent in any venue are the quickest to diss on someone who does have talent. Maybe getting off the computer and learning something that's actually useful might be of benefit to you.

2234 days ago


So You Think You Can Dance is a great show! I watched it for the first time this season and loved it. I've been a faithful viewer of American Idol but was turned off 2 seasons ago when they were brutally mean (in Seattle and Minneapolis), even making fun of a couple of guys who were mentally challenged. I didn't mind harsh comments here and there in previous seasons, but that year both Paula and Randy were acting like jerks also. Their was a backlash from viewers that probably put them into damage control. Last year, it seemed like they were being overly nice, and I think many probably found the show boring . Now it feels like they are jumping the shark a bit, by adding instruments, I hate their singing topics each week. They can challenge the singers, but why such dumb themes? What young person wants to sing Rogers and Hammerstein songs??

2233 days ago


Nigel (Crypt Keeper) is the REASON AI has gotten boring (eg, the horrific "theme" nights dealing with music from back when Lythgoe was a callow lad--ca 1900s).

2233 days ago


Thank god. Finally someone in the buisness has noticed how American Idol has gotten repetative and boring. At least he had the nerve to realize it and step down. I really hope that this show runs itself down soon. There could be so many better shows to take its place. Its just so repetative. Simon hates them, paula's too drunk to realize whats going on and randy's in his own world. Every season every episodes the same. End Idol now.

2233 days ago


The British are making a killing out of our talent in America. I watched the first 2 seasons of American Idol and dropped it. It is out. Where are most of the singers? Who ,other than Carrie Underwood, REALLLY has a career? We hardly ever hear of the contestants after the show is over. It is done. Get it off the air. Get something fresh. Elimination shows are getting out of hand, anyway. As for SYTYCD, I didn't watch it after I noticed Nigel, a Brit, running the show. We need a remake on television, and that is to get rid of the crazy reality TV shows and get back to something FRESH. Bye bye Brits!

2233 days ago


I always enjoyed idol once it got past the first few shows. But last year was boring. I am not sure who's fault that was, but the voting was way off last year. The wrong people went home. Not to take away anything from the winner, David Cook was very good and out of what was left near the end, he deserved to win. Only for Michael Johns and Brooke and David Cook, the show would have been a total flop. Those 3 brought a little excitement to the table.
As for So you think you can Dance. I have tried to watch that program, but can't get past the lady judge,

2233 days ago


I liked AI for a while, but I lost interest really quickly. The people I thought should win it, didnt come close. I think the show is rigged somehow. This is why we have started watching Nashville Star. Last night was season finale and it's sooooooooo much better than AI and the ratings are really high.

2233 days ago


Well, SYTYCD is by far the better of the two shows. I was extremely reluctant to start watching it last summer when I was with family and they wanted to watch it. But I was hooked! IDOL is getting boring, and maybe needs some new blood.

2233 days ago


I just like to watch the auditions and that is it! This year it really sucked and I had to stop watching it. I think that A I is going down the drain. Where are them ppl who won? You hardly hear their names!!! OH WELL! Life goes on and hopefully is without A I.

2233 days ago


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2233 days ago


Idol's time has come and gone. Just like a hasbeen. As John Herod said... "Old news" ...

2233 days ago
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